Grand Final Preview: This Richmond Life

Michael Allan penned this response to the Preliminary Final win. It makes interesting reading given what has transpired! [Sorry for getting this up a little late Michael – JTH]

AFL Round 3 – Richmond v Western Bulldogs: The Audacity of Hope

The title and phrase of Obama’s second autobiography has never spoken more vividly to Richmond fan Michael Allan than right now.

Round 1: Crowd Behavior – The Six Golden Rules April 1, 2012 @ 11:50 am posted by Michael Allan So footy in Melbourne has kicked off and we could not have asked for any better games to kick us off. Richmond looked competitive against Carlton, Hawthorn just had the edge over Collingwood with incredible goals to Franklin and Gunston in [Read more]

Round 1: Crowd Behavior – The Six Golden Rules

So footy in Melbourne has kicked off and we could not have asked for any better games to kick us off. Richmond looked competitive against Carlton, Hawthorn just had the edge over Collingwood with incredible goals to Franklin and Gunston in the last quarter, and last night Hamish MacIntosh missed a shot after the siren to cost North Melbourne [Read more]

Round 2: St Kilda vs Richmond – A Formal way to watch footy

I hate missing Richmond games. It’s bad enough not being at the ground, but to not even be able to watch the game on tv is just torture. Sadly this is my situation tonight. The school’s year 12 formal is being unthoughtfully held on the same night as my beloved Tigers, I have no choice [Read more]

Grand Final: Collingwood vs St Kilda – The greatest game I’ve ever seen

I’m normally pumped for Grand Final day; absolutely pumped and excited for the game, but today a different feeling has taken over. This feeling has been with me since Friday night’s preliminary final and has not gone away. It’s fear. Fear that Collingwood will actually win the premiership. All year I conceded Collingwood had the [Read more]

My night waiting in line for Grand Final tickets – The sequel

It’s that time of year again; the hunt for Grand Final tickets is on. And this year will be harder than ever, with Collingwood making it to the final Saturday in September tickets will be like gold and when your buying tickets for thirteen people, it’s going to be a difficult task. This has lead [Read more]

Round 19: Richmond v Melboune – Debt not the only thing the Dees demolish

by Michael Allan Another week, another opponent, unfortunately for Richmond another Victorian opponent. Richmond have only beaten interstate teams this year but as I head off to the ‘G’ I feel that the drought will break. Today I’m particularly looking forward to the much anticipated match-up: Riewoldt v Frawley. Both emerging stars have had fantastic [Read more]

Gusty Tiger win makes four in a row

It wasn’t too long ago when football “experts” were seriously questioning whether Richmond would win a game all season. Others were calling out for Richmond to recieve special assistance from the AFL. Four wins later and that’s all forgotten. The improvement has been extroadinary. First year recruits have shown good signs while players previously labelled [Read more]

Round 10: Port Adelaide v Richmond – Tigers wanted win more than Power

As a casual worker at K-Mart I’mm only given one shift aweek. One shift. I’m available any time outside school hours except for one time. When Richmond plays. When I took up my port time job I was sure these two commitments would never clash. I was wrong. 3:00-6:30, I won’t even get to see [Read more]

Round 9: Essendon v Richmond – Four quarters of football still too much to ask

Last week, the Richmond faithful saw something they hadn’t seen all year. Their team played four good quarters of football. No, Richmond didn”t get the win but we could see potential for the future. Going to this game that’s all we were hoping for. It’s not guaranteed but it is expected. The bar was set [Read more]

Round 6 – Geelong v Richmond: I know Richmond lose but I watch anyway

by Michael Allan This week the inevitable has happened. This is my first football season having an occupation and for the first time ever, Kmart has rostered me on during a Richmond match. 12:00-3:00, could not get a worse time, won’t get to catch the start of it and it will be over by the [Read more]

Round 5: Fremantle v Richmond – Defeat’s not as bad from home

It’s looking like another grim football season for the Allan household. I decide this as my “other” side of the family watch their under performing Hawks remarkably lose to the predicted cellar dwellars North Melbourne. I can’t help but think back to 2008, when the season ended with my Tigers, finishing just outside the eight, [Read more]

Round 4 – Richmond v Melbourne: Tigers go for youth, but pay the price

by Michael Allan At the start of the year I knew we wouldn’t win many games. I knew that every week would be a challenge and we’d see our fair share of thrashings. However I did think at then start of the year that we would go in favourites against our ladder next door neighbour [Read more]

AFL Round 2 – Richmond v Footscray: Bad Team, Bad Game, Bad Season

by Michael Allan One week down and Tigers season has already been written off, that’s got to be a record. After last week’s loss to Carlton I looked to see who we were playing next week only to find we were playing the team that many regarded as premiership favourites with a point to prove. [Read more]

Round 1: Same old story for Tigers v Blues

What a difference a year makes. 12 months ago I went to the opening match expecting a Richmond victory that would lead us to a finals berth with nothing but big things ahead. This year all I’m hoping is that Richmond are competitive. The spiralling downfall that was ‘Richmond ’09 has left me no hope [Read more]

Boxing: It’s tough when you wait so long for something that’s over so quickly

With footy season over, I do my best to substitute footy with other sports. With the big Green v Jones fight tonight, I think it might be worth checking it out. I’ve never been a big boxing fan. My boxing knowledge spans only from Danny Green v Anthony Mundine to Rocky Balboa v Apollo Creed. [Read more]

AFL Grand Final: What a day! I feel privileged to have been there

The MCG carpark is always buzzing on Grand Final day. People are kicking the footy, barbecues are cooking sausages and radio booths have been set up all around the ground. It’s good to be back after being overseas this time last year. I head over to the Triple M booth. They start throwing out freebies [Read more]

General Footy Writing: My night of waiting in line to buy Grand Final tickets

It’s Sunday night. Tomorrow at 9 am Grand Final tickets will be released to AFL full members of non-competing clubs. Dad and a few other AFL member mates have been planning for a few weeks now and tonight we put the plan into action. There are two ticket locations near us: Chirnside Park and Ringwood. [Read more]

AFL Prelim Finals: Cats turn Pies inside out to storm into Grand Final

After not attending either semi-final, Dad and I decided to lift our game and attend both prelim finals. As we walk through the Fitzroy Gardens it becomes obvious that Collingwood’s playing. We’re surrounded by beer, cigarettes, Collingwood chants and very few teeth. We pass a herd of Collingwood fans at a barbecue in the car [Read more]