The worst ‘second on the ladder’ side ever?

Pete Edwards is a Cats fan who can’t believe that his team is sitting second on the ladder. But he’ll take it.

AFL Round 4 – Sydney v Geelong: Footy is kicking goals again

Pete Edwards says fast and attacking football is now being spotted on a regular basis, even at games involving teams coached by poster boys of the defence-is-everything academy. He is pleased.

AFL Round 2 – Geelong v North Melbourne: A new kind of old

“How did we win that one?” Cats fans asked after the game against North. With plenty of dash, says Pete Edwards.

It’s a very odd thing

Pete Edwards thinks his way through the prospects of the Geelong Football Club in 2013.

It’s official: bad sportsmanship is OK

Pete Edwards believes the recent inquiry into the “failure” of the Australian swimming team actually endorsed bad sportsmanship.

Almanac Rugby League – Raiders take wind out of Storm and rain on party

There’s something about, and nothing like, an impromptu game of park footy, or soccer, or rugby or cricket or any sport for that matter. Kardinia Park was much like that on Friday night when the Storm hosted the Raiders for a pre-season jaunt.

The World Game’s a Riot

Pete Edwards believes that when it comes to world sports, rioting, violence and thuggery on a consistent basis (even if on a small scale) is unique to soccer culture. So what is it about soccer that creates conflict?

How to be sexist and get away with it

Pete Edwards says the First Bloke walked a fine line during his recent talk on men’s health ‘s but the response was over the top. (This article is tongue in cheek.)

Faster, higher, stronger

Pete Edwards believes a chemically-assisted “Olympics” would be a huge success. Let the freaks run!

AFL Grand Final: Winning the games that count

Cats fan Pete Edwards took solace in the misery of Hawthorn supporters following their Grand Final loss.

Tanking is no way to the top

Tanking – the term given to suspected ‘game throwing’ by teams looking to improve their position in end of season drafts – has been a staple topic of conversation towards the end of recent home and away seasons. The general consensus is that tanking does happen, and the premise as to why it happens is [Read more]

Gambling Review

The Footy Show is a WYSIWYG affair. It’s jocular and jovial, often irreverent, and sometimes controversial. It also has segments and moments, however, where it takes on a serious air. I don’t watch it religiously anymore, but decided to tune in last night to see what I thought would be one of those serious moments: [Read more]

There is something simmering at Tigerland

Lunch with the boys is always something to look forward to. As with most groups there is much good natured ribbing and laughter. The “ribbing” is usually started by Nuf, a Tigers man. “The Cats will struggle this year,” he might say. “Don’t care,” Diesel might reply with a smirk.  “I can die happy.” “What [Read more]

Caviar for two

Caviar for two It’s Saturday morning and there’s but one thing on my mind: Black Caviar. I don’t buy into the baloney about her being the greatest racehorse of all time. Seventeen emphatic wins in a row is impressive; very impressive. But they have all been sprints! If someone were to say to me, “Usain [Read more]

The cost of free speech

I can’t remember the exact season, but suspect it was 1993. The game had barely begun when a stick-like bloke a couple of rows in front and a few seats to the left started, and virtually didn’t stop. Every play the Cats made was loudly criticised, and every Cats player demeaned, and all with a [Read more]


by Peter Edwards   Pre-season training in full swing. The boys are back and all sweating. Running hard and doing weights, Speed and strength they elevate. Blues got brown in Middle East, In regal grounds, they trained in peace. And from the cave the Hawks emerge, September demons have been purged. Bored with schoolies, surf [Read more]

For success, just add a dash

  by Pete Edwards It was a pleasant day for June. The Cats’ form had been fluctuating wildly, and they were coming off a draw at home against Brisbane the week before.  The game against the Bulldogs that afternoon was a must-win. To beat the rush, I got to Kardinia Park early to watch the [Read more]

I saw red

During a Cats home game towards the end of the 2001 season, I made a bold prediction that had the half dozen or so mates I was with laughing derisively. “Cameron Ling will captain the Cats one day.”

The great equaliser.

As each club reviews its performance in 2011, there will be perceptions of success for those that have achieved more than expected, and recriminations for those that have not. A host of questions will be asked. Did we improve this year? Did we perform more consistently? Were we more competitive? Did we win as many [Read more]

I want my Mummy

I have a soft spot for the Swans.  I’m sure many people do. My dad was a Bloods man, and his stories of Pratt and Skilton kept me spellbound as a youngster. They were my unofficial “second side”. It became official when they moved to Sydney. Purely on romantic terms, the Swans were, of all [Read more]