Almanac Flashback – AFL Semi-Finals 2009: Lions look lost away from Gabba

Week 2 of the AFL Finals series ten years ago saw the Brisbane Lions easily lose their Semi Final against the Bulldogs as Steve Healy reported then. How will the Lions go in 2019?

Round 17 – St Kilda v Melbourne: We could use two Gawns

Where’s the leadership? Steve Healy senses something lacking at the Dees as their Etihad/Saints/2016 curse continues

AFL Round 13 – Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: Jack’s back

Neeld Footy is gone, Jack Watts is back – it was a good day at the G, writes Steve Healy.

Dees Yo-Yo Continues

Almost every one of my reports for Dees games open with an excessively kind comment directed towards the MCG, but this wasn’t just any old day. A 6:30 start to the airport to see my brother off to America was the main differential from my average footy-going day. There’s something I love about the Airport [Read more]

Demons up – then down

North Melbourne v Melbourne by Steve Healy What a season for the Demons, so many ups and downs- the pattern had been a fantastic effort followed by coach-threatening loss. On this afternoon at Docklands I was convinced that pattern would continue. The sun was shining, the sky was mostly blue, so I wasn’t surprised to see [Read more]

Essendon V Gold Coast

By Steve Healy A game of football holds thousands of variables. But one known fact had already been set in stone- Essendon would win this match. As a result of that, it’d be a fantastic, fun and ambitious day with my favourite loyal, Essendon supporting friend James Rate. And what a pleasure this would be, [Read more]

A game of two halves

Hawthorn V Melbourne By Steve Healy The thing that pains me the most (apart from the actual result) about this game is the fact I want to write about it. To be honest it was an insipid performance from the Demons in the second half. We played like the 2008 Demons with a hint of [Read more]

A new beginning?

Melbourne V Sydney By Steve Healy Round 1. It represents a new beginning. But for the Demons, it has so often represented a new ending. Who could forget our disappointing first match in 2007 against St.Kilda, where it would signify the end of the Daniher era? Or 2008, when we were obliterated to our core [Read more]

NAB Cup: Melbourne V Essendon

By Steve Healy I was needed by the Melbourne Football Club. It easily surpassed the need for me to stay home ‘because it’s my sister’s birthday’. The Dees needed my support at Etihad. And footy was back. Four-quarter footy, two team footy. Strangely, it seemed to be a distant memory after the two weeks of [Read more]

NAB Cup: Geelong, North Melbourne, Western Bulldogs

By Steve Healy Travel- It’s a word that circulates through the realms of every footy lover’s soul, season after season. How will we get to our destination? Why are we going there? In this particular situation, it would’ve been quite hard to understand why, from an outsider’s point of view. Is it really worth it [Read more]

NAB CUP: Melbourne, Adelaide, Port Adelaide

By Steve Healy It was imminent that the return of footy in 2011 would be a completely different experience from previous seasons. I really couldn’t, and still can’t, get my head around the round-robin planning of the first round of the NAB cup. It just isn’t footy. Our game is meant to be a sacred [Read more]

Melbourne Intra-Club Match

By Steve Healy The intra club game, in my opinion symbolises the end of the unknown, and brings forth the hype and happiness of a new season. It seemed too that the weather had been in conjunction with it all. It had been uncomfortably hot for the past few days, but light rain drizzled and [Read more]

Cats short by seven, Healy by one

By Steve Healy Collingwood v Geelong – a mouth-watering clash that looked far the better of the preliminary finals. The teams had played twice in previous encounters in the home and away season, which were both over-hyped by the media. All day I eagerly awaited for the match to start, and wrote down that the [Read more]

Just another flogging at the hands of the Pies

by Steve Healy Collingwood v Carlton games are normally a pleasure to watch. It is undoubtedly the greatest rivalry in footy. This match was a pleasure to watch, but not the sort of pleasure you get from a hard fought contest, where both teams go hard at the ball and the ball bounces from one [Read more]

Dees hang on in Brisbane

A quiet Saturday night at home. I knew I wouldn’t be able to watch the game. I opted to listen to Brisbane V Melbourne on the radio instead of watching the other game on TV.  It would be an important game- a must-win one to keep our ever-so-slim finals chances alive. Mind you, being put [Read more]

Weather Poor, Roos Great

By Steve Healy Admittedly, this was an average game of footy. I was hoping for a good, close game, something akin to the last time these two teams played, which was also Round 16 last year. But it was much of a one-sided affair from quarter time onwards. It wasn’t the fierce, contested game that [Read more]

Tigers’ win just as good on replay

Obviously, I was at St.Kilda V Melbourne when this match ended. Fortunately, I taped it so I could watch probably the equal best match of the round in full. A lazy afternoon in the holidays was the perfect time to view this game. Sydney won the toss and kicked to the city end. As the [Read more]

Freo breaks Port, Palmer breaks Barlow’s leg

Fremantle V Port Adelaide By Steve Healy This fixtured match left me dazzled, it has since last October. Fremantle v Port Adelaide, the only Saturday afternoon game in Round 14? Surely not. A game of footy is a game of footy, however. There are not many things I love more than listening to the footy [Read more]

Saints too strong for young Demons

Is Sunday Twilight football a friend or a foe? It’s certainly worse when you’re following it from your own home, especially since the games are on Foxtel and I don’t get to watch them. However, in saying that, these matches aren’t that bad to attend, giving myself more time earlier in the day to do [Read more]

Hawk resurgence continues

This  game  was  set  to  be  enormous.  A  win  for  the  Bulldogs  meant  that  they  would  be  back  to  their  best  after  a  shaky  first  half  of  the  year.  As  for  the  Hawks,  a  win  for  them  meant  they  were  a  serious  finals  contender,  who  at  one  stage  were  1-6  but  haven’t  lost  ever  since. [Read more]