Bullying the Bullies: Geelong vs. Hawthorn

I’ve lived in more than a dozen different suburbs on the south side of Melbourne and caught the train to the footy from all of them, but had never experienced a Geelong Hawthorn game travelling on the Glen Waverley line.  It is like the reverse of Geelong station at midday on a Saturday with the [Read more]

AFL Round 1: Ah, Cats, it’s good to have you back

Paul and I meet Dave and Heather, fresh from their engagement party the week before, just outside the Bunton Room. It’s about 80% full and we’ve got 10 minutes to fight our way through the crowd, get served, knock over a pot and then get a good vantage point before the season officially begins for [Read more]

Footy: Every time I relive the Grand Final, I’m a joyous Cat all over again

It’s early in the last quarter when I decide to play the reverse psychology card: ‘We’re gone, that’s it.” I say this to my long-time football compatriot, Paul T. It’s all I’ve got left in my hand; the rain is like ice and I’ll know in half an hour whether or not the footy gods [Read more]