AFL Round 2 – Collingwood v Melbourne: So close but no cigar

By Steve Healy

Some things stay the same, and some things change. For the second week in a row I am off to watch the Dees play with my friend Damo. But it’s a bit different going to the footy this afternoon, knowing that my beloved dog might not be with us when I get home. Luckily, a text message comes from my dad while I am waiting at Camberwell station saying that she will live to fight another day. I am relieved, and I can turn my mind to the game. There are Collingwood supporters left, right and centre on the train carriage. A couple of worn Melbourne fans hide in the corner, not looking confident. I’m expecting a blow out.

I meet up with Damo and we walk to the ground. Yes, the records have gone up an extra dollar in price, and it’s really worrying me, since I have a mass collection of them at home and money is hard to come by these days. We stroll up the stairs to our seats in the AFL Members (tickets that Dad got via work) on the second tier. I flick through the record and today’s paper as we discuss the game ahead and other things such as “How’s the family”? Finally, the game gets underway.

I am delighted as the quarter unfolds. The first goal is the result of the open space in Melbourne’s forward line. Petterd passes over the top to Bail who kicks his first goal in his second game.  Fraser replies for the Pies and I’m hoping that the Dees can continue fighting. And they do, despite some costly misses, Newton kicks a goal from 50 (I’m surprised he’s playing today, I’m surprised he’s on the list as well) and the Dees look confident, and are getting their hands on the ball first. Pendlebury kicks the Pies’ second, before the Dees answer promptly with goals from Petterd and Dunn. As for me, I’m over the moon, and enjoying the moment while it lasts. The Pies look slow, the Dees hold a handsome fifteen point lead.

As is so often the case in Melbourne games, our lead slowly evaporates as the Pies put the game in their grasp. Cloke, Lockyer, Anthony and Davis all contribute goals to put the margin out to 11 points. Petterd gets a free kick and converts his third, before Pendlebury finds loose space in the goal square to kick his second. Scully almost gets a first goal of his career, before Petterd bursts through the pack and snaps yet another goal from 40. The siren sounds and we are within five points, 7.5 47 to 6.6 42. I’m impressed with our ability to not give in. There’s bad news for the Pies though, Ben Johnson has hobbled off the ground with a knee problem.

The Dees start the second half with their mind on the game. Jamie Bennell almost crashes into the goal post, but marks the ball and kicks his third goal of his 18-game career from point blank range. The lead extends for the red and blue when Green gets his first in his milestone game.  A 50 metre penalty to Lockyer gives the Pies a gift, but the Dees answer, Bennell, Petterd and Green all combine in the forward 50 for a great goal. The Pies unfortunately hit back, through goals on the run from Medhurst and Beams. The Collingwood fans go beserk.  The Pies lead by five points (10.10 70 to 9.11 65) at three quarter time.

I haven’t been in this situation for what seems like an eternity. The Demons are actually playing well. They get the first three goals of the quarter, through Petterd (from a brilliant diving mark), Green and Dunn. The Dees stretch the lead to 11 points as the time ticks away. I’m just hoping we can hold on. With just under six minutes on the clock, Anthony juggles a mark and kicks a goal. Leon Davis kicks a ripper from the fifty metre arc. This is ridiculous, the roar is deafening. We’ve had our chances, now we need to reply. The last five minutes seem like an eternity, and just as I think the siren is about to go, we clear from the Collingwood attack. The ball goes long; Thomas kicks it out towards Bail. Bail picks it up, and hesitates and goes on his left. Petterd is under it in the goal square, the sun’s a factor and he drops the mark after a stellar game. We didn’t even get a draw; Heath Shaw grabs the ball on the last line of defence as the siren sounds.

I am torn after the siren sounds. My eyes go out of focus; I stand there for a couple of minutes, not saying anything. We finally leave, and a kick on Punt Rd Oval cheers me up a little. We showed a lot, but at the end of the day, it was a loss.

Collingwood 2.2 7.5 10.10 12.14 (86)

Melbourne 4.5 6.6 9.11 12.13 (85)


Collingwood: Anthony 2, Davis 2, Lockyer 2, Pendlebury 2, Cloke, Fraser, Beams, Medhurst.

Melbourne: Petterd 4, Green 3, Dunn 2, Bennell, Newton, Bail.


Collingwood: Thomas, Beams, Maxwell, Pendlebury, Sidebottom, O’Brien, Davis.

Melbourne: Petterd, Green, Davey, McDonald, McKenzie, Grimes, Jamar.

My Votes: 3. Ricky Petterd (MELB), 2. Brad Green (MELB), 1. Dale Thomas (COLL).

Umpires: Hay, Wenn, Jeffery.                      Crowd: 50,421 at the MCG.

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Steve Healy is an entity of a Melbourne supporter.


  1. I know i’ve said it to you already Steve but,


    Melbourne really deserved to win this game, but that mob really know how to break your heart.

    Hope Sarah is still with you too.

  2. Damian Watson says

    Great report Steve,

    You do realise that if your dog was in that position, you were free to call the game off.

    That was a hectic final minute! A gallant performance by the Dees.

  3. Great win by the Demons today, six goals in the second half to one.

    Bulldogs have their noses in front just midway through the final quarter.

  4. Steve Healy says


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