Under the arrogant exterior, we Cats supporters still get nervous

  by Daniel Paproth I’m nervous before this Easter Monday clash. I’m always nervous before Geelong/Hawthorn matches. Even though my arrogance and joking over-confidence always win out, deep down, I feel the same as many other Cats fans – 08 still hurts.   09 and 11 more than made up for that loss, mind you. [Read more]

Hawthorn v Geelong: just another classic in the rivalry

My memories of Geelong/Hawthorn games stretches as far back to about 1995, when I was five, and the Cats (I think) beat Hawks at Kardinia Park/Baytec/Shell Stadium. We were in the box and Dad (a Hawks man) got very drunk and disgraced himself all the way home; fast forward to the 2008 grand final and [Read more]

Round 1: What should a good Geelong fan think?

by Daniel Paproth Being a Geelong supporter over the past few years has been a good ride, and I have ranged from being a hopeful fan (2007) to slightly overconfident (2008) to worried-but-quietly-assured (2009). In 2010 nearly every man and his dog has tipped the Cats to begin that inevitable slide, at the same time [Read more]