Tom Cannon can almost smell September.

AFL Round 20 – Sydney v Collingwood: Watch out September, the sleeping giant has awoken

Pies fan Siobhan Calafiore has a feeling something is about to happen. It’s the first time she has felt this way all year. She now believes anything could happen.

AFL Round 13 – Western Bulldogs v Richmond: Toying with the F word

The F word is rearing its ugly head again and causing untold trauma to Richmond fans everywhere, Cheryl Critchley included.

AFL Round 2 – St.Kilda v Richmond: When holidays go wrong

John Green is re-assessing the timing of his annual leave. He is a Tigers fan.

September? Let the narrative be complicated.

August 29 and there is a hint of green on the birch and the possums have eaten every pink blossom off the peach tree. This has the potential to be a superb September, a writer’s treat. Sport always gives us stories, many of them wonderful, but this September promises a stack of possible complications. I [Read more]