Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games: Rd 6

ROUND SIX Essendon versus Hawthorn Saturday, May 1st., M.C.G. (Night) At one and five, our season is in tatters. Avoidance of the issue is no longer an option.  Last week Tommy and me had our heads in the sand so long, we ended up with gravel rash.  This time, we have to come out and [Read more]

Round 6 – Geelong v Richmond: I know Richmond lose but I watch anyway

by Michael Allan This week the inevitable has happened. This is my first football season having an occupation and for the first time ever, Kmart has rostered me on during a Richmond match. 12:00-3:00, could not get a worse time, won’t get to catch the start of it and it will be over by the [Read more]

AFL Round 6 – Footscray v St Kilda: A crime that paid in the end

by David Downer Wanted – for crimes against football (apparently).  Middle-aged white Caucasian male, featuring a distinguished elegant stride. Frequently used terms include “pleasing” and “structure”.  Last seen being chased from Etihad Stadium by an angry mob of talkback callers.  Goes by the name of Ross.  Do not approach this man, he is armed with [Read more]

haiku bob: clear above the clouds

bringing autumn tackle by tackle to the Blues a mountain clear above the clouds – Dawes marks again tumbling leaves – Ball turns himself inside and out down on form Leon chases some hidden goal a row of Blues neatly laid out for Didak’s trickery pack forms – Swan ducks his head into the cloud [Read more]

AFL Round 6 – North Melbourne v Melbourne: Roos are in the mix

by Andrew Starkie North Melbourne versus Melbourne 2.10pm, Saturday, May 1 Etihad Stadium, Melbourne It’s amazing what a few wins can do.  I’m standing on the platform at Reservoir station and for once I’m not the lone Kangaroo.  There are three family groups in royal blue and white.  A mother is shoving a scarf into [Read more]

AFL Round 6 – Carlton v Collingwood: Pies give Blues a bad headache

by Josh Barnstable This was the unofficial Rivalry Round, despite some of the clashes not being what you would think as everyday blockbuster heated games. But North Melbourne v Melbourne and Geelong v Richmond, the two games that stand out as not fitting in with the theme of the round, do mean something in terms [Read more]

AFL Round 6 – North Melbourne v Melbourne – A bad day from beginning to end

By Steve Healy   The day didn’t begin well, the day didn’t end well. On the train to the game, a Roos supporter almost ordered me to sit in the seat opposite him, before loudly proclaiming the Demons will lose today (At that stage I thought it was a joke). He looked exactly like Travis [Read more]

Cheyenne Rd 6 Stk v Foots

MY BEHAVIOUR TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE It’s not good enough. I’m really disappointed in my behaviour. It’s totally unacceptable. I’ve let myself down, my family are under unfair pressure and we’re working our way through this difficult time. My crime was to enjoy a low scoring game of football. No, dear reader, this is not Troy Buswell [Read more]

Pies Have the Steadier Hand in MCG Shootout

It was only fitting that an 80,000 strong gathering of the rival clans should assemble to celebrate 100 years since Collingwood last beat Carlton in a Grand Final. Ok… I know only one clan would be celebrating that little statistic, but that’s about all the joy I’ll get from this report. At least, unlike a [Read more]


For the Philosophical Marngrook Follower What a round six it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Feeling Faints win the Friday Night Mexican Stand-off and The Moggies kick The Sweep (just) against The Hapless Tigers.  North burst Melbourne’s bubble and Port win the Showdown as Coach Craig’s watches his career pass before his eyes.  Coach Clarko [Read more]

Call of the Card goes to the Bombers

Essendon VS Hawthorn Melbourne Cricket Ground 7:40 1st May Steven Ingham At the start of any season, the games I instantly look for are Essendon VS Carlton, Collingwood and Hawthorn. More so than normal there was anticipation for this edition of the ‘Line in the Sand Cup’ for one simple reason: Lloyd’s hit on Sewell. [Read more]

The View From Shepparton: Round 6

The View took his frame to the nearest Hardly Normal Store today , ostensibly to purchase a microwave but in fact to have a look at the new 3D behemoths. The salesperson reckoned the State Of Origin games are going to be telecast in that medium this year. The State Of Origin concept by the [Read more]

FPS Report: Chase my blues away

By George Habib Hope (noun) 1. a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen 2. A feeling of trust As I walked to the ground from Jolimont Station I had a few thoughts. Firstly, how sh*t Docklands is in comparison, and secondly that following the win last week that I could [Read more]

Rampant Pies Dispatch of the Inexperienced Blues

Is there a bigger rivalry in Australian Sport? Although this has been claimed frequently in the press, I’ll repeat that no matter where these sides are situated on the ladder, a clash between these two combatants always guarantees a large attendance. On this occasion Carlton and Collingwood are both in superb form. The rejuvenated Blues [Read more]

Magpie win causes outbreak of Bieber Fever

Before the game even begins my dad manages to drown my hopes. Pendles had just kicked his first when dad walked in shook his head and let out a defeated sigh. Because of channel seven the game isn’t shown live. I REFUSE to check the scores or listen on the radio because I need to [Read more]

Saints Steal the Points in the Big Let-down

Once again a long week is over, and a weekend of pulsating footy has finally arrived. What can get more pulsating than the Preliminary Final rematch from 2009? I thought this match could of, maybe it did, but in my eyes, it failed. Big time. The contest started and Daniel Giansiracusa snapped the first goal [Read more]

Round and Round They Go. Where They Stop, Nobody Knows.

Those lucky enough to attend the Almanac lunch on Friday afternoon were entertained by the  many reminiscences of 1960 Brownlow Medallist John Schultz. The very gentlemanly Mr Schultz spoke at length about John Kennedy’s famous “Commandoes” of 1961, who set new standards for the day in fitness and endurance. This team was famous for putting [Read more]

St Kilda give the Bullies a twittering

by Tim Ivins ? portlygentleman Crunch game, can the St Kilda defence stifle the free-running Dogs? and will the Dogs prove that they can match it with the best? ? portlygentleman Saints unchanged in Dal Santo’s 150th, Everitt in for Williams. Goddard on Higgins looks like a great match up. ? portlygentleman The Saints unbeaten [Read more]

Tell them Junior’s dreamin’

By Chris Riordan Like most footy fans, I tend to base judgements and opinions on an inconsistent range of often contradictory observations or even pig-headed bias. The gathering of evidence can come later! I’ve never embraced the DreamTeam concept. I vaguely recall once watching an awful quarter of Port possession and hearing someone behind me [Read more]

New season brings hope

The beginning of a new footy season is always eagerly anticipated, but after getting engaged over the summer and being consumed by wedding talk for a couple of months, I couldn’t wait for round one – even as a supporter of the reigning wooden spooners. Walking through the Fitzroy Gardens to the ‘G, my chances [Read more]