Anyone For Trugo?

Oh, the bloody agony of it. There I was, all set up for a night of enjoyable footy, optimistically  thinking that The Dons will have a real crack at it but they were pathetic. I think I missed the best part of Essendon’s challenge, the first couple of minutes .By the time I sat down they had lost their early lead and a series of 50 metre penalties to Adelaide didn’t help their cause one little bit. I was also very annoyed that Channel 10 decided to delay the telecast by about 5 seconds from the radio broadcast. I know Adelaide is a long way from Melbourne but I think there is more to it than that. I suspect the commercial telecaster demand you watch and have to listen to the succession of mind numbing ads and promos. I persisted though, the radio stayed on the ABC and the way the game was going I didn’t want to watch much of it anyway.

Essendon seemed to think that the best way to goal was around the boundary line, the closer to it the better. Every now and again one of them would have a brain surge and decide to kick the ball across the ground to the other boundary  line, usually finding an Adelaide player in the centre  who kicked yet another goal. And the Adelaide team kicked goals and goals, and Essendon chased and tackled. All to no avail. It was hard not to feel sorry for them , to their credit they kept on trying but they were outclassed by a team that virtually has no hope of playing in the finals. What does that say about Essendon?

So Adelaide trounced Essendon by 84 points, that 14 bloody goals. I’m fast losing interest in footy, both teams I follow are doing it tough, MHSOB stone motherless last in Premier B and by last nights showing I reckon The Dons should be 16th on the AFL ladder. I checked on  what other sports I could embrace to fill in the vacuum, maybe that home grown game that evolved in the Newport Railway Workshop called Trugo, maybe Pelota Vasca from the Basque region or even Petangue, anything that will ease the pain.

I guess I’m a bit lucky there is a lot of great sport on the tele at the moment to take my mind off footy, Wimbledon which finishes tonight, World Cup  which has a few exciting nights to go and then the greatest event of all, the Tour de France. I love the scenery, the bikes and the Aussie riders, it’s a great 20+ nights  and early mornings on SBS.

But back to the poor old Dons, best players Lovett-Murray, Ryder, Winderlich and Watson. Next week I’m off to the footy again (will I ever learn) with my cousin who is a Melbourne supporter. He organised the get together many weeks ago. I think I look forward, if that’s possible, to the game  with trepidation and apprehension .

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