AFLW Round 7 – Fremantle v Carlton : Curtain time for Carlton Blues faltering before the Fremantle Dockers

As a bemused and emotionally detached supporter of the battle for the wooden spoon in the AFLW, Almanacker Jennifer’s mind was set to wander, and so it did, even to the extent of rewriting song lyrics! Check out her musings in her report of the game.

AFLW Round 2 – GWS v Carlton: Giants gazumped by classy Carlton the inclement weather specialists

Jennifer Muirden was safe from the thunder and lightning at home on her Melbourne couch as she took in the dramatic game between GWS and Carlton from Sydney.

A-League 2017/18 Round 18 : Berisha the only salve to Victory’s blues as they sadly succumb to the Sky Blues

Jennifer Muirden had a big Australia Day, meeting friends, enjoying beers and taking in ‘The Big Blue’. As is often the case with Jen’s colourful stories, she has penned some song lyrics.

Gregarious George and buoyant Barbarouses led the way in Broxham’s 250th milestone match with Melbourne Victory

Ok, Jennifer admits this was her virginal visit to the Rectangular Stadium. But she’s happy to confess that, contrary to being a diehard Australian Rules fan since eight years of age, Jennifer is now a convert – not only to the stadium but also to the A-League! [Includes a newly penned song from Jen too – Ed]

Rooey, Rooey … let’s celebrate and have a good time!

Jennifer Muirden went to the Trevor Barker Awards where, fomr this account, it’s clear she had a great time. Here’s the story. [Includes highly charged emotion, penned songs, Roo and Joey love, and more. – Ed]

Almanac Art (and Drama): Yoshi’s ‘chicken wing’ re-enactment

A work of art with subject matter a moment of dramatic art. Artist: Jennifer Muirden. Re-enactor: Yoshi Imagawa.

Loving Matty ‘Vincent’ Q

Almanacker Jennifer Muirden whips up a painting a la Vincent Van Gogh of Matthew Quartermaine in response to Dips request that Matty Q adorn next year’s FA.

Tiger Spirit Animal was alive and kicking at the meritorious Mecca

The Tiger tales keep on coming. Here, Saints fan Jennifer Muirden explains why she was so happy to see Richmond win the flag.

Dusty officially now a bona fide champion

Jen Muirden was honoured to attend the Richmond Football Club’s special Brownlow Medal Count and she pays tribute to their winner, Dustin Martin.

Dusty’s Always Running Around

The latest lyrics by Jennifer Muirden dedicated to 2017’s best player Dustin Martin.

The Ballad Of Dusty The Kid

Jennifer Muirden has written another set of lyrics about this year’s Brownlow medalist Dustin Martin. This time to the tune of “The Ballad Of Billy The Kid” by Billy Joel.

Captain Cotch and first mate, Dusty

Jen Muirden has gone the full John ‘Tiger’ Mellencamp with this tribute.

Red, white and black to the core, but a lusty Dusty I can’t ignore

Jen Muirden’s ode to Dusty, from her second favourite team.

My Saintly brothers and sisters … in Jake, we must now trust!

Jen Muirden asks that her fellow Saints give Jake a go.

Ode to raconteur and wordsmith extraordinaire, Gideon Haigh

Jennifer Muirden with an ode to Gideon Haigh, after listening to him speak at his Certain Admissions dinner last Wednesday evening.

The Footy Almanac Grand Final Eve Lunch gets the final weekend of the 2015 AFL Season off to a great start!

The very creative Jennifer Muirden was in the best at last Friday’s Grand Final lunch. She was in such good spirits she was moved to the pen, and her inspiration was rather grand. [Very kind words from you Jen. Thanks. – JTH]

Round 23 – West Coast Eagles v St Kilda : Saints safari descends into desolation in the wild wild west but the Best and Fairest has been determined.

Far more than a match report; Jen Muirden’s travel diaries take you through the UAE and culminate at the 2015 Trevor Barker Medal presentation at Crown. Highly recommended!

Round 21: St Kilda v Geelong : the Cats of boom, bust and half-thrust and the delicious debut of J-Ho!

Jen Muirden checks in from her Greek Islands holiday, where she managed to keep her eyes firmly on all things St Kilda and the Cats. Well, at least one cat in particular.

Round 20 – North Melbourne v St Kilda: The Traianidis factor in the ancient city of Athens

Athens, an old Saints favourite and Talking Heads all feature as Jennifer Muirden sees St Kilda marching in, in the not too distant future

Round 19 : St Kilda v Fremantle – From San Francisco with flowers in my hair to renewal and inspiration in Istanbul

All the way from Istanbul in Turkey, Jen Muirden sums up the St Kilda v Fremantle game by drawing inspiration from Ed Sheeran.