Almanac Teams: Saccharine Sixteen (1980- )

A few players who wore Number 16 in recent decades caught Rodney Boyd’s eye for their more interesting feats or foibles…including one player with a surprising basketball background.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 6 – Richmond v Geelong: Only three more years of this crap!

Adam McNicol tipped an upset win for the Tigers before they proceeded to lose by their greatest margin ever! The good news was that the coach said that things would be better in three years.

Rev Up

Jill Fitzsimons has just finished reading Hugh Van Cuylenburg’s, The Resilience Project: Finding Happiness Through Gratitude Empathy and Mindfulness which has motivated her to consider words from footy people who have inspired her.

AFL Trade Radio Satire – Episode 2 – The Production Meeting

Andrew Else continues his imaginary series, taking us behind the scenes to listen in to the day’s production meeting at ‘Trade Radio’, the source of all the top stories from the AFL trade period.

Almanac Teams: Terry from the Footy Almanac

Terry’s the name. Not Ted. Nor is it Terrence – that’s better left for actors. Ted is a footy name with a fine tradition, and Glen! is the man to do it justice. Read his team of Teds, then offer your own suggestions.

Finals Week 1 – Qualifying Final: Richmond v Hawthorn: Dustin Martin, revisited

Dusty and the Tigers roar, plucking the Hawk’s feathers in an ominous premiership defining performance.

Round 11 – West Coast Eagles v St Kilda: Red, White and Black in Four Parts

Yvette Wroby writes of four varied experiences in a weekend of red, white and black. It was some weekend.

The Ballad Of Dusty The Kid

Jennifer Muirden has written another set of lyrics about this year’s Brownlow medalist Dustin Martin. This time to the tune of “The Ballad Of Billy The Kid” by Billy Joel.

AFL 1997 – Twenty Years On: Introduction and The Coaches

Can 1997 really be two decades ago? Apparently so, as Swish introduces this pictorial series covering the coaches and players from the 1997 AFL season.

We’ll always have Paris: The 2017 Western Bulldogs

These are tough times for Western Bulldogs supporters, with the team sitting at 6-6 after thirteen rounds. Neil Anderson gives us a deep insight into the mind of a lifelong Footscray/Western Bulldogs fan.

Being underdogs amongst SEN’s commentators

For the last few years, Yoshi’s mighty Sainters have been considered as the underdog, from footy tipping to finals predictions.. In 2017, Yoshi hopes that his boys lose that title. [Yoshi is our Japanese correspondent. He’s so keen he listens to SEN on the internet – Ed]

Finals Week 3 – GWS v Western Bulldogs: What the Western Bulldogs Mean To Me

Heading into this weeks Preliminary Final, Bulldog fan Marty Gleason reminisces on his team’s finals campaigns of the past few decades.

Footy Almanac rejection – a writing career in crisis

da mcdonnell senses a stitch-up in the removal of his work from the Almanac website.

2015: The Dogs and Our Unfinished Journey. In Bevo we trust.

Hoping that there’s still more footy to come after Saturday night’s Elimination Final against the Crows, Simon McInerney looks back on the Bulldogs’ 2015 season to date. It’s fair to say that Simon doesn’t write the material for the Coodabeen Champions’ Dan from Droop Street.

The Finals: Perfect Prelims – A Walk Down Memory Lane

The 2014 Preliminary Finals are drawing ever-closer. And to get us all in the mood, Steve Baker recalls some of the classic Prelims: Stynes going over the mark in ’87, Fraser Brown’s tackle in ’99, Plugger’s after the siren gem in ’96 and the death of the ‘Kennett Curse’.

AFL Round 11: And that was that, for Tiger Terry.

by John Green After weeks of wondering when the guillotine blade is going to drop, Terry Wallace has left the scaffold and decided to go of his own accord. The Tigers’ clash with the Western Bulldogs is to be his last as Richmond coach. There is a curious irony in Wallace’s swansong. He is competing [Read more]

Round 11: Richmond v Western Bulldogs – Tigers farwell coach in characteristic fashion

Tonight is the farewell game for Richmond’s Terry Wallace, his five year plan ending in failure with Richmond not much better off than when he came to the club. But tonight we may see even more farewells. Jordan Mcmuffin has been selected ,while Pettifer and Simmonds will get their last chance to show the new coach [Read more]

Poetry: Twilight by Andrew Gigacz

Twilight   by Andrew Gigacz     Footy is not for Twilight   Footy is for Highlights and Lowlights And Friday night Floodlights   Twilight is not for footy   Twilight is for Goths For Stephanie Meyer and Bella Swan   It’s not for footy   Twilight is for teenagers and Kristen Stewart It’s for [Read more]

Tigers need a young coach for a new era

By Paul Daffey In 2004 Hawthorn finished fifteenth with four wins and a percentage of 70 while Richmond finished sixteenth — last — with a percentage of 69. The clubs were separated by one percentage point. I know these figures because they’re burned in my mind. It hurts and confuses me to think what has [Read more]

Bulldogs Hold the Aces by John Green

The mind games started the day before this clash at the Docklands. Opposing coaches, Terry Wallace and Rodney Eade, were once teammates at Hawthorn. Having since become career coaches, they had engaged each other in a battle of wits at various times in recent years. First it was Wallace with the Western Bulldogs and Eade [Read more]