Time Shifted Thrills

That week, Round 13, I was not going to be able to watch my Tigers battle the Lions at the Gabba that week, due to the fact that I was scheduled to keyboard St Kilda vs Geelong at the same time through my job with Champion Data. It goes without saying that it is an [Read more]

Extra time is the way to go

Imagine epic music, TV preview style, in the background as you read this paragraph. The anticipation builds in the moments leading up to the first bounce in the last match of 2010. In just under 3 hours, we will know who will hold aloft the premiership cup at the end of this long, grueling 2010 [Read more]

Students pip staff as Bulman achieves goal

by Adam Bulman It’s funny how things can change in a matter of moments. In the space of a few seconds during the Eltham High Staff vs. Year 12 students footy match, I went from hoping to actually get a kick to celebrating a goal in total astonishment.

Tiger’s keep getting up

RICHMOND vs. SYDNEY – ROUND 14 “Ooh, bugger!” The replay looked ugly. Deledio’s arm bent at a very awkward angle, pinned between the tackler and the turf. As he went off clutching his arm in pain, it looked like Deledio might miss weeks, and our chances of winning against the Swans would be severely depleted. [Read more]

Tigers Romp in the Swamp

ROUND 10 – RICHMOND vs PORT ADELAIDE “…YELLOW AND BLACK! Oh we’re from Tiiii-gerrr-land!” So sang the Tigers at the end of the match. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t watch matches, but prefers to read Almanac reports about the match in suspense, wondering who’s going to win, well, what can I say? [Read more]

Numbers don’t add up for the Tiges

The pub was about 1km outside the ACT border as the crow flies. Which they hadn’t done earlier in the day, as their more aquatically-inclined cousins reigned supreme at AAMI Stadium. Back in my home state, the man-made birds at Essendon had also fallen. Two other “flying” mascots of the AFL were both represented in [Read more]

Round 1 – Richmond vs Carlton: Hard work ahead for Hardwick

by Adam Bulman “I can’t wait until Adam gets here,” said my Maths teacher, sauntering into the classroom wearing a Carlton polo shirt and a smug grin. A few people muttered “He’s there.” As the teacher finally noticed my presence, I spoke up, feigning a confidence I did not feel. “Looking forward to tomorrow night [Read more]

Footy: Hawthorn’s left footers v right footers

Left B: Brent Guerra, Josh Gibson, Matthew Suckling HB: Grant Birchall, Ryan Schoenmakers, Jarrod Kayler-Thomson

NAB Cup, Round 1: The day I met Josh, Steve, Michael, Damo and Majak

NAB CUP ROUND 1 – NORTH MELBOURNE vs GEELONG When I announced my plans during the week to go to the footy with some people I’d never met, the responses from my parents were mixed. Mum was strongly disapproving of the whole idea. “You say you’re 100% sure they are who they say they are, [Read more]

NAB Cup, Round 1: Eagles easily exterminate Essendon

After a long break from footy, it was refreshing to watch the exploits of West Coast’s dreadlocked Fijian excitement machine.

Footy: The lowdown on a massive trade week

Trade week is always one of the most exciting times of the offseason for an AFL fan, and the 2009 trade week was a particularly exciting one. I’ve decided to break down each of the 15 trades that took place during the week.

Footy: Linga a worthy leader of my All-Ranga team

By Adam Bulman Cameron Ling, the new Geelong captain, is famous for being one of the ugliest and most popular players in the AFL, due to his red hair, burnt, creased face and his skill and tenacity on field as well as his friendly and down-to-earth nature off it. The man known as the Paddle [Read more]

Footy: Tigers to do it the Hard way

By Adam Bulman Let’s be blunt: Terry Wallace’s tenure as Tiger coach was a totally atrocious time for the Richmond Football Club, one that will be remembered badly, or preferably not at all. Just off the top of my head, I can think of many mistakes: Jarrad Oakley-Nicholls and Cleve Hughes in the 2005 draft, [Read more]