by Danni Eid

My blue carpet favorite Alex Davis (Pendlebury)

looked positively radiant in her navy blue Versace gown. It fitted like a glove, it got the “Oh my gosh!” reaction from me, it’s a perfect classy dress. As always, Alex looked GORGEOUS!

It was the dress that drew a gasp. As a natural beauty, Alex probably doesn’t like to have too much going on when it comes to her dresses and who can blame her, she looked flawless in that simple yet elegant stunning Versace.

The hair was perfect, makeup perfect-just gorgeous!


A huge favorite of mine was Nadia (Bartel) that glossy electric green colour was absolutely STUNNNING! Especially in contrast to the blue carpet) the uneven sweetheart cut bodice was unique as was the slant of the material in the fishtail skirt.

Seriously stunningly amazing!



Lauren, partner of Bryce Gibbs wore the graceful elegant gown of the night.

She wore a pearl white, fitted corset bodice, which turned into a baby pink satin with elaborate beading detail, worthy of Kate Middleton. Such a stunning dress!


Brownlow medalist Dane Swan’s lady Taylor looked breathtaking in her black and nude gown. The dress screams classical masterpiece and had different elements of fabric draped in different ways. I really loved the lace on the corset and the ‘over the shoulder to the front’ piece of fabric. It was nice to see something different yet classy on the blue carpet tonight.



Now I don’t normally like busy, pattern filled dresses but in the case of Jonathan Brown’s wife Kylie– beautiful! The pattern on the material was not overwhelming, the contrast in the colours gave it that formal look, I really liked it.


I was really hoping to see something different this year and Erin Maxwell brought her game to that! I love my bling and Erin’s dress was blinged from top to bottom with navy blue sequins and gold beading/trimming just under the bust and on the shoulders to break to bore of just one colour. The cut out in the back brought out a sexy side to the dress and she accessorized with a light goldish brown clutch, again to break the one colour bore.

Erin looked beautiful in her Simonelli gown.






Brynne turned a corner with her outfit this year with a flowy almost fairytale like gown.

The gold trimming was very elegant, although if I were to alter this dress it would be a little bit longer at the front and a little more modest with cleavage. Overall I like the design.



Amy Burgoyne must have had the colour of the carpet in mind when she picked out her gorgeous royal blue gown. The silver clusters of bling and the petal material shaped paneling made this dress that much more beautiful.



Now I don’t normally like busy, pattern filled dresses but in the case of Jonathan Brown’s wife Kylie– beautiful! The pattern on the material was not overwhelming, the contrast in the colours gave it that formal look, I really liked it.



Travis Cloke’s partner Bethany almost looked bridal, posing in her vintage style lace dress. Not something I would go for personally but what’s important when you’re judging events like this is that you only consider how the dress looks on them and on Bethany it looks very pretty.



Kade simpson’s partner had a very dreamy, floaty, angelic gown on.

And ice blue satin figure hugging number which had tuffs of tulle floating near the bottom half. A very sophisticated pretty gown, love it.





Lauren Phillips had me excited, but that excitement very quickly turned into disappointment. This Nicola Finetti piece was no where near Brownlow standard with the halter top section of the dress resembling a daggy one piece swimming suit and then a frumpy skirt to finish. My mum wanted to buy me that same clutch purse (early this year for my uncle’s wedding), which is very expensive, the one we looked at was just under $150 and Lauren’s is probably designer. I however refused to let mum buy me it because, and I quote myself saying; “its way too boxy, it looks like a bloody video cassette, I’m not carrying that!”

On the plus side Lauren’s makeup was fantastic and her heels..i want those!



Rebecca Judd, was really disappointing. Third year in a row she has opted for the bodytight bodice. The only thing I liked was the detail in the thick dress strap.

What really threw me was the greeny/mustardy colour of the dress and that ruffle flowing down?? Sorry Rebecca, me no likey…at all.




A BIG miss on the blue carpet was made by Riewoldt’s partner Cath.

It was the choice of a bland and boring colour that made her look washed out.

Take a look at the dress and picture it being white or a soft pink and you may have a winner, but this was really…not good.




About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Great work, Danni. I’m still in shock that Dane Swan’s partner is Taylor and not Taylah.

  2. How long has Jimmy Bartel been dating Beyonce…?

  3. I still think Doc Eddleston’s Liberace outfit won the night.

    For those old enough to remember Liberace.

