Talk about luck

An assignment for the Anzac Day match…not fun but I have to go there… due 8:30pm night of the match.

I have been sick for a ridiculous two weeks, some sort of flu that went away for a bit but then came back even worse after my second day back at uni. Go figure.

This meant a trip to the doctors. I hate doctors. Anyway, I came back with a mountain of cough lollies, cough syrup and cold and flu tables with a warning- “they’ll knock you out.”

Knock me out? GOOD! I haven’t slept for five days! -.-

And then we come to today- wireless keyboard in lap, word document open, tissue box to the left, cough lollies and tea with honey to the right, it’s game time which means it’s assignment time!

Notice the cuteness overload in the lineup during the national anthem, Blairy standing next to bodaycious Greek God Nathan Brown who was standing next to bachelor number three, Alex ‘So Fresh’ Fasolo.

I’m pretty sure I heard the fluttering of black and white female hearts all around Australia at the scene. Why are these Collingwood boys so ridiculously good-looking? And in uniform side by side like soldiers with the Last Post playing through the MCG. They are a team, comrades, an army and that’s how they played!

The Pies were ahead at all breaks and no matter how much Essendon were able to hold on the troops still had the upper hand. It was a fierce battle, physical from the first bounce to the final siren and I, making running notes on the game for my match report uni assignment, had to try and keep composed, level headed and, for the sake of my already sore throat, quiet.

But being quiet didn’t mean I couldn’t jump up and down waving tissues as pom-poms.

Let’s just cut to the chase shall we? Jarryd Freakin’ Blair! What a goal! What luck!

What can I say? Big goals do come from small packages :P

Small, cute, number-eleven wearing packages!

Mind you, all of these details were not included in my uni assignment. In those assignments I’m forced to write like a, in my words, ‘robot journalist’, meaning that if you read my piece and another students’ you wouldn’t be able to tell who wrote which.

Lucky for me I have the Almanac to vent my real thoughts and feelings  :P

What was with that stupid video recall on Goldsack’s goal? Dude, it was A GOAL but no, just give it a point. Just because you’re unsure, let us suffer. Yeah, I like that logic! -.-  arghhhhh.

Lucky for them they managed to get the video recall on Blairy’s winning goal right, even though I knew it was a bloody goal and didn’t need a computer to tell me!

And so we won the game by ONE POINT! At one point I may have needed medical attention but they got there! At ten to seven I opened the page to submit my assignment only to see that the dead line had been changed to…7:00pm! I quickly uploaded it confused – surely there’s been a mistake. Just last night it said 8:30pm. Oh well, lucky I’d finished early, lucky we’d won.





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Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Danni,

    that Blair person is like a little black ant in the green jelly pudding at a picnic.

    Hamo (the good looking Wynyard player you identified – they are all good looking) has just been selected in the Tassy State under 23 team. He may be playing in Victoria in a month.

    Phantom Introduction Agency is available for services at ‘Knacker’ mates rates.

  2. Naw i love Blairy!!! :)
    lol Phantom, yes i agree there were a few good looking ones but whats with the rush
    to match me up?

  3. Danni,

    you just need a break from Melbourne, more specifically Collingwood. Get over to Tassie with the great life style out of the rat race with one of the local swoons.

    I am thinking of your future. We have journalists, shopping, coffee and good food over here and we have ……………..Cadburys.

  4. “Lucky for me I have the Almanac to vent my real thoughts and feelings.”

    We’re lucky to have you doing that, Danni. Great stuff!

  5. Lol whats wrong with the Melbourne guys?
    Darn it Phantom you can’t use Cadbury chocolate against me like that, its my weakness! :( lol

  6. Naw, I LOVE YOU GIGS :p (obviously since im your favourite )

  7. Danni,

    if you think mentioning Cadburys is mean then google in ‘Anvers Chocolate”.

    That is down right despicable.

    The Orange Fudge is to die for. It is on a par with that Travis Varcoe goal in the last 1/4 of the GF. Yum, yum, yum.

    Better even than Mrs Hawkins pasta sauce.

  8. lol until you have Nick Bracks, i ain’t budging :P

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