When Travis saved the world

John Harms has always loved Travis Varcoe. This piece was published in 2011.

Like a favourite toy

Noel McPhee’s observations of Cyril were first published in 2011

Meatloaf: Horrific Fun at the 2011 Grand Final

Mickey Randall reminisces about Meatloaf’s “performance” pre-game at the 2011 Grand Final. Are you game enough to watch it again?

In search of Jenny’s pasta

In the second round of Paddy Suggests, John Harms tells the incredible story of the 2011 Grand Final, originally published in October 2011. (This was the very piece that led me to write for the Almanac – Paddy).

Round 5 – Carlton v Collingwood: The past is a lie, memory has no return

It’s 2050. In a crumbling world, a wistful old man comforts his granddaughter with tales of the Collingwood rhythm section of Pendlebury and Swan. E.regnans – what is memory, anyway?

The destruction of Collingwood

Ryan Z reflects back on the 2011 Grand Final.

45 to 27 by Peter Flynn

It is ten minutes or so into the second quarter of the 2011 Grand Final. Geelong is playing reasonably well. Johnno can’t feel his knee (a good sign). Selwood, as usual, is maniacally attacking the ball.

Bomber Return

  Essendon versus Geelong – 7.10pm, Saturday, 2 July – Docklands Stadium   by Phil Dimitriadis Geelong fans were treated with contempt by Mark Thompson last year. The brooding surliness and lack of respect he showed extracted understandable displays of righteous anger from the Cat’s faithful. Yet he coached them to a drought-breaking premiership and [Read more]

Giving thanks for the GFC

  by John Mirisch   Nov. 28, 2011: This is Thanksgiving time in the US.  It’s one of our best holidays.  Any holiday that centers around a meal can’t be all bad, I guess.   In the best American tradition, we take stock of life’s blessings, among the pains and irritations, and we give thanks [Read more]

I take thee, Sainter

Round One Bye David Downer   The council paddock behind our Glen Waverley childhood home staged some fierce after-school battles. Kick to kick. Then fight. Then squeal to Mum. Generally in that order. I was Tony Lockett. My brother Chris, he was Tony Lockett too. In reality, Chris’ kicking gait was more circa-1980s Stewie Loewe. [Read more]

A picture says more than a thousand words

Once upon a time after a great victory kings and emperors called on the poets, composers and painters to celebrate the moment. In our a little more democratic times we artistically celebrate those who only came and cheered (as well as booed in a timely fashion)… as well as those on the field. When the [Read more]

Sometimes you get that old lost feeling…

  by Andrew Stafford IT always feels worse in the morning. I’ve supported Collingwood all my life. It’s not my fault; Magpies supporters are generally born, not made. I’m a third-generation Collingwood supporter; my grandmother’s best friend was the sister of Frank Tuck. Uncle Frank, as he was known to my mother’s family at that [Read more]

Rodge and Tobe

  Yesterday, on dusk, I found Rodge and Tobe sitting on Rodge’s ute, which was backed up to a pile of road gravel beside a gully hair pin. I pull in, sore and grotty from work. “Old Dog!” Rodge smiled, throwing his hands in the air. “What’s up, blokes?” ‘We were nicking some Shire gravel [Read more]


In life we have some wonderful experiences that can be fleeting or last forever as in a marriage. My marriage to theGeelongfootball Club has lasted for well over 60 years. My other marriages in total have been over 50 years but still no telegram from BettyWindsor.   Let me tell you about my last four [Read more]

2011 Grand Final: Anyone for Lacrosse?

“Oh. Is that all?” Helen wants some more to read. Monday morning. October 3. Helen and I have been for a walk along the foreshore – Scarborough to Trigg Beach. Perth. Western Australia. Our bodies and minds are still operating on Victorian time so when you wake at six o’clock in the morning, you may [Read more]

A physically, not mentally, sore loser.

A lot of things in life are often referred to as being a marathon; school, work, even life itself. In fact more than one scribe, in searching for padding for their requisite column inches, during Grand Final week, called the AFL season a Marathon. For the purposes of full disclosure, I’ll come straight out and [Read more]

Cats Fans Have Much To Celebrate

In contrast to 2010, this year it was easy to decide who to barack for in the Grand Final. I live in Collingwood, not far from the traditional Collingwood home ground of Victoria Park. It was to this station that I walked in the rain to catch a train to a friend’s house to watch the [Read more]

Grand Final Week

Ellie and Luke had their ear plugs in and portable TVs on before I had pulled out of the driveway,  Monday morning, grand final week.  High School Musical.  I attempted conversation. So, who’s going to win the grand final? Geelong, said Luke, 8. Collingwood, said Ellie, 10. Why? Dunno. Dunno. What about the Brownlow?  Judd. [Read more]

Climbing to the top of the mountain

When James Podsiadly was stretchered off the MCG half way through the second quarter of this year’s Grand Final, Collingwood kicked a goal to increase their lead over Geelong to three goals. I thought Geelong was almost gone.  Almost.  Collingwood’s midfield was on top, their backline was running in waves and there was a man [Read more]

Premiership Celebrations

“Crawshay and Taggart: that famous firm of party convenors.” As captured on Channel 10 broadcast.