Radio Dimwit

It’s 8:40am.

I’m like a zombie walking through the Agora, back to the West Lecture Theatre.

Still feeling half asleep dodging on coming uni students with a large coffee, 3 sugars in hand I have the look of a killer on my face. I’m not a morning person, I can’t handle 9:00am lectures- my brain doesn’t even function until 2:00pm anyway!

I’m angry.

Angry about the fact I should have gone to bed earlier. Angry that I didn’t bother wearing anything prettier. Angry that my yr 12 bags seem to now be permanent under my eyes. Angry that my 9:00am lecture is a Statistics one, and most importantly I’m REALLY ANGRY at the guy who called SEN and commented about Nick Maxwell.


On the way to uni Dad and I listen to SEN and have a chat about footy.

I tell him I got 8 in my footy tips; he’s impressed I picked the Tigers over the Swans, an upset I had felt brewing since Tuesday.

Then Andy Maher puts through a caller, a self professed ‘passionate Collingwood supporter.’ I put up the volume;

He says there’s one player who the other players have been carrying all year, who hasn’t been doing enough, he’s talking about Nick Maxwell.

“YOU IDIOT! Listen to him, he’s an idiot!”

I was yelling at the radio, Dad was laughing at my reaction.

Since when have all the other players been carrying our CAPTAIN? He’s the glue in the backline structure, the extra man who runs to assist in a spoil, he goes in harder than anyone in the team AND he’s our FRIGGIN CAPTAIN!!!! You idiot.

The caller then goes on to say that if we bring him back in after injury he will…wait for it… COST US THE FLAG! –

“Are you SERIOUS! YOU A SUCH AN IDIOT, he’s got no idea what he’s talking about Dad, did you hear him?!”

My blood was boiling, I wanted to call SEN and tell him to grow a brain, get his eyes checked, ask him about his IQ!

Nick Maxwell, cost us a flag based on form?! Hahahhahahahhahaha. -_-

What an idiot.


About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. I bet they aren’t carrying Maxwell Danni.

  2. John Butler says

    Odds on they aren’t Phanto.

    Is there still a cinema at the Agora Danni?

    Or has that gone the way of many other student union activities?

    Don’t function until 2 in the arvo? You’re sounding like a uni student there Danni. :)

  3. Further Danni,

    down at Kardinia Park we love our Captains. The current one is especially cute and cuddly.

    Is there a posibility that Shaw will come back in for the finals and replace Maxwell? Stranger things have happened in footy.

  4. Saw a doco on SBS about the human body clock. Studies have shown that it is biological that people aged between 13 and 21 need to go to bed later and wake up later. So strong were the results infact that there are movements in the UK, Canada and the US to restructure high school times so that students do their heavy thinking in the afternoon.

    Danni, not sure if you listen to SEN in the afternoons, but Ox suggests the whole Collingwood backline is not as good as it was last year (Harry down in form, Maxwell and Toovey and Brown and Shaw missing big chunks of the season).

    Not sure if that’s the case or not, but they haven’t needed to be anyway because the Pies mids and forwards are so strong that the backline is under pressure less often than other teams.

  5. Andrew Fithall says

    Danni – Stay away from talk-back radio. Why waste your time listening to the opinions of people whom you wouldn’t engage in conversation in a normal environment. Particularly when they make ridiculous statements and you are unable to respond because of the nature of the medium. All you will end up doing is yelling at the radio… which is what happened. As soon as talk-back commences, immediately turn the radio to another station.

    Phantom – you are a little confused. How can Maxwell replace Shaw when Maxwell is out of the team because of injury and Maxwell will be avalable either at the same time as or later than Shaw’s return? So, I suppose the answer is “there is no possibility”.

  6. AF,

    the finals selection meeting room is a very fickle forum.

    Personally I hope he is available. Shaw is much more effective in your spring board attack. Every little bit helps in an under dog club’s persuit if a premiership.

    (Getting exciting isn’t it?)

  7. Morning all :)

    Phantom- they only carry Maxwell when he reaches a milestone game and he’s not the only player that gets that treatment :P

    JB-Yes the Agora theater and cinema are still alive and well. :)
    Ive never been able to function before 2pm.

    Phantom- i like Bartel better…but my all time favorite is Mooney, he’s the cuddleyest of them all!! :)

    Pete- exactly our midfield is taking off so much pressure PLUS having Davis back there helps a heap too! Atleast you know what you are talking about.

