Draws SUCK!

Rapunzel is DEAD. That’s right; I’ve chopped off my extremely long hair and for the first time ever, I’ve gone blonde. Well not really. LOL it’s really Blonde extensions in my newly dyed blue-black hair, and it’s all for Jack Anthony, you know he seems to have a thing for blondes. Monday morning comes and [Read more]

Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games: Round 2

ROUND TWO Sunday, April 4th, Etihad Stadium Essendon versus Fremantle I roll onto my back, drugged with sleep.  Somewhere away in the distance there is a complaining creak such as a fold-down bed would make.  I extend my arm and let it drop across a hump of sheets and blankets, accumulated during a restless night, [Read more]

Bullying the Bullies: Geelong vs. Hawthorn

I’ve lived in more than a dozen different suburbs on the south side of Melbourne and caught the train to the footy from all of them, but had never experienced a Geelong Hawthorn game travelling on the Glen Waverley line.  It is like the reverse of Geelong station at midday on a Saturday with the [Read more]

Numbers don’t add up for the Tiges

The pub was about 1km outside the ACT border as the crow flies. Which they hadn’t done earlier in the day, as their more aquatically-inclined cousins reigned supreme at AAMI Stadium. Back in my home state, the man-made birds at Essendon had also fallen. Two other “flying” mascots of the AFL were both represented in [Read more]

AFL Round 2 – Collingwood v Melbourne: So close but no cigar

By Steve Healy Some things stay the same, and some things change. For the second week in a row I am off to watch the Dees play with my friend Damo. But it’s a bit different going to the footy this afternoon, knowing that my beloved dog might not be with us when I get [Read more]

Round 2 – The View from Shepparton: MCG classic makes up for missed Gabba glory

by Peter Schumacher What a great round of footy we have just observed, well most of us. For me, after all of my moaning and complaining about delayed telecasts, the Gabba seemingly in outer space somewhere with no communication to or from, here was a live direct telecast and broadcast.”And guess what”? as our fearless [Read more]

AFL Round 2 – Richmond vs Footscray: No Easter miracle for the Tigers

by Domenic Favata Running up and down listening to the radio at Grandpa’s was stressful. Expecting a mighty Bulldogs win or a Richmond miracle on Easter Sunday. The truth was that even Jesus Christ himself couldn’t help Richmond to win.

AFL Round 2 – Richmond v Footscray: Bad Team, Bad Game, Bad Season

by Michael Allan One week down and Tigers season has already been written off, that’s got to be a record. After last week’s loss to Carlton I looked to see who we were playing next week only to find we were playing the team that many regarded as premiership favourites with a point to prove. [Read more]

JOHN HARMS – Easter Monday: West Coast Dave and the Cats make it feel great to be alive

by John Harms It’s Easter Monday. Perfect sunny Canberra day. The Bruces are over for lunch. The kids, post sausage-in-bread, are kicking the soccer ball, and Theo (aged two) is filling up the golf hole with dirt from the marigold garden. There are no marigolds as the snails have eaten anything that resembles new growth. [Read more]

Big Jon, Big Shadow

For the second week running the tone of my weekend was to be determined by Thursday evening. Having spent the past seven days on the fine line between great expectation and misguided hope the clash between the Blues and the Lions would give the Juddites a truer indication of “where we are at”. Buoyed by [Read more]

Hawthorn v Geelong: just another classic in the rivalry

My memories of Geelong/Hawthorn games stretches as far back to about 1995, when I was five, and the Cats (I think) beat Hawks at Kardinia Park/Baytec/Shell Stadium. We were in the box and Dad (a Hawks man) got very drunk and disgraced himself all the way home; fast forward to the 2008 grand final and [Read more]

AFL Round 2 – Essendon v Fremantle: High fashion at Docklands

by Danni Eid After an hour of rushing around the house with one high heel while trying to get ready to leave to my grandparents house for left over’s from last nights barbie, my uncle rocks up in his Essendon attire and looks at me a little confused. I’m wearing a pretty blue summery dress [Read more]

AFL Round 2 – Hawthorn v Geelong: Classy Cats Claw Their Way to Victory

By Sasha Lennon Reigning premier Geelong now officially has ‘the wood’ over Hawthorn after a hard-fought nine point victory on Easter Monday. In front of a crowd of almost 70,000 people at the MCG, Geelong clawed its way through four quarters to eventually wear down a tiring Hawthorn who, for a good part of the [Read more]

Haiku Bob Round 2: waiting for the moon

warm up – Leon practices kicking opportunistic goals my entire life coming here not knowing what will happen waiting for the moon – we can’t get it out of the middle daylight savings ends – Collingwood whittles away the light approaching dusk… the moment between winning and losing shades of pink in the ghost gum [Read more]

Stawell Gift: The Call of Stawell

by Rod Oaten As it turned out I was very happy I didn’t go to the Fish Bowl behind Spencer Street  railway station for the Don’s game against a team called Fremantle. I even had a free ticket but  no one in their right mind would want to see a game against  a corporate team [Read more]

AFL Round 2 – Collingwood v Melbourne: Magpies Made of Steele

by Danielle Eid Let’s cut to the point shall we. That was the worst I think I have seen these boys play, I mean seriously! After last weeks performance I was excepting a big BANG! Something that would make me parade down my street with my flag. I was wrong, very, very wrong.

Gigs’ Stats Round 2: Dial N for ‘No chance’

Stats Entertainment – Round 2 by Andrew Gigacz DIAL N FOR ‘NO CHANCE’ Two weeks into the season and a clear trend is already emerging. And that trend revolves around a single letter of the alphabet. That letter is ‘N’. Disparage if you will, but the facts speak for themselves.

AFL Round 2 – Richmond v Footscray: Beware of angry Dogs

by John Green I can imagine a “Beware of the Dogs” sign displayed over Gate 3 of the MCG as I wend my way from Jolimont Station for the Richmond-Western Bulldogs clash. The Bulldogs had won the NAB Cup just three weeks before and were being lauded as premiership favourites. They seemed set to rule [Read more]

AFL Round 2 – Hawthorn v Geelong: Hawks run out of steam, Barnstable runs out of daylight.

by Josh Barnstable I have a theory on Easter Mondays. After a solid day of eating chocolate the day before, you get the day off Monday to work off all the weight you may or may not have put on. Anyway, as it seems hot outside, I’ll put this off for later on.

AFL Round 2 – Collingwood v Melbourne: Pies juggle form without dropping the game

by Steve Merry It has been said that there are no easy wins in football. In the lead-up to this clash between Collingwood and Melbourne, however, the football world seemed to have forgotten the old cliché, with even club stalwarts Garry Lyon and David Schwarz conceding that Melbourne had no hope of winning. The only [Read more]