footy players and the flirty threat they pose to females

You know what we young ladies love about our Collingwood boys? We love the way they treat us fans. I am not just talking a photo opportunity here and there, the tweet replies or the autographs, no im talking about how they really let lose around the fans, especially the baby Magpies. Now readers, especially the males ones im asking you to

temporarily tap into the female mind…


Imagine at the fun age of a young uni student, after a VFL game finding yourself in a room full of Collingwood players all piled on top of a couch, and im not talking about the oldies.

Its every female’s DREAM I tell you! Then imagine after asking one of these Magpies for a photo you get invited to join the Collingwood pancake and the next thing u know you’re sitting on a Collingwood player’s lap for possibly the best two minutes of your life…oh yeah and the photo opp.

Before you ask, no the lucky female in question was not me it was a friend of mine, but seriously god I love those boys. Embracing the fans like their own team mates, that’s what you like to see. These days the young players seem to have their noses up higher than the Malfoys walking past the Weasley family, but this doesn’t seem to be the case at Magpie Land :p


New recruits, still only playing in the VFL side probably drop the fact that they play footy to every single female they meet, why? Because it works!

The simple fact that they are footy players is unbelievably attractive to the female mind, heck even some of the male footy tragics on here have a man crush on Ablett or Judd.

In my mind footy players are still more attractive than soccer, cricket or rugby players, its all in the body type and the chance that you might get go to a Brownlow night lol. When asked how I could possibly find footy players attractive I turn the question around, how could I not find footy players attractive?! They play footy while looking like models ranging from when they wear nothing but shorts on the recovery beach session, to when they arrive to a game in their trackie-dackies! It’s simply impossible for females not to find footy players attractive.


Just to highlight the theory even more, after Katie tweeted the photo all us girls went into ‘OMG WHY WASN’T THAT ME!!??’ mode and even though he probably meant the gesture in the most innocent way, the cute baby Magpie mentioned became even more desirable for two reasons.

1-     The fact that he’s a Collingwood footy player was again brought to attention.

2-     He was happy to invite a fan to join the players and sit on his lap for a quick fun photo.

Together this made a deadly combination and his twitter mentions were flooded with adoration and ‘I’m jealous can I get a photo with you like that too?’ tweets. Heck im still

Kicking myself for not asking Paul Medhurst for a hug three years later!

The young Magpie copped a bit of flack from his team mates but that was overshadowed by appreciation of his actions. Lets just say, I wouldn’t be surprised if the attendance to the next VFL match rivals an MCG Collingwood home game crowd  ;)



About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Shame on you Danni.

    As a middle aged father of two daughters your story strikes terror through my bones.

    (Where’s the proof?)

  2. I was out at a club last Thursday night and a rather wild and boystrous Collingwood Football Club showed up.

    You’d be filthy you missed them, Dani!

  3. Jamie Simmons says

    “Totes” understand where you’re coming from Danielle. I’ve been trying to find out where the Qld Firebirds hang out post-game, for some couch based frivolity, for some time now. Assuming of course they’d enjoy having a bald, 40 year old man draped across them like a hairless rug. Who am I kidding? Of course they would!

  4. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Hi Danni,

    I noticed you haven’t mentioned Jack Anthony. Does this mean you are finally over him? I think Ross Lyon is.
    I went to the VFL and got a close look at Jackson Paine. I think he will become a pin up and he played a great game on Saturday. Watch out for no 33…

  5. Came second to the Zebras though Phil.

  6. Joffa would look ‘real cute’ sitting on a players knee in a short skirt with that platinum wig Danni.

  7. Phantom, i wrote this piece pretty late so i couldn’t ask for the photo haha
    and as for your last comment who would wear a skirt to any sort of footy game anyway? :s
    Jeans/shorts are the way to go :P

    Cath, i have heard many footy clubbing stories especially about Richmond players from my mate James. weirdly Trent Cotchin is never one of those players as he doesn’t go out much, yet he’s one of the most attractive!

    Phil i will NEVER get over Jack! lol he had such a shocking game and he seems to have my temper…
    after a few blunders his kick at goal was a blunder and a half. im surprised he didnt knock out the trainer who came on to get him off the ground. The commentators and camera man killed me though, yes he’s been subbed and you’ve pointed it out three times now please STFU!
    very annoying. Funny you mention Paine :P and ive heard very good things about him too.

  8. Best moment of my life…. well at least the week. :D hahah

  9. Hi Danielle,one of the best things about Ross Lyon going is the end of the bubble and a change in the clubs attitude to fans. Now we have lots of access to our hunks, even for a middle age tart like me. I’ve cuddled Watters twice, and have lots of photos of me and the boys. Loving it. Its a great gift they give their supporters. I keep thinking though, these boys are the age of my kids! Watters is at least not SON material!

    Funny article.


  10. Nice Danni,

    Gees if footy players are so attractive, why don’t I have a girlfriend? hahaha ;)

  11. KATIEEE!!! :p

    Yvette- isn’t it great?! Watters is very cute ;) haha

    Cobba- keep dropping the ‘i play footy’ line im telling you it will work!

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