A lil bit of Essendon and a whole lotta Collingwood


What started as Father-Daughter Footyday became Father-Daughter-Uncle Footyday :)

First we hit Etihad Stadium to watch my uncle John’s Bombers beat Port Adelaide.

A gate man decided to yell out “what’s that rubbish?” in reference to my footy jumper…umm dude that’s a lil unprofessional for a worker…then he said his team will be thrashing us next week to which I replied, “rubbish?…oh really? good luck” with a flick of my, as if you say that hand gesture; I like to stay classy.

Then a gate lady was all “Are u at the right game?” gosh! Can’t people wear their teams gear and go to another game before their one?!

Anyway about the game the funny thing was that Port really surprised me. I expected Essendon to control the game but they didn’t…infact I was pretty sure they had no interest in the game at all. Despite the end result Port Adelaide was the better team…yes I did just say that, im as shocked as you are! But really they were swifter about hitting targets in their fifty and their goal kicking, Schulz was a freaking star keeping Port in the game with his accuracy. I don’t watch many Port games so I didn’t think they had that sort of talent! Ex Magpie McCarthy was also impressive…dunno why we let him go.

In the end the Bombers weren’t hungry but still managed to scrape the win.


Straight after the siren we dashed over to the MCG.

Finally I was in my element! I didn’t feel like I stood out amongst the black and white crowds like I did at Etihad. I was home :) and boy did I need a day out at the footy.

Now I bet you have all heard about the crazy cat lady right? Well you at the footy how there’s this one female who you just look at and think… ‘Man that lady is crazy’ *moves 2 rows away*

Well im that lady, the crazy footy lady!

Sure I was sitting high up in level four but im sure Jarryd Blair could hear my squealings of adoration.


Sure enough I was happydancejumping when he kicked his first goal, why so cute, WHY SO CUTE!? :)

Richmond played very defensively, what I call ‘old man’ ‘Sydney swans’ type footy that really slowed the game down which was frustrating and boring to watch, luckily we came out freakin firing to start the second term and didn’t look back! Dale led the midfield to 5 goals in BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG style, what a pro!

Travis Cloke was great, he really really was!!!! Got me cheering and excited to see more of his goal kicking, I didn’t even cover my eyes. Although the teams effort kinda sucked to how we normally rock Cloke, Blairy and Reid were very impressive.

Then a random fight broke out as I was writing notes on the second half for my Almanac book piece! Like seriously, come on guys can’t you see some serious Almanac business is going on here? Obviously not, as I soon found myself up and yelling “EY!!!! WE HAVE CARLTON NEXT WEEK, NOBODY GET EFFING REPORTED!!”

If one of them is reported and we lose against Carlton ill just DIE! -.-


Seeing the number 9 out there and Marty Clarke not really doing anything influential made me kinda sad, I hope he manages to fix his game very soon. Dawsey needs some work too, pronto!

I left the MCG with a grin and Buckley coaching win, two very good things. Blowing kisses to my boys just as I left the isle, the season just beginning under Buckley’s reign.


Collingwood- 12 . 13 . 85    Richmond- 8 . 16 . 64


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Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Malby Danlges says

    Hoping that there’s not too much happydancejumping for you next week. Highly entertaining post. Thanks!

  2. Dave Nadel says

    I didn’t think Marty played all that badly, Danni. What did you think of the blonde private school boy Ben Sinclair? If his kicking even remotely matched his enthusiasm and endeavour he could become a very good footballer.

  3. Andrew Weiss says

    I know exactly how you feel Danni wearing your Collingwood jumper to another game. I get the same response everytime I wear my Brisbane Lions jumper to any game in Adelaide even when the Lions are playing the Crows or Port. Its what you get living in a two team town and you don’t support either. If I had a dollar for every queer look i get or snide remark when walking around AAMI stdium in my Lions jumper I would be earning more money anually than Tom Scully and Gary Ablett combined.

  4. Danielle says

    Malby, a Blue i take it? goodluck :P

    Dave, Clarke didn’t seem to make any impact like i thought he would. i think Sinclair had a better game than Clarke, he was trying to get his own ball and trying to get some more experience. would love to see more of him :)

    isn’t it annoying Andrew! at one point at the Bombers clash i was passed by a teenage tiger in his jumper who caught sight of me and yelled “GO TIGES” all that got him was an elbow to the stomach from his mate…he was probably embarrassed.

  5. Would’ve been a pleasure to have sat next to you last night Danni.

  6. me? i was a vision in black and white, just ask the cops.

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