    Andrew- Most of the time i enjoy listening to it. Im already in the habit of yelling at Robert Walls when he’s on tv… -__- cant stand the man.

  8. Andrew Starkie says

    Aaah, the Agora. used to spend hours watching the worlf go by.

    Don’t worry, Dani. Mick will bring him back for the finals.

    Interesting though, I have spoken to a few Magpie fans this season who have been critical of him.

    How quickly they forget. Footy is cruel.

  9. Dave Nadel says

    Danni, Andrew is right. You are either going to have to grow a thicker skin or stop listening to talk back radio and reading websites.

    Collingwood supporters have to put up with Magpie haters (including some on this website that I could mention) We also have to put up with some of the less loveable supporters of our own team. You were or used to be a member of Nick’s Magpie Bulletin Board (I still am) and would be aware of the group of Nicksters who spent years bagging Mick and his game plan, Eddie for not sacking Mick, and many of the players for implementing Mick’s game plan. Some of them didn’t even have the grace to admit that they were wrong after the Pies won the flag last year.

    There is a bloke who sits near me in the Ponsford stand who spends 80% of his time bagging Collingwood players and the remaining 20% bagging the umpires. (He hasn’t time to attack the opposition). He is still complaining about the fact that Collingwood attacks around the flanks rather than playing through the middle even though we won last year’s flag attacking round the flanks.

    Ignore them all, Danni. You know who the best football team is and you know who the best players are in that team. Ignore the idiots.


  10. a large coffee with a killer look ….

  11. Hey Andrew, didn’t know you were a Latrober back in the day :P
    Yeah Mick has pretty much made it clear Maxy will have a place in the team if he’s recovered well.
    I think most people are forgetting how handy it is having Davis down back and lets not forget how well Reid and Tarrant are playing- all Maxy needs do is make sure its running smoothly and double up on a key forward for a spoil- no wonder he hasn’t had as much influence, its because all backline players are pulling their own weight.

    Dave- i know what you mean, but sometimes i cant help getting angry about what some people say.
    Didn’t like Nicks BB started to make me hate our own supporters so i haven’t bothered going back and don’t intend on it. One member even messaged me saying he’d copped it a few times for his views and stopped going on for a while. Its not pretty getting mixed up with your own crowd, plus the folk on here are far more understanding and much nicer :)

    Mulcaster- Funny, i love my sugar in my coffee almost as much as that coffee lady ;)

  12. Finals footy is tough, and those “rushed back in” have been exposed in the past. Perhaps something to ponder:
    * Heath Shaw back in the side after a long lay-off without match conditioning
    * Leon’s previous finals’ record
    * Nick Maxwell coming back in after what could be described as “not his best season”
    * And Toovey?

    I’m only really bringing this up as it’s been a “slow news day”.

    #justsayin (as the kids would say!)

    That is all

    PS: I did hear yesterday that the Collingwood doctor had been issued with a hammer should he think that Maxy’s thumb is on the improve. Would save tough selection-table decisions.

    PPS: Gee, Jack Anthony would be handy back there.

  13. I was a common sight sitting on the Agora lawn from 1983 – 86. Especially when my lectures were on.

  14. Arma- Im sure Heath and Maxy will adapt just fine, we have an Altitude room at the club, who has that!? but yeah they should be fine, especially Maxy.
    Jack is on the Twitter wagon, sadly he doesn’t tweet too often :(

    GIGS!!!! :D gee so many Almanacers seem to be ex-Latrobers :)
    me and my friend skipped our lecture last week, although it doesn’t make me much of a rebel since i already had the notes down the day before lol.

  15. “…we have an Altitude room at the club…”

    At Footscray, we need an ATTITUDE room.

  16. lmfao :P im just saying!!! although you are may also need a “How to make the grandfinal room” or a “we need a new coach room” what do ya think?

  17. And now a very recent twitter reply from the Captain himself! :D

    @maxy_5 Nick Maxwell

    @Dicksaris @madamedeficit9 thanks guys appreciate all your support!
    46 minutes ago

  18. Danni, at the risk of ruining your perception that I know what I’m talking about, I thionk Leon has been the biggest beneficiary of your mids and forwards being so strong in contested ball. He’s able to run around an play on his own terms without the physical pressure on him that he got as a forward.

    Varcoe from Geelong may well be the same.

    It will be interesting to see how Leon goes if an opposition team can actually dominate the stoppages and put significant and prolonged pressure on the Magpies defence.

  19. YIKES! looks like i really was right about the Bulldogs getting a “we need a new coach room” :s

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