A strange scene

  by Steve Merry It is a strange scene. Thirteen thousand fans have rated this event worthy of their attendance. Worthy of donning their team’s colours. Worthy of coordinating plans with friends or family. But to show that one might actually care about the result tonight is another matter. Only a brave few seem prepared [Read more]

AFL Round 2 – Collingwood v Melbourne: Pies juggle form without dropping the game

by Steve Merry It has been said that there are no easy wins in football. In the lead-up to this clash between Collingwood and Melbourne, however, the football world seemed to have forgotten the old cliché, with even club stalwarts Garry Lyon and David Schwarz conceding that Melbourne had no hope of winning. The only [Read more]

Footy: The off-season has gone on long enough!

By Steve Merry In the season proper, footy fans are spoilt for choice. There is football everywhere. Newspapers are littered with articles, photos and charts. Radio stations such as SEN discuss footy endlessly. Pay television channels  provide us with a host of shows on the subject, and then, to fill in the gaps, they run [Read more]