A forty-two year wait for Tate

As the Ashes wind up again, Gigs has been reminded of an unfinished childhood quest involving breakfast cereal, collectables and sporting history in need of a fact check.

The ultimate injured testicle listicle

What is a testicle listicle? ‘Listicles are often derided — quite fairly — as cheap, lazy content,’ writes Gigs. ‘But as someone who is cheap and lazy, and who loves lists and writing articles, I find the idea of creating one kind of attractive. For me, though, it has to be a listicle with a twist.’ Read on with caution – only Gigs could come up with this one which includes suffering sportsmen like Scott Thompson and Bumble!

Celebrating a feast of Saint Davids

As a thankyou gesture, Gigs names a Saints team of Davids in honour of Almanacker David Downer.

Round 23 – Richmond v Bulldogs: 2016 versus 2017

Gigs is getting bullish about his Bullies, even after a three point loss!

Vale Evelyn — a champion mum

Gigs pays tribute to his beloved mother who passed away early on Sunday morning. She was a true champion. [Our condolences Gigs – JTH]

May Day – Mayday – M’aider

Andrew Gigacz posted this piece on his blog and asked us to add it to the Almanac site. It is an account of a tragic death.

A few (twisted) words about the Ashes

As a wordsmith, Gigs is the great conjuror. It’s like watching a magic show. Here he toys with cricketers’ names, just as he did a few years ago. [How do you think of this stuff Gigs?]

Almanac Teams: I axe/dump side (A mixed up side)

This is a nice challenge. Gigs has picked an annagrammatic side of footballers since the 50s. I think it’s best that he explains, which he has done in this piece. [Vintage Gigs – JTH]

August 15th – A Day of Reckoning

Gigs fills us in on the significance of August 15 2017 as he embarks on another Radox-fuelled season with the Clifton Hill CC


Andrew Gigacz posted this piece from five years ago on Facebook today and it is brutally honest account of job loss and the affect it can have on someone’s mental health. Must read.

Almanac (Local) Cricket: In search of lost Clifton Hillers

Andrew Gigs Gigacz has become part of the furniture at Clifton Hill CC and is helping track down some lost players in time for the 50th anniversary celebrations at the Fitzroy Town Hall on Feb 18. If you know any of thses cricketers please leave a comment here, or contact Gigs, or the club. And book for the event!

Almanac Book Review: The Game of Their Lives

Australian Rules football was the great love of the subjects of “The Game of Their Lives” but it was in the “greater game” that their ultimate fate would be decided writes Nick Richardson.

Grand Final 2016 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Belief

Belief is a strong word, especially when applied to Gigs and fellow Bulldog supporters, it is the belief that their time will come and now they can’t believe it!

Finals Week 3 – GWS v Western Bulldogs: We Shall Overcome

There is a humanitarian, fraternity-of-all, 1960s element to the Dogs. People keep affirming it to Andrew Gigacz who concludes, “We shall overcome!” [Great heart in this piece – JTH]

Finals Week 2 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: The Hawks are dead, long live the Dogs

Gigs is astounded. [Gigs has made his feelings clear. Add your response to the game – Ed]

2016 Footy Almanac Cover: An alternative viewpoint

The discussion for The Footy Almanac 2016 cover is heating up, Gigs puts his case for Bob Murphy.

Almanac Art: Footy and art? Footy IS art!

Lots of things happening in the world of footy art. Apart from the forthcoming exhibition in Mildura, “Redball” has opened at the Red Gallery in North Fitzroy. Anddrew Gigacz has been along to have a look.

Almanac Old Buggers’ Indoor Cricket: The Boos of The Fishermen

Huge controversy, among team-mates.

When ‘The Fishermen’ don’t quite agree: Gigs ‘Garfish’ Gigacz gives an account of a dropped catch in a crucial indoor cricket fixture which denied Damian ‘Plankton’ Callinan a hat-trick while Plankton offers an alternative account.

[Please let us know about your incident of internal strife. And also, we’d love to hear stories of hat-tricks denied.]

Round 23 – Brisbane Lions v Western Bulldogs: Family and Footscray

The parallels between the Gigacz family and the travails of the Western Bulldogs over the course of a year. Ups and downs and hope on the horizon…

Cricket’s a (hat) tricky game

Gigs has a day out.