When the salary cap doesn’t fit

The Melbourne list should be paid 20% of what Geelong’s players earn, so why must the club pay them 95% of the salaray cap, asks Barry Levinson.

A question for fans

Barry Levinson asks the question that many footy fans are asking at the moment.

Struggling to find the light

I never thought the time would come. The time where I no longer prioritise my weekends around when the Demons are playing. But after eight soul-destroying rounds of football, that is the decision I’m now faced with. Football has always been about unconditional love. You support your team through the good times and the bad [Read more]

Lion to Demon

  With Fitzroy’s existence under threat for most of my childhood, being a supporter of the Roys was never easy. But when the end came, it still felt like someone had died.   The mourning period lasted a long time.

AFL Round 18: As a Demons fan who willed his team to lose, I feel sick

By Barry Levinson Jordan McMahon holds the Sherrin and Melbourne’s draft hopes in his hands: 48 metres out from goal, straight in front, it’s a kick most AFL players are expected to convert. But this is a Tiger who has already missed two sitters on the run and barely been able to hit a target [Read more]

Little devils fire up while Demons take another step

By Barry Levinson It’s only now, in my early thirties, that I’m beginning to think maybe one day I wouldn’t mind having kids. So far I can think of two good reasons. First, it would be handy having someone able to work out how to program the video recorder.  Second, and most important, it would [Read more]

Strange, tingly feeling leads to rare delight

By Barry Levinson From the moment Round 3 concluded with yet another Richmond loss, I began looking ahead to Round 4 with a strange, tingly feeling inside … the sort of strange, tingly feeling usually reserved for the build-up to a final. But I wasn’t imagining the sensation … as a Melbourne supporter, this was [Read more]

New season brings hope

The beginning of a new footy season is always eagerly anticipated, but after getting engaged over the summer and being consumed by wedding talk for a couple of months, I couldn’t wait for round one – even as a supporter of the reigning wooden spooners. Walking through the Fitzroy Gardens to the ‘G, my chances [Read more]