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Saturday morning and I’m recalling only a couple of things from last night’s match.

1. Daniel Motlop’s shot from the pocket.

and 2. Richo’s reaction to threading the eye of the needle. I loved it. Great illustration of the love of play, and the fascination of the football itself, and what can be done with it.

However, I must confess to be just as interested in the Taylor-Wade clash on the darts (Sid Waddell in good form in Bournemouth). And had an eye on the (pretty competitive) rugby league Test.

Just sitting here at home wishing I were at Kardinia Park. Or Manuka. Manuka is a ripper venue – and no idea about who will win that match. Swans will play it tight, the Doggies will look to create the run.

Can the Tiges string three together, thereby thrusting their name before the beatification selectors at The Vatican?

And what do you make of the invented tradition which is the Qclash?


  1. Couple of ripper games today. Richmond thumping Fremantle in a high-scoring encounter, while the Suns and Lions both topped the ton, with Gold Coast winning their second game in their short history by 8 points, 18.16.124 to 17.14.116. Will Voss be coach of the Lions this time next weekend?

  2. John Butler says

    Good on the Suns. But Brisbane, having started the verbals through the week, didn’t back it up on the field. Vossy’s halo has well and truly slipped.

    Sounded like a tremendous game at the “G. The Tiges on a roll!

    The Bulldogs continue to do their talents little justice. An important win for the Swans.

    How’s everyone’s tipping going? Mine sucks.

  3. smokie88 says

    Peel back all the layers: it was a fabulous game of footy.
    I had no intention of watching the Brisbane v Gold Coast match last night, but I got sucked right in when GC got off to a flyer. The Brisbane fight-back arrived as expected, but GC showed maturity beyond their years to hit back at the end, when they would have been easily forgiven for an honorable defeat. The game had everything: injuries, high-marking, freakish goals, the concerned look on Vossy and Adrian Fletcher’s faces.
    And to top it all off, a best-on-ground performance by a mecurial and frustrating player who had been branded a mercenary in the lead-up. Some are born leaders, and some have leadership thrust upon them…the move to the Suns could be the making of J Brennan.

  4. Domenic Favata says

    Go the Tigers!

    Gold-Coast i commend you

    Brisbane i condemn you.

    Melbourne great win.

    Geelong super.

    Hawks you need to lift.

    Dogs need to get their act together

    Short and sharp guys! (and girls)

  5. Surely the Gold Coast song would sound better if sung by The Village People. Or is it already? Great night for footy in Qld.

  6. johnharms says

    Just love that the Tiges are back in their rightful place: 9th.

  7. johnharms says

    The form lines are crazy. The Crows win over St Kilda followed by their loss to Melbourne suggests that St Kilda might lose by 10 goals tonight.

  8. Phantom says

    I tipped the Tigers to make the eight and a lot of people laughed.

  9. Very sad to hear of Lionel Rose’s passing. A true sporting champion and from all reports a very decent, though at times troubled, bloke. A wonderful boxer. More an artist than a fighter. Beautiful to watch. I can remember the scratchy black and white vision on Mum and Dad’s TV one Sunday morning as Lionel fought his way into the history books. A vague memory but its there.

    How many of Australia’s champions have been greeted by 100,000 cheering people upon returning home with the spoils of victory. Not many I suspect.

  10. Catherine Durkin says

    I feel for Neil Craig. After showing that package of how courageous and skillful Adelaide can be to the media on Friday, his crows came out and did the absolute opposite! Did he forget to show it to his players?

  11. Phantom says


    I remember listening to th fight on radio, live from Japan.

    That was a big deal back then. No live television or delayed telecasts. Just a scratchy old ABC. If any one has a link to it it is well worth listening to the last few rounds. Absolute classic emotive commentry.

    There was a version of ‘Suki Aki’ (Song) with a fade in of the fifgt, or visa versa.

    My old man was very excited and hence so was I. Is ‘Fighting Harada’ still with us?

  12. Pamela Sherpa says

    Great win by the GC Suns .. I was pleased for them.

  13. John Butler says

    Ra Da Da Da Da

    Ra Da Da Da Da

    Ra Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da…

  14. We finally get some respite from Collingwood and JB comes along with “ra da da da da”. Could be a looooong season.

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