Round 5 – Carlton v Collingwood: The past is a lie, memory has no return

It’s 2050. In a crumbling world, a wistful old man comforts his granddaughter with tales of the Collingwood rhythm section of Pendlebury and Swan. E.regnans – what is memory, anyway?

Is this the season for the drought to end?

    I’ve hit record button on Foxtel for the Cats v Swans game and headed off to Port Melbourne to see if my VFL side can win 18 on the trot and remain undefeated in the main season.   Its been a while since I have not made the trip down Princes Highway for [Read more]

I want my Mummy

I have a soft spot for the Swans.  I’m sure many people do. My dad was a Bloods man, and his stories of Pratt and Skilton kept me spellbound as a youngster. They were my unofficial “second side”. It became official when they moved to Sydney. Purely on romantic terms, the Swans were, of all [Read more]

29 wins and (no longer) counting

  by Vin Maskell What’s that old adage about journalism? Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Or, in the case of the Geelong Advertiser last weekend, never let the results of a footy match get in the way of a rather confident celebratory newspaper special edition poster.  

The road to North Nitch

  by Callum O’Connor I have no doubt the coverage particularly in NSW and Queensland, will be enhanced on a national basis which will be great for our supporters. ANDREW DEMETRIOU   I called all my brothers and uncles and aunts, and I said, “Listen here! Here’s a wonderful chance for the whole Once-Ler Family [Read more]

the splintered pack

  12 goals clear Krakouer kicks the last on impulse     spring petals — Cloke plucks one close to home     Sandilands jumps — the splintered pack releases the goal sneak     the many paths life takes us peppering the goals     Swan sets off everyone left behind     winter’s [Read more]

Here we go again

What a difference a week makes. Cartoon by Yvette Wroby.


It was with a great deal of confidence that I selected North Melbourne in the various tipping comps in which I am involved. I didn’t even stop to give a second thought to St. Kilda getting up. How could I have been so stupid? The signs were all there: Riewoldt being skewered by the commentators [Read more]

Swans a sleeping giant waking up?

  by Tom Bally There’s days when it seems everyone writes the Swans off.  Almost every week us Bloods fans are subjected to a barrage of negativity ranging from sly backhander comments to almost outright disgust that we’re even allowed to be part of the league.  Therefore it came as no surprise when the ‘experts’ [Read more]

A Good Weekend of Footy

Two games of footy, one local and one AFL, the weather is great, what more could you want on a weekend?  With all the necessary jobs done on the Saturday morning it was on the bike for a short ride  to one of my favourite grounds, the Brunswick Street Oval, home of the Fitzroy Football [Read more]

Fortress K.P.

By Chris Bracher I have been going there for forty years. I lived in Winchelsea and Kardinia Park was my “local” VFL ground. Once a year I would persuade my less than enthusiastic Dad to take me to see my beloved red and white play. South was never much good when I was a kid [Read more]


WHERE LIFE IMITATES SPORT What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Pies, acting on instructions from the RSVPA’s Dr Hugh Wirth, helped euthanize The Long Suffering over at Fremantle.  The Leafblowers were howling as Buddy piled on an unassailable lead in The Coleman while his team introduced Coach Williams to caretaking at the [Read more]

The other Suns

    The Suns are playing the Demons at the G.   I would have been there but a freaky wall of the most horribly foul weather kept my plane from taking off.   So it’s for two reasons I’m thrilled to hear the Suns Reserves are taking on Mt Gravatt Vultures in an NEAFL [Read more]

September? Let the narrative be complicated.

August 29 and there is a hint of green on the birch and the possums have eaten every pink blossom off the peach tree. This has the potential to be a superb September, a writer’s treat. Sport always gives us stories, many of them wonderful, but this September promises a stack of possible complications. I [Read more]

Pies say no to derailment of finals aspirations and why purple doesn’t make black or white

By George Habib As I said goodbye to many Melbourne supporters at Mt Hotham on Friday afternoon I decided that a blanket ban on football columnist is a necessity over the next six weeks. Could there be more of a focus on the ‘kirribilli’ agreement between Malthouse and Bucks? I don’t read the Hun but [Read more]


Eagles V Lions at the Gabba; Saturday night27 August 2011 By Peter Baulderstone I hate the divisiveness and rancor of public life and what passes for debate in our society.  Carbon tax, refugees, sleaze, greed and opportunism.  Leave me out of it.  When we have so much – wealth, opportunity and social safety nets.  How [Read more]

No expectations…no worries

No expectations….no worries  (or from the toilet to the sky –a super performance)   With the press in full flight this week of doom and gloom for St.Kilda, and North Melbourne’s  good performances, Saints fans like me were quite reluctant to feel any confidence.  A good six weeks after a nightmare year, a run in [Read more]

Jack Attack pride

That awkward moment when Freo names my Jack Anthony to play against my Collingwood boys. Friday, half time during my sports media Kerr lecture, chatting to the guys in my sports development group i admit my nervousness. – “i think i may have a heart attack tonight.” The guys probably assumed i was overexagerating, but [Read more]

North left to think of the future

  I can remember sitting at the computer, staring blankly at a word-document sheet in the early hours of Easter last year. My eyes were sore. I remember dabbing my eyelids with wet fingers to keep them open. North Melbourne had just been thrashed by St Kilda. 104 points. We were hopeless, they were irrepressible. [Read more]

How could the Cats lose at home?

27th August 2011 Geelong v’s Sydney Skilled Stadium – 2.10 pm Matthew Clark   “What did I do wrong??” “What do you mean??” “Well, we never lose at Geelong.  Someone must have done something wrong.  Maybe it was me!!” Could it be that us turning up to the game 3 minutes late unsettled the Cats?  [Read more]