AFL Round 7 – Geelong v Essendon: Wobbly wheels

Once again, Bombers fan Steven Ingham was left to ask: Who, the hell, is on Steve, bloody, Johnson?!

Why we love footy

by Steve Ingham It’s easy to get carried away in football. If a story is on the front page of the newspaper, if it leads the nightly news or takes up hours of talkback radio, most likely it is an ugly story. A scandal of some description. Sex. Drugs. Alcohol. Violence. Aside from the Brownlow [Read more]

Back from the dead

3rd Ashes Test WACA Ground by Steve Ingham Day 2 Reports of my death were greatly exaggerated. Written by Mark Twain more than a century ago, but he could very well have been peering into the future and writing a press release for Mitchell Johnson. 10 days ago when left out of the Adelaide Test, [Read more]

Caught Behind 3/180

By Steve Ingham DEAR SANTA… On the flight home from Adelaide, I happened to peer over Ricky Ponting’s shoulder to see him seeking some devine intervention! I managed to memorise it word for word and bring it to you all, exclusively for you! Dear Santa, I know that in the past I may have made [Read more]

The cheapest of suits

2nd Ashes Test Adelaide Oval by Steve Ingham Day 2 People the world over can’t speak highly enough of the Adelaide Oval, so myself and 11 friends headed off across the border and back the 20 years and 30 minute time difference to find out just how good this ground really is. After having spent [Read more]

Caught Behind 2/150

by Steve Ingham An opinion piece on Australia’s favourite summer sport A HERO IS BORN… LONG LIVE THE HERO When Peter Siddle charges in, with the whole country behind him, there is little doubt he could be the next Aussie Bowling Hero. The former woodchopper with the southern cross tattooed on his back can captivate [Read more]

Caught Behind 2/100

By Steve Ingham An opinion piece on Australia’s favourite summer sport WHERE HAVE ALL THE PERSONALITIES GONE??? No doubt we live in a world much more sanitised than decades before. No Australian Cricketer will attempt a beer can drinking record on a flight to England, I mean Andrew Symonds was sent home and never wore [Read more]

Caught Behind 1/100

By Steve Ingham An opinion piece on Australia’s favourite summer sport THE SOUND OF SUMMER While every commentator and fan in the country is ringing the alarm bells about the state of the national cricket team- and I will address that later- I want to focus on my favourite sounds of summer: ABC Grandstand Cricket, [Read more]


An opinion piece on Australia’s favourite summer sport By Steve Ingham After a non-eventful day in the whites myself (we got pummelled by 10 wickets), I sat down on Saturday Night to watch a little bit of Victoria v WA on the telly, and was once again disappointed but not surprised at the vision of [Read more]

Call of the Card goes to the Bombers

Essendon VS Hawthorn Melbourne Cricket Ground 7:40 1st May Steven Ingham At the start of any season, the games I instantly look for are Essendon VS Carlton, Collingwood and Hawthorn. More so than normal there was anticipation for this edition of the ‘Line in the Sand Cup’ for one simple reason: Lloyd’s hit on Sewell. [Read more]

Nic, anyone else in Fiji?

West Coast Eagles VS Essendon Subiaco Oval 8:40 16th April By Steven Ingham Friday Night Footy interstate means many things – Home made Pizza Beers Couch A weekend without any structure. No going to the footy, no watching the Bombers on Saturday or Sunday… Probably have to go shopping and do work around the house… [Read more]