GigStats Rounds 13 & 14: Striking statistics

STATS ENTERTAINMENT ROUNDS 13 AND 14 by Andrew Gigacz STRIJK ONE It might have passed by many footy fans, but the Round 13 clash between marked a VFL/AFL first. With Andrew Strijk making his debut, he not only became the first player in history with that surname but his first-up effort marked the first ever [Read more]

Cats keep out the Cold

It was a cold old day in Canberra last Sunday. Freezing in fact. With the kids bored out of their brain. And you kicking yourself for not having backed Serena to win Wimbledon. And sad with what the Uruguayans, and Fate, did to Ghana. Miserable outside and in. Although the fire and the Rice Bubbles [Read more]

Tigers’ win just as good on replay

Obviously, I was at St.Kilda V Melbourne when this match ended. Fortunately, I taped it so I could watch probably the equal best match of the round in full. A lazy afternoon in the holidays was the perfect time to view this game. Sydney won the toss and kicked to the city end. As the [Read more]

round 14 – one touch at a time

the night drifts along until Didak another night punctuated by Harry’s stampedes Jolly sidesteps the night all to himself first goal in an hour followed by another a minute later World Cup month and now Daisy tries a scissor kick night sounds a smother ricochets off the roof Swan up the ground and back one [Read more]

Freo breaks Port, Palmer breaks Barlow’s leg

Fremantle V Port Adelaide By Steve Healy This fixtured match left me dazzled, it has since last October. Fremantle v Port Adelaide, the only Saturday afternoon game in Round 14? Surely not. A game of footy is a game of footy, however. There are not many things I love more than listening to the footy [Read more]

Glitz and Glamour

by John Green Is it possible to be the glamour team of the competition and yet be sitting in last place on the ladder? Suddenly, after three wins in four games, Richmond is the flavour of the month. Ranked number one in clearances, scoring from clearances, individual clearance winner (Shane Tuck) and individual goalkicker (Jack [Read more]

Cats cruise as Roos lose Ziebell – and belief – early

Geelong versus North Melbourne 1.10pm, Sunday, July 4 Skilled Stadium, Geelong by Andrew Starkie ‘Confident?’ I ask the Roo beside me, taking my usual seat, front row, Melbourne end goals. In order to avoid disappointment, I always pre-purchase a ticket from the club for the annual Cattery game, and this is where they invariably put [Read more]

Saints too strong for young Demons

Is Sunday Twilight football a friend or a foe? It’s certainly worse when you’re following it from your own home, especially since the games are on Foxtel and I don’t get to watch them. However, in saying that, these matches aren’t that bad to attend, giving myself more time earlier in the day to do [Read more]

Floreat Pica Society- West Coast Game

By John Ramsdale I hate this ground-see Bulldogs report, 6/6/2010. On paper this looked like a straightforward game and we should have approached it with great confidence. Tim had marked this down as a win in his half –year summary. However, based on previous experience going into games that were classified as certain wins there [Read more]

The View From Shepparton Round 14

First up, I scored 8 out of 8 in one tipping comp. Pretty good eh? Pretty Unique? I thought so until it emerged on ABC radio’s (Jon Faine 10-10:30 or thereabouts ) that half of the existing footy firmament had attained this score by virtue of picking all of the home sides. Bad luck for [Read more]

Hawk resurgence continues

This  game  was  set  to  be  enormous.  A  win  for  the  Bulldogs  meant  that  they  would  be  back  to  their  best  after  a  shaky  first  half  of  the  year.  As  for  the  Hawks,  a  win  for  them  meant  they  were  a  serious  finals  contender,  who  at  one  stage  were  1-6  but  haven’t  lost  ever  since. [Read more]


WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Les Miserables opened proceedings with a win on Thursday night in a match that had some viewers taking 40 winks so they would be fresh from the midnight soccer.  On Friday Night The Hawks topped the Doggies in one for the archives.  Saturday’s [Read more]

Tiger’s keep getting up

RICHMOND vs. SYDNEY – ROUND 14 “Ooh, bugger!” The replay looked ugly. Deledio’s arm bent at a very awkward angle, pinned between the tackler and the turf. As he went off clutching his arm in pain, it looked like Deledio might miss weeks, and our chances of winning against the Swans would be severely depleted. [Read more]

Tigers rise to the occasion

I couldn’t sleep at all. I sat in bed at 1:00AM, and slowly, it crept to 4:00AM, where I finally closed my eyes for a couple of hours of shuteye. I had so many things on my minds, for some reason I was thinking about all these mathematical situations, the game between North Melbourne and [Read more]

Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games- Rd 14

ROUND 14 Adelaide versus Essendon Saturday, July 3rd., AAMI Stadium, Night To: Subject: Missing you, and Go hoT Pies My dearest Labrini Howdy Hoodoo Dear Labrini, I wish you were at Huntleigh Mews right now.  I will definately be at the airport to pick you up next Monday, fit ‘n’ Well to welcome U [Read more]

Anyone For Trugo?

Oh, the bloody agony of it. There I was, all set up for a night of enjoyable footy, optimistically  thinking that The Dons will have a real crack at it but they were pathetic. I think I missed the best part of Essendon’s challenge, the first couple of minutes .By the time I sat down [Read more]

Magpies make score board statement as Danni puts voice to paper

Apparently I have a throat infection; it’s that time of year when every one gets sick all the time. My throat feels scratched and I can’t last five minutes without having a coughing fit. In two days I’ve gone through three packets of Butter Menthols and I’m waking up crankier than normal, which trust me [Read more]

Hawks Home in a Classic

After a tiring day in Bendigo, I was ready to get home and relax on the couch. After catching the flu, I felt a little bit better but still had my worries. I didn’t know if I would be right to play footy the next morning against Waaia’s biggest rival, Katunga. That had been at [Read more]

Frogs, Fevers and Footy

Trying to force the frog from my throat for the 500th time, I stretched out on the couch, annoyed that I’d caught the flu again, the third time in exactly a year. Funnily enough, I got the flu a few days after the Sydney v Collingwood game last year, whereas it has happened again. An [Read more]

Blues run away in the end

Last October, a wise group of Men chose this fixture to be a ‘Fevola goes back to Melbourne to play Carlton’ extravaganza, on a Thursday night. Unfortunately, this plan came unstuck as Fevola pulled out of the side due to a groin problem, which gave the Lions an even smaller chance to conquer against the [Read more]