The poncho ain’t pretty

You’re sitting ground level two rows from the front, on a cold Friday night at the MCG. The cold wind is blowing from the grey daunting skies and then it happens. It starts to rain. Rain is a beautiful thing especially when you are rugged up indoors wearing multiple layers and Ugg Boots watching the [Read more]

No Ambulance needed..this time

I’ve noticed that Collingwood like to put us supporters through a bit of a heart attack before winning a game. Unlike the cool, swift Geelong that once had the sandwich eating coach and the supporters with their feet up, ready to relax with a win by the end of the second term, my boys seem [Read more]

Stripes of survival

It was THE DAY, we the Sport Reporting students were going to temporarily take the place of journalists in a presser. The coach in question was Michael Malthouse. The room was set up so well you’d think it was the real deal, from the microphones on the table, to the glass of water. My mission [Read more]

footy players and the flirty threat they pose to females

You know what we young ladies love about our Collingwood boys? We love the way they treat us fans. I am not just talking a photo opportunity here and there, the tweet replies or the autographs, no im talking about how they really let lose around the fans, especially the baby Magpies. Now readers, especially [Read more]

Talk about luck

An assignment for the Anzac Day match…not fun but I have to go there… due 8:30pm night of the match. I have been sick for a ridiculous two weeks, some sort of flu that went away for a bit but then came back even worse after my second day back at uni. Go figure.

I should stick to writing

  And there I was: doe eyed, mic in hand, looking straight into the spotlight, the camera pointed straight at me, words coming out of my mouth in a baffled slur before I could even think about what I was saying. Welcome to my nightmare, the worse experience of my life. Okay let me fill [Read more]

A lil bit of Essendon and a whole lotta Collingwood

  What started as Father-Daughter Footyday became Father-Daughter-Uncle Footyday :) First we hit Etihad Stadium to watch my uncle John’s Bombers beat Port Adelaide.

Round one for Collingwood, only the start for Buckley

5, 4, 3, 2 ,1! With the count down round one of the 2012 season had officially begun! Don’t bother with the- “but GWS played Sydney last week” line, nobody cared! Even the people in Sydney didn’t care! I’d know, I was in Sydney at my cousin’s 21st. So anyway my boys went up against [Read more]

How to survive THE Malthouse

by Danni Eid “Mick Malthouse is very keen ….in your press conference assignment.” The above sentence that doesn’t seem to make sense isn’t a hidden message. Basically it’s all my brain had to take in before I went into meltdown mode. Mick Malthouse is keen to be interviewed by my class mates, by us, BY [Read more]

What about the footy?!

  Scanning the pages of this lovely website I begin to think that while you have all gone cricket mad (I now know what a golden duck is lol) the tennis, Australian Open was kinda ignored and umm…there’s this other thing called FOOTY…. Where were the Federer pieces?  (Don’t go there Gigs! Lol) Sure he [Read more]

If i was an AFL coach….

In all honesty i can’t see the day where there will be a female AFL coach. Just look at the other codes as proof. Soccer has the balding/salt and pepper haired, red faced animated males who look like they are about to explode on the sidelines from stress. Same goes for tennis, majority of coaches [Read more]

Crazy Pies

Now we all know that each footy club has it regular clowns but when it comes to Collingwood we are talking about a whole new level of craziness. First off I have a confession to make, I’m writing this piece right now instead of working on my sports media and sports development assignments; however this [Read more]

Its Eade time at Collingwood

I guess everyone has heard about the new addition to Collingwood, I personally beamed at headlines such as ‘Eade joins Magpies’- when did I ever leave?! However, the media were referring to ex-Bulldogs coach, now Collingwood’s new ‘director of coaching’- oooooohh fancy! Now I don’t know how other Collingwood supporters may feel about this, since [Read more]


  by Danni Eid My blue carpet favorite Alex Davis (Pendlebury) looked positively radiant in her navy blue Versace gown. It fitted like a glove, it got the “Oh my gosh!” reaction from me, it’s a perfect classy dress. As always, Alex looked GORGEOUS! It was the dress that drew a gasp. As a natural [Read more]

My Magpies refuse to die but almost kill me in the process

Furious!!! Would be a good word to describe how I felt by half time. Crap!!! Would be a good word to describe how we were playing. Fierce!!! Would be a good word to describe how they were playing, and gob-smacked!!! Pretty much summarizes how I felt by the end of it all.

Footy Couples

Ever thought about the women behind the men who play the game?…yes I’m talking about our beloved AFL players and their WAGS. There are so many lovely couples to choose from. Some, glamorous and others who just seem very loved up and make you go “awww!” when you see twitter pictures they post. These important [Read more]

Jack Attack pride

That awkward moment when Freo names my Jack Anthony to play against my Collingwood boys. Friday, half time during my sports media Kerr lecture, chatting to the guys in my sports development group i admit my nervousness. – “i think i may have a heart attack tonight.” The guys probably assumed i was overexagerating, but [Read more]

Medhurst Memories <3

You know those random moments when a former player just pops up in your mind and you start you-tubing his goals and hangers? That’s what happened to me….in relation to one of my favorite Magpies Paul Medhurst. Tarrant sent packing for Medders and who we all know now as Premiership player Ben Reid…oh yeah, that [Read more]

Radio Dimwit

It’s 8:40am. I’m like a zombie walking through the Agora, back to the West Lecture Theatre. Still feeling half asleep dodging on coming uni students with a large coffee, 3 sugars in hand I have the look of a killer on my face. I’m not a morning person, I can’t handle 9:00am lectures- my brain [Read more]

Suddenly im craving Lindt…

So Roger Federer didn’t make it to the Wimbledon final, but after watching this video it’s a wonder he can even make it through air port security! In this advertisement Roger took his love as ambassador for Lindt chocolate to a very yummy level. (link to vid below)