Footy Couples

Ever thought about the women behind the men who play the game?…yes I’m talking about our beloved AFL players and their WAGS.

There are so many lovely couples to choose from. Some, glamorous and others who just seem very loved up and make you go “awww!” when you see twitter pictures they post.

These important women stand by their men through injuries, losses and even scandals, so when you think about it, they can really impact how our players feel and ultimately perform.


Sharrod Wellingham and Aimee Sexton:








Defiantly classified as a ‘model couple’

I’m curious to whether or not Aimee impacts any of Sharrod’s fashion choices, only because he dresses exceptionally trendy and most of the time it is the case. It is pretty normal for a gal to subtly throw out and replace her man’s clothing. Either way these two look amazing together!


Chris Judd and Rebecca Judd:

The long-term lovers of a healthy seven years finally tied the knot on New Years Eve this year. In this couple we see the rare effect where a player is outshined by their partner.

Any red carpet events or photo opportunities the Brownlow medalist seems to be pushed aside by his beautiful wife and the artwork she has chosen to wear. Juddy takes it all well, you could even say he’s proud of his wife’s fashion title, gotta love this supportive couple. This duo recently added a third member to the family, their bub Oscar and have revealed they may have another bub in the next year.





Brad Miller and Pia Miller:



A glamorous couple who couldn’t be matched up any better. The Millers were set up by

Mia’s friend at a bar, there they ditched David Neitz to chat alone. That set up went well leading to a marriage and children. If you asked me to sketch a picture of the perfect couple…and I could actually sketch, it would be a sketch of the Millers, just a perfect, natural laid back couple.



Alan Didak and Jacinta Jellett:



Jacinta is known as the woman who ‘changed’ former bad-boy Alan Didak.

Since meeting his partner Dids has settled down significantly, notice he’s only making

the news for the right reasons. Even president Eddie McGuire is grateful Jacinta’s arrival has resulted in the decline of bad boy antics, thanking her in his speech at the Copeland awards last year. Any girl who puts a smile on Dids is loved by us supporters!

And yes, they make a dashing duo :)




Garry Ablett and Lauren Phillips:

First they were on then they were off, then on…are they still on or off?!

Ladies and gents I present to you the ‘on/off’ couple who make front pages based

on breakups and makeups. If they are still an item I hope they stay together, they are very nicely matched. Hmmm I wonder if the GC lifestyle will strengthen this relationship… long walks on the beach anyone?







Nick Maxwell and Erin Maxwell:


One of my favorite Collingwood couples! I look at them and even thought I don’t know them personally I can see, as cheesy as it may sound a perfect fairytale romance.

This couple met through mutual friends and hasn’t looked back since.

They got married and now have an adorable bub called Milla.

I would describe them as a ‘loved up’ couple.Erinis always tweeting about

Their weekly ‘date nights’ which shows the value of connection and communication in their relationship. Nick and Erin don’t let parenthood tire them down. A perfect example of what a happy footy family looks like. Hope my marriage is like theirs :)


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  1. 3rd for Juddy on Monday night Danni?

  2. JB, nope i think Murphy hs more chance than Juddy.
    Either a Pendles, Goodes tie OR Murphy OR Pendles.
    Can’t wait to see the effort the WAGS bring thing year :)
    Thanks for getting this piece set up :)

  3. Nice, Danni. But Brad Miller has me confused. It’s says “Brad Miller and Pia Miller” but then goes on to say “the Millers were set up by Mia’s friend at a bar”. So hang on. Is she Pia or Mia? And if she’s Pia then who’s Mia?

    Please clarify asap, because unless you do, I won’t know if I’m Athur or Martha…

  4. What no Hawks? Bloody discrimination that is. Oh, I get it. The Pies girl’s going the psychological on my team. Well, hurumph to that. Carrrrrrrrrn the Hawks

  5. Mrs Judd always looks like she needs a decent feed.

  6. RK

    Most of your lads have faces like dented fenders.

    All that unsociable footy.

  7. Danni
    Surprised there is no mention of Pendles and Alex. They live just around the corner
    from me, and are also a dashing couple…especially her !!!
    A bit more meat on the bones would definitely not go astray!

  8. None of those couples are a patch on Kouta and Ange Christou…

  9. Gigs- Mia is her nikname pia+miller= Mia as a stats man you should know that :P

    Rick- i considered Buddy Franklin but was unsure if she is still dating Katia Z? :S

    Dips- i Have friend who is a size 6 but she eats more than i do, like mrs judd she is lucky enough to be blessed with great genes meaning she’ll always look good in jeans.

    Smokie- Scott and Al were also considered until i saw a very COLLINGWOOD pattern going on so i stopped at 3 magpie couples. ( didn’t want to offend anyone *cough*) You are correct though,. Alex is naturally gorgeous! She’s made me proud with past Brownlow appearances.

    Litza- lol!

  10. lol what an awkward typo! No Hawks fans, i’m not making fun of Buddy… i know he is a HE!

  11. Dont worry, we know whats going on. Yer trying to rile us before the big game. Mocking our manly-hetro-blokyness. And on a completely unrelated topic, Dips, we have a lot of hunks in the squad: Sewell, Mitchell, Gibson, Hodge and, er, others. Now this metrosexual is off to watch men tackle and grab and handle each other for a couple of hours, beer in hand.


  12. Sorry Dips, I meant JB! Go the Mightys

  13. He’s right, Mitchell and Hodge are pretty good-looking… unfortunately! -.-

  14. Lewis. Guerra.

    I rest my case.

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