Round one for Collingwood, only the start for Buckley

5, 4, 3, 2 ,1!
With the count down round one of the 2012 season had officially begun!
Don’t bother with the- “but GWS played Sydney last week” line, nobody cared!
Even the people in Sydney didn’t care! I’d know, I was in Sydney at my cousin’s 21st.
So anyway my boys went up against the Hawks. Tipping wise I tipped Hawthorn, we just lacked too much depth and experience, even if Roughead and Hodge were absent.

I was so excited seeing Buckley coaching…FOR REAL…IN THE REAL SEASON!
Seeing him with the clipboard looking tense in the box, I was so bloody excited!
I grew up watching Buckley act like a Pendlebury.
It freaks me out a bit seeing Bucks, Voss and Hird coaching…seeing Rocca mentoring it makes me feel so old!
After the NAB Cup losses lots of people where tearing down Buckley’s efforts.
Most Collingwood supporters saying things like-
“Buckley can’t coach, bring back Malthouse.”
Oh please! It’s the NAB Cup, for love of Eddie do you not have any footy intelligence in that brain?! To these people I responded very clearly; if we don’t make the top four hate on him all you like but until then shut your mouth!
I attended my first Malthouse lecture and I have to say my opinions of him have shifted greatly. One thing that really scared me was the fact that he was talking to a crowd of students but his composure was so relaxed and his tone so conversational. When I looked at him I was shocked….simply because the first thing that came to my mind was; there’s our premiership coach, he’s so great….not there’s the coach who got rid of my favorite player and lost us the grand final last year. I actually wanted to cry because I was so happy that the man responsible for coaching us to the 2010 flag was 3 rows away from me. It shocked me and I felt guilty for feeling so much dislike towards him especially when he spoke to us with a most gracious element of respect and we were just students.
People need to remember that Buckley would have learned valuable lessons for Mick while he was assistant coach; we are not doomed under the care of Nathan Buckley.

I did tip the Hawks but I didn’t write us off completely and I was right not to.
The boys played well with the team we had, sure the Hawks ran away a bit in the end but I was happy with some things I saw. Blairy popping up like his old self sneaking goals and Pendles, three votes!
Clokey…oh Clokey is kicking straight really that hard mate?
Dawey…that goal you missed right in front, I think I could have kicked it, what’s going on?!
So if those two sort out that problem along with the rest of the inaccurate goal kicking culprits we will look much better on the scoreboard, not to mention how amazingly cute we will look once our star players are injected back into the team ;)

Bring on the Tigers.

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Jeff Dowsing says

    Mick is respected more as a coach it seems by the media and supporters of other clubs. Methinks Mick has forgotten more about footy than the knockers will ever know.

  2. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Don’t worry Danni, once we get a few players back we’ll be kicking cricket scores this year. I was excited by the Pies new style and it will take a bit of time for the players to get used to it. Don’t forget we played with 16 contributors last night and still got close. Our young guys are still too raw and we need another Ruckman to help Jolly. Can’t see Dawes playing that role well. Plenty to look forward to :)

  3. Jeff- I agree, i guess it is mostly people outside Collingwood especially in the media who respect him the most. My opinion of him has changed but i still want to grill him about not changing that Reid Hawkins matchup….

    Phil, i know :) im really excited to see the boys back just hope hey can kick STRAIGHT again!

  4. Jeff Dowsing says

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing Danni but ultimately Collingwood ran out of petrol tickets and swapping Reid imo would have equated to a 4 goal as opposed to a 6 goal loss. The Pies lost for the same reason last night as GF2011 – they had about 6 players who barely fired a shot.

  5. Rick Kane says

    Hi Danni

    I have no fondness for Malthouse whatsoever but I’ll be damned if I can understand the logic of removing a coach (based on a discussion two years earlier) who has just won a Premiership for a club. In fact, only one of two Premierships that club has secured on 50 years. It doesn’t make sense. I’ll be happy to be corrected, but on the surface and far removed from where-ever these decisions occur, it feels slippery. It has introduced an unnecessary distraction and pressure to the side in a year when, without such a dilemma, it would have been the stand-out Flag favourite. I have spoken with many Pies supporters and I have yet to hear a convincing, let alone compelling explanation for why the Coach swap happened. If it was my side I would have been furious at Buckley. He could have waited another two years. Or tried his luck at another club. Time will tell I guess.

    As for the game. Go Hawks! We had to win that one and we did. Collingwood have some logistic problems. I think their middle 8 players have to show significant improvement. Yes you had some top bench players missing. So did the Hawks. That’s why you need more from the middle 8. Good luck for the season.


  6. Danielle says

    Jeff- I guess so but why chose to play a player that was limping in a grand final? Mick answered this, in his opinion they chosen players were fit to play and there wasn’t anyone else good enough to have replace the team he chose…..i don’t know about you but i would rather have a fit middle ranked player than an injured preferred one.

    Rick- I think it was Eddie’s job to secure Buckley at Collingwood and there probably may have been pressure on Buckley’s part for the handover to occur at that time. Personally i’m very happy to see Buckley coaching us i think he’s footy intellect is on another level to Hird for example.
    Like you said time will tell!
    See you in September ;)

  7. Danielle says

    note to self- never comment on here with the ipod again! so many grammar mistakes in that comment! lol

  8. So Dani, the fit middle ranked player instead of Reid would have been…. Lachlan Keeffe? Simon Buckley? There were no realistic options, even less so because the VFL team had a bye in R22.

