Suddenly im craving Lindt…

So Roger Federer didn’t make it to the Wimbledon final, but after watching this video it’s a wonder he can even make it through air port security!

In this advertisement Roger took his love as ambassador for Lindt chocolate to a very yummy level.

(link to vid below)



There’s always been debate about who the hottest male tennis player is-


Some say it’s Rafael Nadal, his steamy video clip with Shakira raised eyebrows along with the number of You tube clips named ‘Rafa changes his shirt’ The wedgie picking doesn’t seem to be a factor for the ladies who are more than happy for more camera shots of the Spanish derriere. Speaking of derrieres Rafa is also known to be one of many underwear models for Emporio Armani, and it’s obvious that underwear models eg- Nick Bracks cause jaw dropping and eyelash fluttering consequences.

Oh and yes, Rafa’s broken English is also mega cute.


Others say it’s Novak Djokovic, there’s a definite attraction to the high confidence and pretty eyes that are modeled by the Serbian. Novak is just the right amount of confident, while he lets his opponent know when he fires, he’s still nowhere near cocky. His build is another appealing factor, a good frame, nice height and a set of pearly whites.

Call me crazy but there’s also something heart melting about men who publicly acknowledge their religion. Novak is not shy to don a wooden cross under his tennis shirt or perform the sign of the cross for a bit of spiritual reassurance.

I might also add that Novak has also paraded in his underwear, strutting his stuff on the runway.


When it comes to my opinion, I completely agree with the airport security ladies. Roger Federer is the ultimate tennis hottie. With the Fed it’s all about the hair baby! Roger sports Chocolate brown luxurious locks and matching warming eyes, an excellent jaw line and he can speak many languages. I’m guilty to watching his FRENCH and SWISS press conferences, no I don’t understand a word but hot dayum he sounds schmeksi.The only tennis player to have a voice as smooth as his backhand.

As father of twin girls (who by the way seem to have inherited their fathers’ looks),Roger not only proved he can have an acting career after tennis but managed to draw 6 plays of his commercial from me alone, based on the fact that he looks gorgeous in those denim jeans! Plus id keep replaying the part where Roger says “hellou” at the beginning and then the mid close up shot of him after he picks up his runners *swoon*


Ahh that’s enough from me, I’m off to watch it again!

And i say to  Roger;  as the blonde security lady says- “love you” ;)


Danni xo



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  1. LOL! Thanks, Danni! Your interesting observations on the world of tennis were just what I needed to cheer me up on this grey, windy, horrible day. The Roger Federer video also helped somewhat… XD

  2. Adam Muyt says

    Thank Danni! I love the way we engage with sports in different ways.

    Now we need your considered eye run over the current and recently retired Ozzie men’s players. Just to put us local males on the spot :)

  3. Danielle says

    Glad you enjoyed the piece Kat and Adam :)
    After watching the vid numerous times ( i have now lost count) i knew it deserved a write up.
    RE- recently retired Ozzie men’s players? Mind throwing me a few names for inspection Adam?

  4. Adam Muyt says

    Danni, I leave it up to your feminine imagination to pass ‘spunk’ ratings on any current and recently retired ozzie men’s tennis players. I’ll take a punt and suggest you’d be a Scud or Pat Rafter type over a Lyetton one, wouldn’t you?

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