Crazy Pies

Now we all know that each footy club has it regular clowns but when it comes to Collingwood we are talking about a whole new level of craziness. First off I have a confession to make, I’m writing this piece right now instead of working on my sports media and sports development assignments; however this piece kinda ties in with both those subjects so surely I’m off the hook? :P

With the talk these days being about the draft and trade week, yadda-yadda…BORING! No offence but seriously I was so bored without footy and this trade shizz doesn’t really do it for me. So I was watching the blooper video on the Collingwood website of the weekly Black and White show and I laughed so much, my Mum came running though the house to make sure I was still breathing. We ladies take much delight in this weekly segment, players often reveal interesting things; how else did we know Steele Sidebottom is single?!

Collingwood fanatic Jemma thought the video was really funny saying that “the boys have so much fun making the shows and the bloopers are proof.”

It’s always good to see a less serious side to our boys, even if it is crazy.

This blooper video was absolutely hilarious! The main culprit that left me in stitches was Heath Shaw. The players always go on about how annoying Heath is but I think he has such a cute personality, yes he can be stupid at time but in the end, he’s funny-cute. One of the funniest Heath moments starts at 2:24, Cloke and Reid are laughing hysterically, Harry O is fist pumping, and then the camera pans to Heath who joins in with an “AHAHHAHAHAHA-HAHAHHAHAH!” ohmygod LMAOOO!!

I was gone, head on desk, pissing myself laughing, it called for a rewind about 3 times! Heath’s laugh was pretty much Sponge-bob Squarepants-esk! At 00:53 Heath has a classic ‘eat off the microphone padding’ while sporting a cute fringe down Bieber quiff – freakin hilarious!

Dane Swan was up to his usual tricks, bearing a toothless grin, which looked scarily weird, matched with his inkage.

Harry O and Daisy were subtle showing off their dance moves in the background while players were being interviewed. Daisy at one point hitching up his shorts to his arm pits for that extra LOLLL!!! factor. Let’s not forget the Daisy squeal at 2:29… seriously Daisy what the fudge!?

Another ripper captured moment was the dramatic zoom in on Alan Toovey’s possum eyes. They really are possum-ish!

Jarryd Blair’s ADORABLE chuckle at 1:15 was squeal-worthy, so cute Jazzyyy!!! :)

Last but not least came the- ‘WHAT THE HELL’ moment, a reenactment of the ‘footy, pie, footy, pie, footy, pie’ advertisement by Didak, Wellingham, Thomas…yep my Collingwood Boys are officially CRAZY, but I wouldn’t want it any other way :)

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  1. Looks like feeding time at the zoo Danni.

  2. In that case, i want to be a zoo keeper!!! :)

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