    Collingwood had to roll the dice on Reid and Jolly. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Nothing much went right for CFC after R16 last year but I don’t think there were any stones left unturned It was quite an effort to even get to the GF in the end.

  9. Danielle says

    Well looking at how Reid performed (not that he could help it), yes i probably may have risked it and picked Buckley, (I wouldn’t have played him on Hawkins though) he’s got enough games under his belt. Would be interesting to see what may have happened if Mick had replaced Reid or changed the matchup. Oh well, whats done is done! Here’s hoping Nathan can get us another flag :)

  10. Skip of Skipton says

    You were possibly too young to appreciate Malthouse’s coaching ability in taking the ordinary ’02/’03 Collingwood outfits to grand finals. At the start of ’00 when he took over, they were the wooden spooners.
    Collingwood’s effort in the ’02 play off, as the longest of longshots, was remarkable and rousing.

    September came at the wrong time for Collingwood last year, and the right time for Geelong. These things happen, it’s the rub of the green, or the cosmos, whatever. Ben Reid had to play. Why he was left on Hawkins once he started getting rag-dolled is a valid question.

  11. Skip i agree with you about ’02’ and ’03’ i was just far too hurt about the losses and defiantly didn’t have the footy brain to consider how drastically our performances under Malthouse had changed.
    Will be interesting to see how Mick handles his media position when talking about Buckley’s choices.
    He’s already spoken out about Dawes not being second ruck man material…

  12. Skip of Skipton says

    Danni, Malthouse is a hard man to fathom, suss out, etc. If I was a Collingwood supporter I would be pleased with his contribution to the great club.
    He might be cute, but Dawes is not a ruckman, and apart from a few glimpses, not much of a forward. Maybe him and Reid could swap positions?

  13. Skip- Blokes who ruck are’nt supposed to be cute ;)
    lol they need to be rough and tough/bash and crash types, if possible beasts.Dawes is beast and i think he shoud be given a chance in that poistion since Cloke has. Although i do like you’re idea of swapping him into defence…i really like it! :)

  14. Andrew Starkie says


    Malthouse: great coach, great record, probably great bloke.

    But, in my less than expert opinion, he must take a large proportion of the blame for ‘coughing’ up last year’s flag.

    The Pies looked good things halfway through the year, but his constant childish, attention seeking undermining of Bucks and Eddie and the ‘handover’, sucked the energy out of the club and took its focus away from winning games of footy.

    He appeared to forget that two years earlier he accepted the longest, most generous golden handshake in recent football history. One that quietly disappointed many Collingwood people with its kindness. Yet he spent every public opportunity last season pressurizing Bucks and Eddie into tearing up the agreement. In hindsight, the backroom coaching overseeing role, or whatever it was, was never going to work.

    I suspect when Mick signed the agreement, neither he nor the club expected to win a flag. I think they always thought they were a player or two short of Geelong, and maybe even Hawthorn. But, as happens, everything fell into place in 2010 and Mick suddenly appeared to be enjoying coaching again as well as looking healthy and fit. And maybe he thought with a bit of a nudge, Bucks would move aside for another year.

    To his credit, Bucks kept his own counsel and honoured his contract. I suspect Eddie simply grew tired of Mick, and realized having him around the club in 2012 would be more trouble than good, so they came to a ‘mutual agreement’ and he left.

    Bottom line: Mick’s ego got in the way. He’s just a man.

  15. Tomahawk is a ruckman Danni. How cute is he? Check Vardy out as well.

  16. Andrew, a very thoughtout process of opnion there :)
    I agree the coaching handover drama would not have helped us at all, no matter how much they tried
    to tone it down infront of the media.
    My Dad was saying the other day that if Mick had won that second flag for us there’s no way they would let him go if he was on a roll. i disagree it was always going to happen, a contract is a contract.

    Phantom- Hawkins belongs on the Catwalks of Milan, bit of a waste of pretty talent in a footy jumper dontcha think? send him off ey :P

  17. Andrew Starkie says

    Dani, no one has ever said that to me before: ”a very thoughtout process of opinion’. How sweet.

    When I saw Mick roaming the boundary on Friday night he reminded me of Warney. And Richo, and Lingy, and etc, etc. Some men just can’t let go of the limelight. That ego thing again.

    I’m sure if I’m ever in the limelight, I’ll find it difficult to let go. Think I’m pretty safe.

  18. Danielle says

    lol Andrew it truly is, you should go back to uni get yourself
    a journo degree..and with your detailed thoughtout opinion process possibly then fall into the limelight :P

    i know what you mean, he seems like a very proud bloke…who knows
    if you look properly you might see him hidden trying to get orders out to the boys in the huddle…
    i know for a fact that Daisy missed his pre-game kick to kick with him.

  19. Andrew?



  20. Danni,

    I reckon if the big (suited up) Tom Cat rocked up to your door with a bunch of flowers, for your mum, in one hand and a bowl of his mum’s grand final pasta, to share with you, in the other you would melt.

    Nothing Milan catwalk about our Tom.

  21. Rick Kane says

    Hawkins? Milan catwalk? More like a walk on part in Village of the Dammed. It’s those eyes. If they were on a portrait on the wall of a large haunted mansion that the Scooby Doo gang were investigating, they would follow Shaggy and Scooby Doo as they walked through the dimly lit room, freaking them out man.


  22. Danielle says

    Phantom- nah im not into blonds lol

    lol Rick crazy analogy, must disagree with you he is pretty.

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