  4. Agree with 90%. But you’ve lost me on Lauren (partner of Bryce Gibbs) You simply can’t wear a white, cream or dusty pink ballgown to a fancy do without looking like a wanna-be bride.

  5. Thanks Gigs :) Taylor is very pretty don’t you think?

    Litza, i’d say about 3-4 years..i think

    JB, Thankyou sooooo much for getting this up so fast, especially since i was
    slaving over it pretty late late night.

    Tails; Most brides these day are not opting for white, plus a lot of ladies wear white to another person’s wedding and now days it’s not seen as rude or outshining the bride.
    As long as no wag rocks up with a veil or a bouquet i’m happy to see white or light pinks on the carpet.

  6. Danni

    Gigs put this up. He’s at the wheel today.

    Thanks again for your efforts last night. :)

  7. @Tails, how do we know you’re not Dane’s partner Taylor and that you’re just a bit jealous of Lauren?

  8. oh GIGS!! :) Such great treatment for your favorite! :) Thankyou sooooo much!!! :)

  9. Maybe next year you could be the official Knacker on the blue carpet Danni.

    Special comments and microphone. Sure to be a hit. Get Harmsy to organise it. It is a must.

    By the way apparently there is a game on between your team and Dip’s team this weekend. Are you going?

    Isn’t young Tommo in such devine form.

  10. Phantom- The only bad thing about the blue carpet is that the presenters pretty much have to tell who the wags that they look great even when they don’t, i don’t think i could do that!
    On that note i don’t think the WAGS would like me saying that they look ‘frumpy’ or that they have chosen a bad color during a live interview. Mrs Judd got rave reviews from presenters but i had a completely different opinion.
    Although if JTH could pull a few strings a get me a ‘Footy Almanac’ microphone i think it would be pretty cool! ;)

  11. Isn’t Dips’ team your team? :s

  12. Yessssssssssss.

    I can’t wait.

    Are you as noivus as last year. And are you going?

  13. i refuse to be nervous this year!!
    no matter what has happened in past matches, both teams start on 0!
    but i will have an ambulance on side, just in case.
    Nah im not going, still unsure where i will be watching from!
    My family is mostly made up of Collingwood supporters so there will be pre-game and ‘week after the game’ parties and all that jazz going on :)

  14. Come over to Tassy to the beach and watch it with the Wynyard players (Cats)

    There is one here for you. 195 centimetres, surfs, plays footy, travels, doing his second degree in environmental planning, has a good job and is very nice to his mother. Barracks for the Cats as well. Perfect for you.

  15. hahaha
    -first off i’m only 157cm (same height as Kim Kardashian)
    -second, Nick Bracks is the best looking Geelong supporter ever!
    And third, i love Blairy! :)

  16. This one will be a Phantom when I go to the great Jungle in the sky.

    Mrs Phantom. How cool would that be.

  17. Shane Johnson says

    Ahh the Wynyard Cats.
    get on em for next year ..they are specials
    First footy home for A Lynch, C Robertson, Scratcher Neal, S and P Atkins, C Bond and Graeme”gypsy” Lee
    Enjoyed the blue carpet too!!!!!!!
    Tommy Rockliff missus was the highlight

  18. Censorship! For whatever reason, I can only get the top scorers. I want to laugh at the duds and make fun of their fashion sense.

    Because I can.

  19. I think you may be a bit of a jinx Danni.

    Medders – gone.

    Jack A. – gone

    Now Blairy – gone.

    Who is next?

  20. A thousand apologies Danni,

    That was meant to be Brad Dick. They all look the same from where I sit.

    I have only just learned to tell Chapman and Hunt apart. I was pleased that they off loaded Abblett. The third one was very confusing.

  21. Phantom, my ex- high school teacher pulled that one on me last week. (blairy gone)
    Unfortunately i again reacted to having another heart attack.
    Medders doesn’t count, he retired we dint ditch or trade him.
    Plus if im REALLY a jinx Toovey would have left too- i admit to now liking the guy the in the past few months before the whole thing with the manager happend.
    Oh and there no connection between me and Leon either.

  22. btw im pretty sure Brad is like 1000 times taller than tats so i dunno how you got that confused :s lol

  23. They are all 1000 times taller and with Tatts.

    How’s your exams going? I have youngest daughter at home for a couple of days psyching herself up for her last one next week. She’s doing media studies at UTAS.

  24. please don’t talk about exams…..just the MENTION gives me a headache!
    good luck to your daughter though!

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