Smells like team spirit

Cheyenne’s first impressions inside the G eerily echoed the end of the day. (Cheyenne and Running Dear had purposely avoided the horrible INXS coverband, sitting on the lawn outside the ground, only entering the Shrine at 2.10pm. The real INXS were bad enough, but this reincarnation had to be missed.) Our seats were near where [Read more]

Billy Miller visits Punt Road

Billy’s spiritual sojourn of the old suburban grounds reaches Punt Road, home of Jack Dyer, the Tigers’ Disco and a monumental clash between Mushroom Records and 3XY, amongst other notable events.


“Waiting For Godot” is a legendary play where nothing happens. “Waiting For Goddard” is a sublime pastime whereby every time Goddard gets the ball something happens and it’s panic time for the opposition. Those wealthy West Aussies at the WACA forgot all about the new mining tax and started really crapping in their bulldozers every [Read more]

AFL Round 7 – St Kilda v Carlton: WAKEY WAKEY

by Cheyenne Autumn It had to happen sooner or later and now the alarm is ringing it’s head off. Let’s hope Ross and the selectors aren’t on valium or they might sleep through it. The Art of Footy changes quickly, and already we see that there is no place for small defensive forwards without pace [Read more]

Cheyenne Rd 6 Stk v Foots

MY BEHAVIOUR TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE It’s not good enough. I’m really disappointed in my behaviour. It’s totally unacceptable. I’ve let myself down, my family are under unfair pressure and we’re working our way through this difficult time. My crime was to enjoy a low scoring game of football. No, dear reader, this is not Troy Buswell [Read more]


Round 1: Sydney v St Kilda Cheyenne spent summer by the sea, determined to read the winds until he received a Season 2010 Sainter vision. Finally, Ross Lyon appeared, hovering above Cheyenne’s tepee. He was sitting in a small canoe, continually bailing out water, a huge smile on his face. Most would have considered his [Read more]