Almanac Bush Footy: The Yeppoon Swans – on the verge of history

While the AFL finals begin this weekend, a little club called Yeppoon up in central Queensland will try to win a record-breaking 89th straight game when they play for a sixth straight premiership.

A rags to riches story: Dromana re-writes NPNFL football history in 2018/19

Dromana are a current fairytale story in the NPNFL, having won a Division 2 and then a Division 1 flag in consecutive years. But the club wasn’t always so successful, as Roger Spaull recounts in a look back to the dreaded 1997 season where football records were smashed in all of the worst ways.

Almanac (Footy) Life: Folly In The Goalsquare

Five years after he’d retired from ammos footy, Smokie Dawson gets the call from TR, the coach of Willy CY’s reserves. Here’s what happened. [This is a piece from ‘Footy Town’, a collection of stories about country, suburban and amateur footy – Ed]

Almanac Footy Memoir: Worse Than This

In spite of the mud, the lashing rain, and the whipping gales, John Gordon misses those winter footy Saturdays.

Life Speeds Up

Time has changed for Old Dog. But some things remain the same.

Short (footy) films from country Victoria – Part 3: by Malcolm McKinnon

The last series of videos that make up Malcolm McKinnon’s short film collection on Victorian country football.

Short (footy) films from country Victoria – Part 1: by Malcolm McKinnon

Some time back, Malcolm McKinnon turned his film-making skills to country footy. Here are nine short films.

Footy Town

Footy Town: Stories of Australia’s Game is out now.

Read the blurb and Daff’s foreword to this collection of 48 local footy yarns.

Almanac Local Footy – Community football: Nothing better

Anne Cahill Lambert fulfilled her duties as an aunt on a cold Canberra day, trekking down to Phillip Oval to watch her niece compete for an improbable Grand Final berth.


A terrific piece by Matt Zurbo on the inception of the Dodges Ferry Colts (in Tassie), a side that has given the senior club a youthful boost.

VAFA B Section – Fitzroy v Something Important: A Moment

Local footy is a great leveller, a community of compassion, where empathy is openly displayed no matter your standing in life, as Phil Hill’s day at footy so clearly demonstrates.

Almanac Local Footy – A season at Banyule: Friends, fun and some fine football

Sean Mortell has enjoyed his time playing footy at Banyule, experiencing all the highs and lows associated with being a part of a local sporting club and showing how important sporting clubs are to healthy community life.

Henry and the Jets: The Underfish

They’re a different mob at Heathmont – there’s a refreshing honesty about who they are and where they’re at. Henry Ballard takes us inside the mindset of the club.

Henry and the Jets: Heathmont, romanticised.

Buildings come and buildings go, but it’s what they’re about and what they mean that counts. Deakin Uni student Henry Ballard takes a romantic’s perspective of all that matters about Heathmont’s H.E. Parker Reserve.

Almanac Local Footy: One of many places in the Melbourne suburbs on a Sunday winter afternoon…

Sean Mortell tells the story of a transformed young footballer and a classic muddy match between Hillside and Aberfeldie.

Footy final, by ferry

Being ferried (for free) to a footy final was a first for Peter Sweeney.

The centre circle

The centre circle, where Paul stands among long shadows and watches the sky grow dark. Where his breathing slows, and his fingers freeze. Where his soul arrives without a sound and settles at his feet, and he knows he is home again. That’s what football does to you.

Almanac Local Footy – AFL Capricornia: I love this coaching caper!

Mick Jeffrey is now a footy coach; coaching reserve grade Aussie Rules in Far North Queensland at Brothers AFC in the AFL Capricornia. How is he going?

VAFA – B Section: Old Brighton v Fitzroy

Stephen Fenton takes a look at the local game between Fitzroy and Old Brighton

A real flood report… oh, and a footy update.

Here’s a report from Up North where the flood is no big deal – it’s just part of life. There’s some big footy news as well. [Hope this strikes a chord Down South Mick – JTH]