What about the footy?!


Scanning the pages of this lovely website I begin to think that while you have all gone cricket mad (I now know what a golden duck is lol) the tennis, Australian Open was kinda ignored and umm…there’s this other thing called FOOTY….

Where were the Federer pieces?  (Don’t go there Gigs! Lol)

Sure he didn’t win the tournament but he was looking great! As were his twin daughters, adorable now, more lethal than the Williams sisters later.

And, yeah I know the footy hasn’t come back yet but come on!

Am I thinking a bit prematurely in wanting to read about upcoming footy excitement, new coaches who are now looking comfy in their new teams, predictions for the Granny and the big question of- Will Richmond finish in the 8 for once?

Some things to look forward to-

~ St Kilda’s pretty new coach (who they stole off us I might add!) has a bit of Colin Firth, Mr. Darcy look about him. Expect to see more women in their mid 30s at St.Kilda games.

~ More smiles at Collingwood training, our new coach is more of a smiler than a frowner and he still has his ‘footy body’ so expect to see Bucks getting just as physically involved with training sessions.

~ Could Ross Lyon be the answer to Freo’s problems?

The Dockers finished 11th on the ladder last year and are looking to Lyon to vamp their line up, but will he be successful?

* Note to Ross; Neglect my man Jack and I will be after you, did you hear that LYON!!?? -.-   *

~ Young journalists can breathe a sigh of relief as they no longer will be petrified at the thought of a Malthouse press conference of answers you find in fortune cookies and other completely abstract elements of confusion.

~ GWS getting a huge shellacking even by Port Adelaide, major LOL And major fail whale for ‘bordering on senile’ Sheedy. Honestly, the biggest rivalry is and will always be Collingwood v Carlton so I don’t think you will achieve your goal to turn the rivalry between the Giants and Sydney Swans into the biggest in Australian sport.

So yeah, expect a lot of giant fails from Kevin Sheedy.

Now that I have written this piece up, hit me up with footy talk peeps!



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Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Menzel looks very fit and menacing on the track at Catville.

  2. John Butler says

    Danni, went just a little early on the tennis articles. Plenty went up today. :)

    Looking forward to see how Coach FIGJAM goes this year. No pressure really.

    Phantom, unless they shipped in Lourdes water you won’t see much of Menzel this season.

  3. Mark Doyle says

    Footy season starts in April! Supporters are not interested in pre-season training and practice games!

  4. Hey Danni,

    I was awaiting YOUR Federer piece…………..

  5. Great example You are setting Phantom, getting straight to the action!

    JB, yeah oh well!

    Mark, people like me who don’t watch cricket survive on footy scraps of offseason info
    and debates. Is there anyone who loves cricket more than footy?

    Smokie, it was coming but…well rafa :( *sobs*
    although i will share with u my theory that roger’s perfect hair probably smells like swiss lindt chocolate <3 *swoon* ;)

  6. Kattspiss JB.

  7. Hey Danni, in your inquiry as to the interest in footy currently you signal a couple of key likely head line stories. But through fear or the shadow of the deep dark truthful mirror (Little Elvis song) you left the main story off the table. Is 2012 the year of the Mighty Hawks? Now that’s a topic to get stuck into.


  8. Big yarn on Carlton’s visit to Lygon Street in the Herald Sun this morning, which included this little gem of reporting from Warwick Green, quoting University Café owner Giancarlo Caprioli:

    “Maybe they gonna come back again later this year in a big bus when they winna the cup.”

    Was Warwick Green a writer on Kingswood Country before Joining the Herald Sun?

    Or maybe he was a writer for The Late Show?


  9. The 2012 grand finalists meet in the first round. Which teams?

    The answer will go into a time capsule.

  10. So you think the Eagles will play off in the Grand Final then Phantom?

  11. Dave Nadel says

    Actually Danni I am not sorry that there was a paucity of footy articles in January. While you will get a few “good news” articles of the “Nathan Brown is finally over his injuries” or “Recruit Peter Yagmoor has really impressed the coaching staff” sort, most of the January articles are of the “Heath Scotland in pub brawl” sort. I don’t mind too much if they are about Carlton players but there is always the risk that they might be about our players and we wouldn’t want that. As we approach the end of the footy season more of the “football articles” will actualy be about footy. Roll on late March.

  12. Struggling to come to terms with the Scotland incident. It’s been eight years and we still can’t completely get the ‘Collingwood’ out of him…

  13. You’re telling the story Gig’s

  14. If the Doggies were to make it Gigs, can I do a docco on you during the week before.

    You know the sort of thing, cameras all round the house , in the car and following you everywhere.

    (And at the GF)

  15. Mark Doyle says “Supporters are not interested in pre-season training and practice games!”

    Tragics (eg. me) scan the papers every day for any snippet of news regarding anything to do with footy and anything remotely related to the Cats!

  16. Some of us have quite high IQ’s too Pete.

  17. Great clip Litza. How’s Juddy’s shoulder. I haven’t seen anything about it in the papers for about a day.

  18. Basso Divor says

    “Supporters are not interested in pre-season training and practice games!” Actually Mark, I look forward to these games as an opportunity to see the new recruits and check for the development of fringe players. The game’s result is academic – I’m just interested in casting an eye over the new cattle.

  19. Be my guest, Phantom. I’ll be one very excited Dog if it happens!

  20. That’s why it would need recording Gigs.

  21. Rick

    Juddy’s shoulder is good – he hasn’t missed a beat as Visy’s Environmental Ambassador over the break.

  22. Andrew Fithall says

    Danni – More footy less cricket and zero tennis is how I like it – at any time of the year.

    To all music fans out there, I hope you recognise the importance of today’s date. It is officially International Sound Check Day 1/2/12

  23. WHOA! comments are flooding in, yayy!! :)

    Rick- okay Hawks lets see…i see finals defiantly finals.

    Dave, always good to know which players still need to mature and which have though, it says a lot about character!

    Litza, you can take the player out of collingwood BUT you can’t take the Collingwood out of the player :P

  24. Way to get us back on track, Danni!

    Ross Lyon might be the answer to Freo’s problems, but Ross Lyon at Freo might also be the answer to the SAINTS’ problems. We might actually be fun to watch again.

  25. Skip of Skipton says

    The 2012 Supercoach is open for business today. Only 52 days until the first lockout, so don’t dilly-dally, folks.

  26. AF- but tennis has Fed! <3

    Cheers Glenn! :) lol saints and fun in the mentioned together…hmm i don't know about that :P

    Skip, i tried super coach ONCE…and i chose the best looking players, forgot to change up the team every week..eventually forgot my log in details and well, ill just stick to tipping!

  27. I’m with Mark. It’d take something absolutely major for me to give a monkey’s about AFL while it isn’t being played and a whole lot of other sports are.

    And an AFL player getting involved in a pub brawl doesn’t hit the same planet as ‘major’.

    February is the sporting month from hell AFAIC – mickey mouse cricket on one channel, mickey mouse footy on the other.

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