Being underdogs amongst SEN’s commentators

The mighty Saints are likely to play finals and many footy experts including my favourite footy journalist Rohan Connolly predict we will play in September.

But it doesn’t apply to SEN commentators this week.

Listening to summer breakfast show on Monday, former Bulldog and Bomber Adam Cooney ruled out St Kilda from his top eight prediction.

Even SEN presenters said “St Kilda supporters might not be happy” after his prediction.

Then in the evening on the Run Home, Jon Ralph didn’t place St Kilda in his top eight prediction, I thought.

Returning co-host David Schwarz was not happy not to hear his Demons included in the top eight prediction.

After enjoying Ox’s return on the evening show, I was surprised and bit shocked, so made a post on a St Kilda supporters forum Facebook page. Mostly fellow Sainters don’t care predictions presenting an example David King predicted Saints not winning any game in 2015.

[Please note] I might have misunderstood what he had to say because later, I have found Ralph commented positively in an article on the SEN website.

Also I urged the members that we would follow the Bulldogs who were always underdogs during the final campaign in 2016.

I feel that we St Kida supporters are strong and positive, and sense I have picked the right and best club.

And on Wednesday morning, a coaching legend Mick Malthouse didn’t pick St Kilda for his top eight prediction on the same radio program.

He even included North Melbourne in his prediction.

I cannot understand, but don’t care.

Seeing and hearing footy predictions, I think some commentators, especially former players, comment in a favour of their favourite clubs. You can sense from Cooney who picked Bulldogs and Essendon in his predictions. Also I find Terry Wallace trying not to pick St Kilda in his tipping on Before the Game hosted with Andy Maher.

Get over being placed underdogs, St Kilda boys! I strongly believe we will play the footy finals this year.

Go the mighty Saints!!!


1. I enjoy listening to Run Home because David Schwarz is fun, interesting and funny. I like Francis Leach, but co-hosting the Run Home suits the Ox. And I hope Andy from Pakenham fights well with cancer and recovers well. I like Andy and what he has to say on the Soap Box!!

2. I always pick St Kilda in footy tipping. I need to win the ‘competition’ but my heart supporting St Kilda comes first in the tipping. Picking the opponent bleaches my standard in watching and supporting footy.

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