Jack Attack pride

That awkward moment when Freo names my Jack Anthony to play against my Collingwood boys.

Friday, half time during my sports media Kerr lecture, chatting to the guys in my sports development group i admit my nervousness. – “i think i may have a heart attack tonight.”

The guys probably assumed i was overexagerating, but you all know i say it as i feel it!

I’m not going to cry, NOT GOING TO CRY!
– and there he was on my tv in his Freo jumper an awkward #22 on his back where that beautiful #9 once was.

I was so SO HAPPY to see him out on the ground but SO SHATTERED he’s in the wrong jumper.

Where was he going to play?! Forward? Oh i hope he kicks a bag!!!!….no thats not right…is that right?

Maybe they’ll play him down back on Cloke? Oh i hope he punches and defends for his life!

I want us to win BUT i want Jack to dominate. Everytime he went near the footy i would have a mini heart attack…when the ball went forward and he marked on Dawes i cheered…. then quickly went silent realising what i had just done…we are way infront, but still…is that even allowed?!

The crowd boo as he sends the ball away from our fifty, i feel sick.
How could they boo a player who only left the club after publically admitting he knew he couldn’t get a spot in the team and only left because he wanted to play footy (a chance he just couldn’t get with all our players going their jobs too well) Boo a player who leaves for money, i’m with you on that but this? really? Im dissapointed.

The margin blows out, siren sounds and Jack goes over to congratulate his former team mates. Im glad it’s over, i hate feeling divided. Jack played very well more than doubled his posessions from his last game.

Im so proud <3

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  1. The Pies did the right thing Danni. he’s not up to their dizzy heights.

    (Only your friends tell you bad news)

  2. Turning on their own is a very Collingwood thing Danni. Don’t be too upset it’s just the nature of the beast.

    The opposite bench mark was set when young Gazza played against the Cats in Surfers and then returned to Pussy Park as a spectator. He was cuddled and clapped and asked to pose for pictures and sigh autographs.

    I think it is something to do with IQ.

    Footnote: I acknowlege that you appear to be upset by the booing = High IQ.

  3. Yeah Danny I hate seeing a trier booed, even if he is having a bad season. Freo have used him poorly. He was OK at Pies so I don’t know why Freo has given him such limited opportunities.
    He is an in-betweener. Not big enough for key positions. Not quick enough for flanks or midfield.
    Ken Judge made a good comment on ABC radio over here yesterday. Said they should remake him as a defender a la Tarrant and Clement.
    By the way this is the last friendly comment between us for the next fortnight.

  4. Phantom: The booing thing just seems misused; eg booing umpires on and off the ground- booing plsys that leave
    for opportunity, not money. Im glad i wasnt at the game bc i wouldnt have sat silently and taken the jack booing.

    Peter: i hope they do turn him into a new tarrant, bc we know how that worked out in the end ;)

  5. Dave Nadel says

    Danni – I have just returned from Perth where I went to see the match and then spent a long weekend because I don’t teach on Mondays. The headline on the back page of Friday’s West Australian was a disgrace. It read “Have a Crack, Jack. Recruiting flop gets chance to prove point to Pies.” The article was a huge put down of Jack and interestingly the only positive comments were from Mick and a couple of Collingwood players which suggested that his former club had a higher opinion of him than his currrent club and their supporters.

    At the end of the game, during which he had played well, virtually all the Collingwood players shook Jack’s hand or clapped him on the back. Some of the fans may be be hostile but I reckon Jack still has a lot of mates at the Club.

    Phanto, there is no comparison between Jack’s position and Collingwood supporters response and the Gazza situation. Jack is a nice young man who tried very hard and wasn’t quite in Collingwood’s best 25. G Ablett Junior helped win Geelong two Premierships. Of course Cat fans should be grateful. However if booing one’s own is a question of IQ all I can say is Cat fans must have had an intellectual transformation since Leigh Colbert’s day. He got booed for years after he left the Cats for the Roos.

  6. Hey Dave :)
    I agree, Jack received and still does receive more support from the Collingwood Fc more than Freo.
    He is still very close to a few players, flew here a month ago and had dinner with his old team mates.
    I was very happy with his game, hope i see more of that.
    Overall with Jack it’s once a Collingwood boy always a Collingwood boy. Always was a Collingwood supporter and no matter who he plays for it will always be a part of him deep down :)

  7. Danni, many Freo fans I know are bemused at the use of JA. Most recgonise that the club has handled him poorly.

    To give him two opportunities (Hawks and WC) when are inside 50 count was woeful and them drop him? What is a forward expected to do when the ball never gets near him? Freo have treated quite afew players poorly this season and Jack is one of them. Was delighted to see his performance agint his old side. With a couple of retirements looming defence could become a good option for him.

    And Dave, the West (also known as the Worst) is a horrible, parochial rag. Pay it no attention.

    In regards to the game on Friday night, I had a great time. As it was a foregone conclusion the pressure was off and I enjoyed that more than most games this year. Completely outclassed by one of the best sides I have ever seen live (the 2007 Cats shade them) at least Freo’s B side had a crack.

  8. Jonathan, its good to know that im not the only one who sees potential in Jack. Not a Dockers man are you? Hope he gets more chances to prove himself :)

  9. Yes Danni, dyed in the wool purpleite. With the poor injury prone yet brilliant Roger Hayden retired, JA should get more opportunities in the back half with the option to try him in the forwards.

    The Pies are a joy to watch, I hope they do it again and then Leon decides to come home. .

  10. Jack has been named in the forward line! Wonder if he will spend the whole match there or get sent back to defence….
    Hoping he kicks a friggin bag! ;) wooooo

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