Round 21 – Richmond v North Melbourne: In praise of the humble matchday report

John Green remembers the glory days of the matchday report with this example of the genre.

Round 20 – Fremantle v Richmond: All roads lead to Rome

Like all great empires, their reign eventually ends, and sadly for Richmond, their dominance of the past years is beginning to fade according to John Green.

Round 16 – Gold Coast v Richmond: The crashing of the seats

Tiger John Green was just recovering from his Tigers loss to St Kilda and thought an easy win against the Suns would be further tonic. That’s not how it turned out.

Round 13 – West Coast v Richmond: The West Coast Sound

The classic West Coast Sound is sublime – but this modern, southern hemisphere version is hard listening for John Green. Despite the agony of a lost four points in hostile territory, he’s still thankful for everything Richmond has provided. [Pet Sounds seems just the tonic – Ed.]

Round 12 – Essendon v Richmond: Inside information

John Green ruminates on what constitutes a good modern football side, before wondering just how costly the loss of former assistant coaches may be when Essendon close in on his Tigers in the annual Dreamtime clash.

Round 11 – Richmond v Adelaide: Anywhere they roam

John Green reviews the Richmond win over Adelaide.

Round 5 – St Kilda v Richmond: The Seven Steps to Writing Success

John Green applies his seven-point writing strategy to an 86 point Richmond victory, which he had to watch while out for dinner.

Round 2 – Hawthorn v Richmond: Clarko’s reconstruction

It’s great to be back at the footy even when you are sitting in the stratosphere on Level 4 at the MCG as John Green and his son were for Tigers Round 2 match against the Hawks.

Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: Farewell to the Hillary Step

John Green took tremendous joy in sitting down inside the MCG to witness the unfurling of not one, but two flags as his Tigers outlasted Carlton. He even has some tips for the coach’s next speech.

Grand Final – Richmond v Geelong: When we use the D-Word

It’s a word you may associate with Hawthorn, Brisbane, the vanquished Cats or even Joan Collins…John Green give his thoughts on the current Richmond side and the ‘D-Word’, or rather ‘words’.

Finals Week 3 – Port Adelaide v Richmond: The better angels of our nature

I didn’t realise mild-mannered John Green had this in him. He reports on the Port-Richmond match which seems to have added bonuses.

Finals Week 2 – Richmond v St Kida: Bounding off the safety net

In the footy circus that is the AFL in 2020, John Green watched Richmond fall from the highwire only to be caught by the safety net.

Finals Week 1 – Brisbane v Richmond: Captain’s call

John Green went into Richmond’s first final confident. After avidly following the glittering career of skipper Trent Cotchin, John was let down by Richmond’s loss to the Lions.

Preliminary Final 1971 – St Kilda v Richmond: On being crucified

John Green recalls the 1971 season, when his beloved Tigers were cruelly bested by St Kilda at the final hurdle en route to the grand final – but were they robbed?

Almanac (Richmond Home and Away) Summary: The voyage of the yellow and black endeavour

Following Richmond’s Round 18 win against the Crows, John Green casts his eye over the Tigers’ season so far, spanning from controversy to stirring wins.

Almanac Poetry: Lockdown Limericks

John Green has turned to that most accessible of poetry forms, the limerick, during lockdown. Feast away, Tiger fans!

Round 2 – Collingwood v Richmond: Asterisk you take*

John Green considers the asterisk – its ancient history and its use in modern sport. And then reports on the re-boot of this 2020 season.

I miss the footy

Like many, John Green is missing footy in this time of Covid-19 but replays and reflections on history past help him through this period of social isolation.

Marsh Community Series – Richmond v Collingwood: Passing through Wangaratta

Like Ned Kelly and Stevie J before him, John Green passed through Wangaratta. His trip led to a relaxing day watching Richmond and Collingwood prepare for the season ahead.

Grand Final – Richmond v GWS: The stress-free life

      Neutral football fans love watching close grand finals. Supporters of competing clubs aren’t so sure. They can die a thousand deaths en route to the final siren. Take the classic encounter between West  Coast and Collingwood in 2018. If ever I was in the situation of watching Richmond in a nail-biting Grand [Read more]