Man-crushin’ LOVE

We all have our favourites or as you lot might say ‘man-crushes’ and it would take a pretty special player to replace that sort of favourite wouldn’t it? He’d probably have to be invincible. The type that can run through a brick wall and come out the other end without a scratch, fly higher than [Read more]

Young gems still exist in ‘Generation Lazy’

Ah, we’ve spotted one! Not a very majestic creature but an interesting one at that. There it lays on the couch, stationed for at least two hours now. TV remote in hand, iPhone on ear yapping away with a laptop in lap, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram tabs all in action. The creature known to most [Read more]

Brownlow Fashion 2013

Manicures, spray tans and bling were out in force last night while the lads stepped aside to let their WAGS flaunt their fashion. White was a very popular colour this year as was length with majority of WAGs opting for long dresses. It seemed that showing a little skin was also the trend on the carpet. And so here are my [Read more]

When Danni met Cometti

If you’re like me, you don’t think too much of footy commentators until you watch the footy. Although their commentary can be drowned under our loud screaming and swearing, they bring that weird feel of passion to the game that feel of genuine excitement and live reaction. In a way we can appreciate their witty [Read more]

AFL Round 15 – Carlton v Collingwood: Beating Carlton

Beating Carlton is good. How good? Let Danni Eid explain.

AFL Round 11- Collingwood v Melbourne: Percentage Pies

Danni Eid is not putting her boys up on a pedestal. (Seriously, she says she’s not.)

AFL Round 6 – Collingwood v St.Kilda: For the love of Bucks

Dannielle Eid has a message for all Collingwood supporters: Leave Bucks alone!

Holidays,overdosing on ‘beach food’ and the desperate search for a footy haven

For the first time in a while the family had planned a trip to Rosebud/Sorrento during Easter, and so with our cousins, two packed cars bursting with food, bags and alcohol, off we went.

MYM- Maronite Youth Melbourne footy interview on State of Origin clash

It’s always interesting to see the connection between a church community and their love of AFL. Religion can be said to be a touchy topic, but when united as one community for the love of AFL suddenly religion takes a back seat for a few hours when it all becomes about tactics, teammates and a [Read more]

I’ll give you four reasons….

why Collingwood will win the 2013 Premiership.

Roger Federer’s Aussie Open run 2013

      There was only one way to end this Federer report at 2:09AM and it was with both my hands cupped around my cheeks in shattered-ness much like the Federer fam at the end of Roger’s 2013 Aussie Open run. Here’s my take on Roger’s matches.

DJ Demetriou say what?!

Apparently, the AFL has asked all teams to consider picking a ‘motivational entrance song’ to inspire the team and fans. Now if we’re not on the same page here I’d like you to picture your team running out to start their 2013 premiership campaign to Call Me Maybe…or god forbid, PSY’s Gangnam Style…yeah that’ll really [Read more]

The Chris Johnson interview

Get excited Brisbane supporters! I caught up with your three-time Premiership defender Chris Johnson. Read the interview here!

Meeting Maxy

Many AFL supporters that don’t support Collingwood are quick to degrade Premiership player and Collingwood Captain Nick Maxwell; a little too quick if you ask me.   I won’t shy to the fact that for the past two years I have jumped to Maxy’s defense when he’s bagged in an online or real life environment. [Read more]

Post season Pouting

Im Bored. The players need to get away from the Bali beaches, the umbrella decorated cocktails and their tanning chairs. They need to get back to their clubs, back onto the MCG, back into my life!   Okay so im struggling without footy a little… What’s a girl to do to fill this time? I [Read more]

AFL Preliminary Finals – Sydney v Collingwood: Silky Swans Grand Final ready

The Sydney Swans have broken an eleven game, seven-year voodoo losing streak against Collingwood, securing their Grand Final appearance by twenty-six points infront of 57,156 at ANZ Stadium.   Amongst the celebration of Jude Bolton’s three-hundredth game and the battle of the Reids and Shaws, the Swans were strong defensively and attacked early putting the [Read more]

Magpie mateship for McCarthy

Danielle Eid *Rewind to 2 weeks ago*   Surely there is no way we would make it to the preliminary-final, don’t even CONSIDER the Granny. No really, booking a week holiday in Sydney during grand final week is fine. There’s nothing to worry about, if we meet West Coast again they’ll probably just belt us [Read more]

Don’t take the mickey Mick

So I bet you are all wondering, why is Travis Cloke playing so badly? Well you can stop racking your brains and coming up with that list because Mick Malthouse thinks he knows the answer. Yes Travis has been double teamed in the past and yes last week the delivery to the big number 32 [Read more]

No Swanning around

If footy players had ‘babysitters’ would they get into any of the trouble they do? I’m not saying that footy players are immature…although some of them…. Coco Chanel once said “As long as you know men are like children, you know everything.” So maybe it wouldn’t be so bad for us supporters to take shifts [Read more]

Hurry up Travis, Shutup media

Travis Cloke this and Travis Cloke that! Seriously Travis just sign or leave its not that hard, stay with us and play finals or leave and get more money. Make your choice and put us all out of our misery already!