In Praise of Trent Cotchin

“Who’s your favourite player, dad?” It’s a question that stumps me. “I don’t have favourite players, mate”, I say, rather sheepishly.  “Royce Hart was my hero as a kid, but I’ve never had favourites since then”.  Billy gives me a glare and I hastily mutter something about admiring Lenny Hayes.  But it’s clear my hesitant [Read more]

The Tigers come of age

Last week, I saw Matthew White kick a goal. It wasn’t an overly pretty one, more of a helicopter off the inside of the boot. But it did the job. I expected maybe a subtle waggle of the finger or perhaps a loving embrace with Benny Nason, who was nearby. But he did neither. Instead [Read more]

Three in a row for the Tigers

Going into this game, I was unusually quietly confident of a third successive victory for my beloved Tigers. Unusual, in the fact that I’m always hoping for a win, but never believing that we could actually pull it off. This attitude is a reflection of the Richmond players at the moment, as Damien Hardwick noted [Read more]