Its Eade time at Collingwood

I guess everyone has heard about the new addition to Collingwood, I personally beamed at headlines such as ‘Eade joins Magpies’- when did I ever leave?!

However, the media were referring to ex-Bulldogs coach, now Collingwood’s new ‘director of coaching’- oooooohh fancy!

Now I don’t know how other Collingwood supporters may feel about this, since some are still cut over Malthouse ditching this position. But I for one have a list of reasons to why this appointment is awesome!


  1. As a fellow Eade, (difference in spelling of surname and proof of relation totally irrelevant!) this means I will be granted access to the Westpac Center and coach’s box at all times after presenting identification. This is to be expected, as a ‘family’ member my presence at important events (eg- weddings, christenings, first game of the 2012 season) is very important. I need to be there to support ‘cousin’ Rodney and maybe even offer him some wise advice; after all I have been in black and white far longer than he has.


  1. We have all seen Rodney go off in the box, lets just say Mick’s tantrums won’t be a missing factor- they don’t call him Rocket for nothing. Rodney is sure to bring some fresh and new spray techniques and dirty looks sure to keep the boys on guard and in line.



  1. We didn’t get Ross Lyon or some other loser instead. Apologies to Freo supporters but while you’re stuck with ‘a walking purple sashay’ we get the intelligent footy-brain. Id take Rodney Eade over Lyon any day!…except when Paul Roos or Dean Laidley are involved- I love those two way too much, especially Dean!


  1. There is no past major history between Bucks and Rodney. Now im not saying there was between Mick and Bucks, but I never could really picture Mick keeping his mouth shut if he didn’t agree with a Buckley plan. When one is used to power and making all the shots it’s too hard for them to just sit back and let the new guy take over their old role. Eade has no connection to the club and therefore has no choice but to sit back and ultimately watch Bucks make the moves; I can’t see him having any problem with that.



  1. Best of all, now when people ask how to pronounce my surname I no longer have to say; “you know the Bulldogs coach, Rodney Eade? Like that”

Now it’s; “You know the director of coaching at Collingwood? Rodney Eade?” Talk about a refreshing change.


So there you have it. All the points confirm that Eade rocking up at Collingwood will be something to celebrate, after all ‘Eade’ (Eid) does mean festivity in Arabic!


About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Hi Danielle, lovely take on that “other” Eade. Frankly, I think he has to live up to the “Eid” we already associate with the Pies. It’s good to see you haven’t lost your humour and I love the article. Now we wait and see what happens next….watch the footy space and see what happens to all our teams after they have had a break, refreshen, and come back bright and cheerful for another slog out year.


  2. ‘Nackers read
    How Magpies bleed
    Finals tales of Reid’s sad deeds
    Fruitlees chasing Hawkins leads

    Eid is peed
    We must succeed
    Danni prays the Pica creed
    Eddie plotting future greed

    Bulldog struggles as coach’s fleed
    Danni’s cousin now is freed
    Coaching genius planting seed
    Future greatness for Rocket Eade?

    Other clubs must take heed
    Stamp out growth of Floreat weed.

  3. One point of order there Ms Eid/Eade. Lyon (spits out side of mouth), learnt his game plan from Mr Roos, so I’m interested in the love/hate balance there.

    I’m also intrested in the Buckley/Eade relationship. How does one fully let go of the reins after being in power for so long. Must be very tricky to be diplomatic at times…

  4. Thanks Yvette
    Exactly right, crazy things happen during the break!

    Peter :) love it, thanks!

    Gus, hmm interesting point, it’s alright i do favor Laidley more anyway.
    As for the Buckley/Eade relationship its like i said, Rodney has no emotional connection to the lead role at Collingwood therefore has no choice but to let Bucks make the big calls.

  5. John Sandy says

    Danielle, I love you comparison of important events. Some people just don’t understand.

  6. Thanks John, i know exactly what you mean :)

  7. Good to see that you are up and about Danielle.

    Will there be any friction in the “kitchen”? I can’t see Eade playing second fiddle for long. He has the ambition to coach a premiership somewhere.

    And remember. Eat more pasta. It makes you big and strong.

  8. Phantom, when was i ever down?!
    Although i must admit the psychological scaring will effect my new rule of not ever marrying a geelong supporter- dont think i could handle a relationship of tension when talk of past grannys comes up.
    No pasta ever! I dont want to be big, im a happy size 10 (who would be a happier size 8) nor strong, i like being called cute bc of my petiteness :)

  9. That should say (who would be a happier size 8 ) stupid sunglasses smiley lol

  10. Cheers Danni,

    when it comes to watching your team lose GF’s I think I am a few up on you.

    It is not the most enjoyable way to spend a Saturday arvo.

  11. chyeah, tell me about it ^
    In other news Collingwood’s first pick up in trade is CUTE as! :)

  12. Hang on I’ll just guess.

    As cute as…………….mmmmmm?…………….. Tom Cat.

  13. LOL no im a brunettes only woman now :)
    He’s cute as PIE!

  14. Are you writing a 2011 Grand Final piece?


  15. lol news travels fast!
    Yes i am :) BUT no eyes except mine and JTH’s have seen it, everyone is just going to have to wait.

  16. Ohh, it’s for the book?

    I didn’t mean it in a serious way, just thought you were totally avoiding the elephant in the room with this article lol

  17. Josh, its my little Almanac tradition; no one except me and obviously JTH has seen by book pieces before they go into the book. :)

  18. ^ hence why there is no grandfinal report from me.

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