Round 5 – Carlton v Collingwood: The past is a lie, memory has no return

It’s 2050. In a crumbling world, a wistful old man comforts his granddaughter with tales of the Collingwood rhythm section of Pendlebury and Swan. E.regnans – what is memory, anyway?

Here we go again

What a difference a week makes. Cartoon by Yvette Wroby.


It was with a great deal of confidence that I selected North Melbourne in the various tipping comps in which I am involved. I didn’t even stop to give a second thought to St. Kilda getting up. How could I have been so stupid? The signs were all there: Riewoldt being skewered by the commentators [Read more]

No expectations…no worries

No expectations….no worries  (or from the toilet to the sky –a super performance)   With the press in full flight this week of doom and gloom for St.Kilda, and North Melbourne’s  good performances, Saints fans like me were quite reluctant to feel any confidence.  A good six weeks after a nightmare year, a run in [Read more]

North left to think of the future

  I can remember sitting at the computer, staring blankly at a word-document sheet in the early hours of Easter last year. My eyes were sore. I remember dabbing my eyelids with wet fingers to keep them open. North Melbourne had just been thrashed by St Kilda. 104 points. We were hopeless, they were irrepressible. [Read more]