The View From Shepparton Round 14

First up, I scored 8 out of 8 in one tipping comp. Pretty good eh? Pretty Unique? I thought so until it emerged on ABC radio’s (Jon Faine 10-10:30 or thereabouts ) that half of the existing footy firmament had attained this score by virtue of picking all of the home sides. Bad luck for those who picked all of the away sides.

The real tragedy for this week at least in a footy sense was Michael Barlow’s terrible and possibly career ending injury in the final stage of the game and it was friendly fire. I can’t find words that might do justice as to how he must be feeling right now. For those who came in late, this player got a game with Freo this year after being passed over for years by other clubs. In his early twenties, he was quite possibly leading the Brownlow count at this stage. He was an inspiration to many who might have felt that in this sporting life they had never been given a fair go in that  when at last given a chance took it with both hands. He will leave a huge gap in Freo’s line up so that to that extent it is terrible luck for them as well.

As I said I backed quite by accident all of the home sides. Thus it was that I didn’t support Brisbane. In fact I just felt that our recent form has been terrible everywhere so that away from home they were no chance. And yet in the first quarter they looked pretty good but correspondingly the Blues looked awful with practically every pass missing its mark. It’s always hard to tell of course but to me the real turning point came about 8 minutes into the second quarter when having just taken a great contested mark Justin Sherman missed a very gettable goal. From then, as so often happens the ball was swept down the other end for the scores to be at then tied with a Carlton goal. Brisbane were never in it after that. I’m sorry Vossy but all of your your recruiting has amounted to practically nought and yet who can blame you, our seconds side is hardly that flash either. Meanwhile Karmichael Hunt continues to go nowhere and I despair of Queensland putting up a decent AFL team for the next ten years at least. What that will do to the code’s support in that state I hate to think. On the credit side Eddie Betts was again a will of the wisp forward for Carlton.

The Western Bulldogs just missed out again. As Neil Craig has said the winner of any game which is decided by less than 6 points can always be said to have been lucky. Some are writing off the Bulldogs, but I am not so sure.

Are Adelaide on the move at last? It would be tantalising to think so but if they can keep up their recent form they might yet be more than spoilers. They have given the rest of the comp such a start though that it is hard to see it. Absolutely everything would have to go right for them from here on in. Players who were stars in last year’s late run are starting to look good again, i.e The Porpoise, Tippett, Dangerfield. As for the Don’s I don’t think that I will back them anymore this year. They promise so much yet have given so little.

Freo were miles too good for Port but that result was somewhat ruined as described previously.

Collingwood beat the easy beats, West Coast. As is the situation with  Brisbane the only comfort West Coast supporters can can get is to think of the glory days when they were a champion team. Collingwood keep on marching to greater glory but they have been found wanting in really important matches time and again so one can’t have much faith in them.

St Kilda easily accounted for Melbourne. I thought that with their quick side the Demons might have had a red hot go but it wasn’t to be.

Richmond had a great win against Sydney. Bad luck for O’Keefe in his 200th game for Sydney , but for Richmond really gutsy of Collins to get that last goal after he appeared to have been knocked out a few minutes earlier. And thinking of comebacks how about Deledio after it seemed that his elbow had just about been ripped off. If gun Richmond forward Jack Riewoldt keeps up his stellar form he will be another of those players of whom it might be said that one attended a game just to see him play. I really hope that for Sydney Goodes can regain some form.

Geelong at home were always going to be too strong for North Melbourne. There are plenty of teams though that have been beaten by more when playing at Skilled Stadium.

Tait for Test Match cricket if he can get the required for and fitness. Ghana were dead stiff in the soccer, Germany to win. Is Federer a sour loser?

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