Round 11: Richmond v Western Bulldogs – Tigers farwell coach in characteristic fashion

Tonight is the farewell game for Richmond’s Terry Wallace, his five year plan ending in failure with Richmond not much better off than when he came to the club. But tonight we may see even more farewells. Jordan Mcmuffin has been selected ,while Pettifer and Simmonds will get their last chance to show the new coach that they are worthy of being on the list. It’s no secret that a caretaker coach will play the kids over the older guys .

I go to tonight’s game with  mum. She says she was offered to walk onto the ground being women’s round, but  she declined. As we walk in we hear Robert Murphy’s a late withdrawal for the Bulldogs. I explain to mum that Murphy’s a star for the Bulldogs and is a big out. It doesn’t fill us with any confidence though, as both of us are expecting a flogging. We reach our seats pleasently suprised, as Richmond supporters surround us. They all give a cheer when Terry runs up the stairs being closely followed by Wayne Campbell, who I think will be the caretaker.

The match starts well for Richmond, as the boys seem up and about ,tackling well with skipper Newman leading the way. Unfortunately we can’t put it on the scoreboard due to poor kicks inside 50. Leave it to Ben Cousins to turn that around hitting mum’s favorite, Mitch Morton, on the chest in the goal square. Mtich’s good form continues as he boots three for the quarter ,but mistakes down the other end of the ground allow Bulldogs to stay in the game . Scores are  level at quarter time. Mum and I discuss what has unfolded. We are delighted with the start of Newman, Jackson, Cotchin and Morton ,but doubt the Tigers will  be able to sustain it.

Bullogs start to get on a roll in the second term. Giansiracusa and Higgins start to find the ball easily. The only consolation being they’re in my supercoach team. Moore’s move to the forward line seems strange , as he has no impact ,while the defence is constantly bombarded. After Gilbee slots a goal and Higgins bangs home his third ,I’m convinced the game is over.

I’m preparing for the worst but all of a sudden a resurgence builds. Jackson grabs the ball at every stoppage and bangs it into Richmond’s forward line with Pattison and Riewoldt getting on the end and finshing acordingly. Richmond finish off the quarter two points up with Wallace getting excited  applause, as he races onto the ground.

I think that if Richmond are going to win they’ll need  goals early to keep the momentum rolling. They look to do just that as Riewoldt marks fifty metres out, thirty seconds into the third.  A poor kick missing the target of Pettifer totally kills all momentum ,and the Doggies run away with it from there. Liam Picken leaves Deledio for dead kicking two goals before Ryan Griffen dances around Mcmuffin kicking a goal from fifty metres out.  Brad Johnson also gets himself into the game, becoming too much for the young Will Thursfield. Ben Cousins walks up and down the race in front of me in disgust. West Coast of 2006 would never have been this badly beaten after leading at half time.

The thrid quarter ends with Giansiarcusa’s second goal making it seven goals to none for the quarter. Wallace makes his way onto the ground without a single person clapping. Loss seems inevitable now, and Terry just has to see it out.

Mum doesn’t think we’ll kick another goal for the match,  so she’s pleasantly surprised when Polo opens the quarter with a goal from outside fifty. It ends there however. The players don’t seem interested anymore. The only Tiger troubling the dogs is Jackson. Simmonds tries hard but the game has past him. He wouldn’t last long on Hardwick’s list. The midfield that had been winning every clearance in the 2nd quarter was now insignificant. Foley and Tuck were invisible while Coughlan just couldn’t get into the game. As Josh Hill takes control kicking three in succsession, my mind wanders on to who is prepared to look after this lot. Cambpell isn’t the right guy for the job. Hardwick would be a great coach. Buckley is too inexperienced to take over a rabble like Richmond.

We clap Terry off after the game. He failed at Richmond but at least now, we can look forward. The game went along just as the season has. We play a good quarter of football, hitting the front then being slaughtered after that.  I wish Terry all the best and I only ask that he takes Jordan Mcmahon with him.

Richmond: 4.2  12.2   12.4   14.5 (89)

Western Bulldogs 4.2   11.6   18.10   24.13 (157)


Richmond: Riewoldt 3, Morton 3, Tuck 2, Pattison 2, Deledio, Mcmahon, Polo, Collins

Western Bulldogs: Hill 4, Higgins 3, Johnson 2, Hahn 2, Gilbee 2, Giansiracusa 2, Picken 2, Boyd, Eagleton, Ward, Griffen, Cooney, Akermanis, Hargrave


Richmond: Jackson, Newman, Tuck, Cousins, Morton

Western Bulldogs: Harbrow, Picken, Johnson, Higgins, Boyd


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