AFL Round 16 – Port Adelaide v Hawthorn: Half a world away

Tim Ivins conducts the ancient ritual perfected by many sports fans – the early alarm and a spot on the couch to watch an event half a world away. With the Ashes in his time zone, Tim was making the efforts to listen to his Hawks.

AFL Round 2 – Western Bulldogs v Fremantle: Family and footy a constant joy

Tim Ivins has been away for two years but a family reunion at Etihad Stadium reminds him that an afternoon at the footy with family is one joy that is eternal.

Greetings from the XXX Olympiad

Greetings from the XXX Olympiad in London! It’s been an absolutely incredible day. For the past few weeks I will be honest I have been slightly confused. I knew that the Olympics were coming, but I just wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it. The anticipation was there, but it felt different to a [Read more]

Fever pitch

For the past 14 months I have been searching for the quintessential English experience. I have drunk in pubs older than Australia, saw the Queen in her Diamond jubilee and rambled along the raw British coastline, but nothing has seemed right. Nothing that is until tonight. Tonight was the Euro 2012 quarter final between England [Read more]

Masters Tension Evokes Memeories

Memories are funny things. They can flicker at the edge of your mind like a light bulb in the cellar. Others shine stronger than the brightest star in the sky, special moments that take your breath away out of sheer horror or sheer joy. One of the brightest memories I have occurred in April 1996. [Read more]

An open letter to the Melbourne Victory

To whom it may concern, Over the past few years I have attended Melbourne Victory games when I have been able to. I was in attendance on Saturday and I saw two of the most disgusting pieces of play I can remember on a sporting arena. Kevin Muscat’s shepherd on the wall that lead to [Read more]

The AFL Wants YOU!

With the AFL conquering new territories like the Romans of yore, changes are afoot to the shape of our season. However in an outstanding example of stakeholder management, we the fans are being given the chance to put forward our opinions as to how we would like to see the season shaped. lists the [Read more]

Calling all Almanackers

It’s a beautiful day in Melbourne and, in a particular quirk that seems to only occur here, the crowd is turning out in force to watch Hawthorn and Richmond — 14th play 16th on the ladder. As I take advantage of the free wireless afforded to me at the ground, I ponder all the other [Read more]

Baseball: Fanatical Phillies fans to rejoice in 2010

by Tim Ivins 10am Monday morning, Eastern Standard Time, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox will step out, not onto the turf of the SCG as was suggested by the Daily Telegraph to the shock and chagrin of American baseball fans everywhere but rather the history steeped Fenway Park. Over the coming 6 [Read more]

Major League Baseball – NL West Preview: Bring on Rocktober

by Tim Ivins With spring training underway it is time to turn our minds to the upcoming MLB season. Over the coming weeks I will preview each division for the coming season. We start with the division the National League West.

Winter Olympics: Seductive Sigulda sweeps me off my feet

By Tim Ivins With the Winter Olympics just around the corner and with me experiencing a white winter for the first time, I decided to take advantage of the conditions and experience something that would be impossible in Australia. The four man bobsled. For those of you who aren’t quite sure what that entails, cast your [Read more]

Third Test, Day 5: This is the end

After an extra half an hour on Day 4 stumps were called with the West Indies 51 runs short of a potentially transformational victory. Australia on the other hand were a solitary wicket away from a flattering victory. Day 5 was set up. The potential of a grand stand finish was just as strong as [Read more]

Russians not Hiddink it off with Guus

by Tim Ivins Guus Hiddink would have cast a lonely figure in the bowels of Petrol Arena late on November 18. His Russian team, chock full of talent and Euro 2008 runners up had been eliminated by lowly Slovenia on away goals. In the first leg, a goal from Nejc Pecnik in the 88th minute [Read more]

Soccer: Australia’s tough draw leaves me wondering what’s in store

By Tim Ivins “The punishment an Almanacker and Socceroos tragic will put himself through,” I thought to myself as I turned off the alarm at 3.30am. The kettle goes on and so does the TV as beautiful Cape Town streams in. It’s an exciting time, the World Cup Draw, and probably the closest I will [Read more]

First Test, Day 1: Ivins on edge in the office; Aussies have edge on the field

By Tim Ivins That there is excitement leading up to the first test has been a testament to the Cricket Australia’s spin doctors. Articles of Hauritz developing a ball that will actually spin and the future of test cricket have created interest in the media. The bagmen clearly think the West Indies loss to Bangladesh [Read more]

Off to South Africa along the All White road

by Tim Ivins World Cup Football provides me with some of the strongest emotions I’ve experienced as a sports fan. It’s almost like the golden path in the Wizard of Oz, countries play-off for the right to play in the greatest show of all. The show which causes me to shift my body clock to [Read more]

AFL Prelim Finals: Thoughts of Finland begin to drift in as Cats demolish Pies

It’s a heavily anticipated preliminary final, there’s a massive crowd at the MCG and they are making a massive amount of noise. I add my own as the popcorn cooks. Pendlebury is a late withdrawal and it’s no surprise really. Three weeks recovery for a broken leg is rather absurd. From the first bounce, the [Read more]

Tennis: Federer puts Williams outrage in sharp relief

By Tim Ivins It’s amazing what a difference a day can make. Sunday eastern Australian time: Serena Williams v Kim Clijsters. World number 2 versus a woman aiming to be the first mother to make a grand slam final since Evonne Goolagong Cawley in 1980. Williams’s anger has been bubbling away all evening. She’s broken her racquet after [Read more]

AFL Round 9: North Melbourne v Fremantle: Resolute Roos hold out Dockers before paltry crowd

By Tim Ivins The AFL has a problem, a really big problem, as we’ve all discovered. The stadium deals negotiated by Wayne Jackson and Co don’t make sense. I settle down on the couch for the clash of those crowd-drawing behemoths, North Melbourne and Fremantle, and my thoughts turn to how Eugene Arocca and James [Read more]

St Kilda give the Bullies a twittering

by Tim Ivins ? portlygentleman Crunch game, can the St Kilda defence stifle the free-running Dogs? and will the Dogs prove that they can match it with the best? ? portlygentleman Saints unchanged in Dal Santo’s 150th, Everitt in for Williams. Goddard on Higgins looks like a great match up. ? portlygentleman The Saints unbeaten [Read more]