AFL Round 2 – Richmond v Footscray: Bad Team, Bad Game, Bad Season

by Michael Allan

One week down and Tigers season has already been written off, that’s got to be a record. After last week’s loss to Carlton I looked to see who we were playing next week only to find we were playing the team that many regarded as premiership favourites with a point to prove.

Knowing that a thrashing was immenent I went along with my mum and surprsingly Hawthorn supporting dad to witness the one sided game. With Cousins out the team looks even worse than last week; I didn’t know that was possible.

The game started with some very scrappy football. After Richmond’s first kick from Richard Tambling landed straight on the chest of Lindsay Gilbee, signs were showing that we were in for a long day. After the Tiger’s wasted opportunities in the forward half, Griffen on the counter-attack finds Higgins in the pocket who finishes nicely. A quick follow up goal to Picken has me worried but Richmond soon respond with a goal to Morton.

Richmond’s defence does well to hold off the Dog’s attack’s but the team struggles to maintain possession past the centre line. It’s says a lot about a team when at the end of the quarter the team’s best aspect has been it’s defence and yet they’ve already conceded six goals.

The second quarter offers nothing different from the first, the Bulldogs strengthen their lead while Richmond struggle to hold a mark. A positive for Richmond is that Barry Hall is still yet to tear us apart, although maybe that’s a negative since they’re still kicking goals easily. At half time Dad regrets coming to the game, he had obviously mistaken Richmond for Melbourne.

Hall finally kicks a goal to open the third and the disgraceful match continues. After a game full of clangers and scrappy play Cooney shows off his brownlow class to give the match a highlight. Richmond only add a goal to the scoreline, Riewoldt needs to do something about his accuaracy in front of goals. Playing for Richmond he won’t get many opportunities so he’ll have to make the most of them when he does. The Dogs also need to do something about their goal kicking yips. The scoreline could have been alot worse if the Doggies kicked straight.

At three quarter time Dad asks if we want to go home. We don’t need to answer as he know’s that we stay to the end regardless of how big the margin is (apart from Richmond vs Geelong 2007, of course).

The fourth term is just garbage time. As time wears on Mum fears that we’re not going to kick a single goal for the quarter. Just like last week the young bodies are tired against the seasoned Bulldogs. As the quarter rolls on and Bulldogs widen the margin while Richmond remain scoreless. Salvation finally comes as Morton slots his third seconds before the siren finally sounds, Dad finally gets to go home and we’re put out of our misery for another week.

For the Dog’s, they’re back in form, they were sloppy early on but played like the team they should be in the second half. They’ll still want to prove themselves against a quality team though to really show how good they are. Accuracy in front of goal is definately a concern and Bazza will want to get back into form.

For Richmond, what’s to say that hasn’t been said? They’re going to have to keep trying out new young players. Martin kicked a nice goal and Nason kept busy; sadly they showed up a few of the older boys. Deledio, Tambling and Simmonds all need to lift if they’re going to lead this extremely young team week in week out. The only positive was Thursfield’s defensive effort on Hall.

Next week we’ve got the in-form Swans at Sydney. We booked our flights before the season because we thought we were in with a chance against the Bloods. How wrong we were.

I sense that after every Richmond game this year I’ll be saying the same thing: bad team, bad game, bad season.

Richmond: 2.0 4.5 6.6 7.6 (48)
Western Bulldogs: 6.2 9.6 14.11 17.18


Richmond Thursfield, Newman, Moore, Cotchin
Western Bulldogs Gilbee, Cross, Cooney, Hahn, Griffen,


Richmond Morton 3, Martin, Post, Vickery
Western Bulldogs Hahn 3, Hill 3, Cooney 2, Giansiarcusa, Boyd, Griffen, Everrit, Hall, Lake, Moles, Higgins


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