Blues run away in the end

Last October, a wise group of Men chose this fixture to be a ‘Fevola goes back to Melbourne to play Carlton’ extravaganza, on a Thursday night. Unfortunately, this plan came unstuck as Fevola pulled out of the side due to a groin problem, which gave the Lions an even smaller chance to conquer against the Blues.

I don’t mind Thursday Night football, as long as it’s fixtured at this time of the year, in the school holidays. Footy on a Thursday is simply better sounding- it means there’s only three footy-less days in the week instead of four. The game, unfortunately, was an hour delayed on TV, but fortunately in the sense that I could eat dinner with my family without worrying about missing the start.

It was an exciting start to the match. Scotland received a free kick from the middle and immediately found Betts who took a strong overhead mark and converted the shot. This was soon responded to by a similar goal from Polkinghorne, who was one of many lesser-known forwards who would have to step up for the Lions tonight. Garlett loaded up with a goal from the outside the arc, but it was the Lions who then dominated- three of the quickest behinds you will ever see- due to Carlton’s inability to rebound the ball from their back half- but the Lions willingness to go direct came to good use when they linked up superbly and Banfield kicked one. The Lions escaped from their own defensive fumble at the other end, but it was Banfield again who striked for Brisbane, along with Aaron Cornelius who had a magnificent opening to the game, but in this situation he took a fantastic grab and kicked a goal to put the Lions 14 points in front. The Lions went in to quarter time 13 points clear of their opposition, but the query was always going to be whether they could keep it up.

Despite the good work from Brisbane players such as Rockliff, Black, Rischitelli and Leuenberger, the game slipped away from them. The Blues put through three in a row- A massive goal from Scotland, a clean piece of crumbing and goal from Garlett, and one from Henderson against his old side. The Lions got their only goal of the quarter courtesy of Cornelius again, which just snuck through from the goal square, but the Blues dominated the second half of the quarter, not allowing the Lions to score and kicking goals themselves. The quarter was rounded out with a high mark on the goal line by Houlihan, before running in and kicking a goal to put the Blues 20 points in front at half time, a 6.5 to 1.2 domination of a quarter.

The third quarter began and the Lions unbelievably worked their way back into the game (albeit with some luck from the umpires) with goals from Rich (from a Jordan Russell stuff up from the goal square) and Black after a lucky fifty, one of 10 for the night. The Lions stayed within seven points for half the quarter, for 14 minutes neither team could score. But it was Eddie Betts who broke the game open- two in a row for the Carlton superstar. Henderson kicked his second and Yarran snapped another, and it seemed too little, too late for Brisbane. A goal from Redden relieved some pain but the Blues still held a comfortable 25-point lead at the final change.

The Blues ran rampant in the final quarter, a barrage of goals were too much for Brisbane to handle, who fell further and further behind. Betts kicked his fourth….and fifth goals. Carlton’s second half accuracy was again imminent for the second game in a row- against Fremantle they kicked 10.3 in the second half, as they did against Brisbane tonight. Buchanan kicked one for the Lions, a player who definitely needs to step up in the scheme of things. The game was rounded out with a goal from O’hAilpin, his first, and the final score of 18.12 120 to 9.11 65 was almost exactly the same score as Richmond V Carlton in Round 1.

Now at 8-6, the Blues proved tonight that they can be a fierce, attacking side with a spread of goal kickers, one that was shown more at the beginning of the season. For the Lions, unfortunately, it’s season over, at 5-9 there is no way they can mount any sort of revival, especially after being 4-0 at the early stages of the season. However, there may be a bit of hope with Brown and Fevola likely to be back together in the side in 2-3 weeks. Also, Tom Rockliff is a star in the making for Brisbane. He has averaged 27 possessions in his last five matches and has that sheer ball winning ability that few have. Sam Jacobs really stood up for Carlton, replacing Matthew Kreuzer who will not be seen on the field for a long time. And what about Betts, Yarran and Garlett?  You’d think that the Blues are definitely headed for finals this season.

Carlton 2.4—8.9—12.9—18.12 (120)

Brisbane 4.5—5.7—8.8—9.11 (65)


Carlton: Betts 5, Henderson 2, Yarran 2, Simpson 2, Garlett 2, Scotland 2, Gibbs, Houlihan, O’hAilpin.

Brisbane: Cornelius 2, Banfield 2, Rich, Black, Redden, Polkinghorne, Buchanan.


Carlton: Betts, Yarran, Scotland, Judd, Murphy, Garlett, Simpson.

Brisbane: Black, Rockliff, Leuenberger, Rischitelli, Banfield.

Umpires: Margetts, Meredith, McInerney.           Crowd: 35,623 at Etihad Stadium.

My Votes: 3. Eddie Betts (CARL), 2. Chris Yarran (CARL), 1. Simon Black (BL).

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  1. Danielle says

    There are two questions that come to me when i see Buchanan in a Lions jumper.

    1- Will i ever get used to how weird it seems?
    2- Why didn’t we try to get him?


  2. I think I can answer the second one Danni – Because if there’s one thing Collingwood don’t need, it’s a mature age small forward. I guess you’d probably rather have Nick Jonas than Nick Riewoldt though.

    Cornelius seems to have velcro pads embedded in his hands.

  3. Danielle says

    2- Adam there is always room for pretty players at Collingwood, infact i welcome them VERY much.

  4. Steve Healy says

    Thanks for the comments guys, and yeah judging by his form at Brisbane I doubt he’d get a game at Collingwood. Cornelius has kicked 7 goals in his first 3 games

  5. John Butler says


    Mr Cornelius looked quite promising. That, plus the form of Rockliff and Banfield is about all they would remember fondly on the night.

    I think you’re pretty kind about this game. That scoreless 14 minutes in the third term was a complete train wreck.

    The Blues were pretty unimpressive for large parts of the game. They were lucky they were playing Brisbane.

    You’re right, we’re looking alright for the finale, but only because everyone else is falling away (North excepted).

    Keep up the good work. :)

  6. Steve Healy says

    Thanks JB, you keep up the good editing work as well, and congratulations on your first book spot (I think?)

  7. John Butler says

    Yeah Steve

    Finally cracked it for a berth.

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