the splintered pack

  12 goals clear Krakouer kicks the last on impulse     spring petals — Cloke plucks one close to home     Sandilands jumps — the splintered pack releases the goal sneak     the many paths life takes us peppering the goals     Swan sets off everyone left behind     winter’s [Read more]

Pies say no to derailment of finals aspirations and why purple doesn’t make black or white

By George Habib As I said goodbye to many Melbourne supporters at Mt Hotham on Friday afternoon I decided that a blanket ban on football columnist is a necessity over the next six weeks. Could there be more of a focus on the ‘kirribilli’ agreement between Malthouse and Bucks? I don’t read the Hun but [Read more]

Jack Attack pride

That awkward moment when Freo names my Jack Anthony to play against my Collingwood boys. Friday, half time during my sports media Kerr lecture, chatting to the guys in my sports development group i admit my nervousness. – “i think i may have a heart attack tonight.” The guys probably assumed i was overexagerating, but [Read more]