Round 15 – Brisbane v Collingwood: Magpies and Lions and Dogs, oh my!

Last night gave Danielle Hakim an opportunity to reach new levels of fanaticism for Brayden Maynard. A report full of Danielle’s typical passion, her struggles with the Pies continued into the post-match Twitter-sphere.

Almanac (Post) Modern Life: Interpreting Likes

“What does it mean to like a post?” asks Edward P. Olsen. This piece on the nature and influence of social media takes the recent Folau-Ablett situation as its stimulus. It’s a piece in that fine tradition of ‘Thinking Out Loud’ as EPO tries to make sense of it all for his own understanding. Maybe others can offer some thoughts.

Almanac Cricket – Lillee v Cummins: the competition no one needs to have

Dave Brown crunches the numbers on a question there’s no need to ask but gets asked anyway

“Our Game”

This piece has been taken down following a reader’s request.

Tom Browne, Twitter and Tasmanian Footy

Would a Tasmanian footy team attract more fans than the Sorrento Sharks? Channel 7’s Tom Browne clearly doesn’t think so.

AFLM Round 19: Port Adelaide v St Kilda: It’s not over until we’re cooked like a chook

Yvette Wroby was in a happy place with a successful launch of The Women’s Footy Almanac 2017. The game on Saturday night and the Saints close loss in the last few minutes was testing. Nick Riewoldt’s retirement added a whole new layer to the week.

Almanac Golf: Golf Capital – Danes rules Sixes, LPGA’s Twitter bogey

The new format of Golf Sixes in the European Tour saw Denmark win the opening event. There is also a wrap up of the Australasian PGA, PGA and LPGA tours.

New Zealand v Australia – Christchurch Test, Day 1: BB McCullum Day in pictures from afar

Good grief. BB McCullum’s turns on the ultimate farewell. At stumps on Day 1, DJ Wilson attempts to report via phone screenshot pictures and photos from afar.

No. 4 Ronin: Bryce Gibbs & the power of the man-bun

Carlton’s new secret weapon? The Ancient Samurai wisdom, talent and composure sustained from… the man-bun!

For Tweet’s Sake

Considered less than cerebral in some quarters, Taylor Walker is actually quite the renaissance man, argues Dave Brown.

MCG Test, Australia v India – Day Two: Tweetlotto

Despite being handicapped with a failing phone battery, Mick Jeffrey tweeted his way through Day 2 at the MCG. His Twitter trail stands as a record of the day (“Call that leg bye, ump…”).

Adelaide Test, Australia v India : Day Four. Structure and Execution

I pay far too much attention than I should to Twitter. It was probably this time last week that twitter decreed Michael Clarke selfish and obstinate for declaring himself fit for the Adelaide Test. By Wednesday evening, according to the ‘soshal meedja’s’ he was a genius, a study in courage and a legend. He was [Read more]

Sport unfolds 140 characters at a time

Aussiegus is not one for technology, yet has come to rely on Twitter insofar as following sport is concerned.

Cricket: Video killed the Radio Star. Did twitter save the five-day game?

Brutas Mudcake asks: Why has this Ashes series produced the great marriage of social media and cricket?

AFL Round 9 – Hawthorn v Gold Coast: Suns swoop on Hawks amid thoughts of covalent bonding

Hawks fan Hannah Kuhar had her heart set on covalent bonding on a quiet Sunday afternoon but there was little chance of that happening after a quick glance at the half time score.

AFL Round 5 – Adelaide v Western Bulldogs: Selection Day

Selection day is generally the best day on twitter for the week, writes debutant Knacker Henry de Cure. Discussion is had, people rant and rave and generally lose their mind when the perennial whipping boy is selected.

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Third Test – Day 4: Thoughts from the twitterverse

Stephen Cooke rips off a whole lot of quotes from twitter to compile this report. Hey, it’s not lazy, or plagiarism, it’s Social Media.

Brock McLame

There’s no doubt that Jesse Stringer’s recent effort has rocked us off our moral high horse down at KP, but surely Carlton’s Brock McLean takes the AFL knob-jockey award for his social media antics this week. For the uninformed, McLean tweeted “Today can f*ck right off”, to which one of his followers responded (with great humour) [Read more]

Homicide’s credibility, worth pays price for social network self gratification

By Michael Scibilia For a man with a lot to say, Corey Williams’ medium of choice is an odd one. The Melbourne Tigers import was the centre of attention during his side’s clash with Perth on Friday night, entering the game on the back of accusations that he’d defaced a courtside banner belonging to the [Read more]