AFL Round 2 – Essendon v Fremantle: High fashion at Docklands

by Danni Eid

After an hour of rushing around the house with one high heel while trying to get ready to leave to my grandparents house for left over’s from last nights barbie, my uncle rocks up in his Essendon attire and looks at me a little confused.

I’m wearing a pretty blue summery dress and a pair of black heels.

We were planning to go to the Bombers versus Freo match but he never got back to me.

“Aren’t you coming with me?” he asks

“WHAT! But you didn’t call to say you’re still going.”

“I didn’t call but I sent you a text, didn’t you get it?”


“Well I’m going; do you still want to come?”

Obviously I didn’t ponder at the thought, “DUHH, Just let me get changed!”

A pair of shorts and a Collingwood singlet later (no heels Lol) and were on our way cruising to Etihad. The drive to the footy always relaxes me. I feel my worries fly out the car window as the stadium comes into view.

We have a sausage roll while we wait for the whole Lloyd ceremony to begin.

First they bring out kids in number 18s to commemorate the goals Lloyd has kicked.

Lloyd, his wife and two kids partake in the lap of honor, as the fans of both teams give him a well deserved cheer. Then the moment comes, the unveiling of the sign which reads LLOYD that covers COVENTRY end.

A huge fuss was made about this and I’ve decided that Eddie should just buy that end of the ground, so that it remains COVENTRY, its not that hard really.

Anyway they pull up and only half the cloth covering the LLOYD sign falls so it reads LOYD, LOL! And the man on the ground blames Collingwood sabotage to which I proclaim to the Essendon supporters around me, “IT WAS ME!”

No one takes me seriously, gee, what if it really was me?

The highlight was defiantly the Freo theme song to which I sing along to and wave my arms, LOL.

The game begins; mind you I took no pen or paper to make notes for this report!

It was more of a relaxation viewing.

I get excited as Monfires takes his first shot at goal. As he starts to collect himself and walk forward I yell “COME ON ANGUS, I NEED SUPERCOACH POINTS BABY!!”

To this I get a reaction, laughs from around the Bombers around me and even better a goal from Angus. “YEAHHHHH!!! NICE ONE ANGUS!!”

The score stays pretty tight, only because Freo is playing swift, fast footy and the Bomber miss valuable shots are goal.

I continue my cheering for Monfries but keep it zipped for Tarrant even though he’s in my SC team only so I don’t get an evil stare from my uncle.

The Bombers play starts to look almost as bad as Collingwood’s play against the Dees.


Behind me that is…

I hear a conversation between two guys, one of them says:

“Yeez, you see zee referee waz not doing zis last tyme, and yooh noe zat he played in ze beck….”


I pretend to be taking something out of my handbag under my seat to have a look at them.

Let me tell you…WOW these guys looked like they belonged on a fashion runway!

Who says the footy doesn’t have hot guys??!!!

Now the only problem is that the stupid seats are like attached to each other so I cant like turn my seat to face them, just to look at the French prettyness!!

Anyway back to the game, Lol

Sandilands was dominant in the ruck while Tarrant put a complete stop to Ryder, Monfires was kept at 2 goal one behind, and Davey hardly did anything interesting!

It was a pretty average game on the Bombers behalf, my uncle looks gloomy even after we had eaten king size Cherry Ripe bars!

We leave about ten minutes before the siren, defeated and tired, but hey I got to spend a day with my uncle and I still haven’t done any of my holiday homework! Lol

Yeah life is good.

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