Medhurst Memories <3

You know those random moments when a former player just pops up in your mind and you start you-tubing his goals and hangers?

That’s what happened to me….in relation to one of my favorite Magpies Paul Medhurst.

Tarrant sent packing for Medders and who we all know now as Premiership player Ben Reid…oh yeah, that reminds me, thanks Freo.


Ask me to describe Paul Medhurst and I’ll come up with something like this:


Classy, risk taker, trouble, talented, unique, stylish, intelligent and most importantly a teddy. Meddy-Teddy was a nickname I used a lot.

The build of a small forward, the scruffy stubble, the big brown eyes, the bright smile, the ‘I woke up this way and damn I look hot’ hair- he was bloody adorable.


And with that came flooding in the wonderful Medhurst Memories.

One memory was a Collingwood vs. Adelaide game I went to and Medders was doing his warm up. Like the other players, he was minding his own business, but I sitting second row wanted to get my message across.

“I LOVE YOU MEDDY!!!!!!!!!”

At this stage the crowd was small, little dashes scattered all over the place so my yelling was twice as loud but still no reaction from the number 7.

“I LOVE YOU MEDDY!!!!!!!!!”


The dude sitting in front of me turned around, grabbed his stuff and moved down about 10 seats to the left. This isn’t the first time this has happened, I’ve had family members move a few seats away too. That seemed to be enough for that guy and the trainer jogging over to the boundary to retrieve a footy gave me a ‘dude that chick is crazy’ look.

So I gave it one more go but this time it was a family member who snapped

“He heard you the first 3 times!!!” snapped my brother.


-_- “fine”


That fine Anzac day game he played had the newspapers sporting headlines such as ‘ANZAC MEDALHURST’ How he could just thread a goal off an impossible angle and swing the footy across his body, sending it soaring so high you’d think it would hit a cloud on its way through the goals. The ‘Medhurst Marks’ the ‘Medhurst Goals’ terms commentators would use because is so ‘freakish.’ I honestly loved everything about him.


Then came the memory of actually MEETING him for the first time at the club family day 2009. I remember waiting in that line for 40minutes but I would have waited for days if I had to. Medhurst was one of the nicest and most talkative players. Where I merely blushed and was unable to form a sentence in the presence of Alan        Didak, Medhurst was not only over enthusiastic to take a picture with me, but also openly showed his disappointment that I had Jack Anthony’s number on my jumper instead of his number 7.

I have our picture up on my wall alongside team posters and Premiership cutouts.

My biggest regret about meeting him was not asking for a hug :(


And so we come to where I am now, eating a tub of ice-cream only being able to relive Medhurst moments through watching these videos.


I pin my Paul Medhurst badge to my pajama top, I used to watch Freo games to get a glimpse of him, he was special and even though he’s gone he’s always going to be a star.


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  1. Danielle. I heard the other day that Paul is living in LA.

  2. :) really? thats so CUTE!!!!
    I heard he spent some time in Europe right after retirement, he is probably living it up in LA ;)

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